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Petition update · 150,000 Signatories then Twitter suspends our Petitioner’s account on Twitter

Phillip Adams

Jun 19, 2019

Hi All,

I hope you are all well.

This petition has exceeded 150,000 signatories.
The USA Extradition court hearing for Julian Assange is set down for Feb. 24, 2020. I believe, as it stands 5 days (commencing Feb. 24m 2020) have been allocated to decide whether to Extradite Julian Assange or free him.

Julian Assange is still in Belmarsh Prison and according to reports in a poor state of health. Any video footage take in the prison by other inmates and release were recorded approx. 4 weeks before Julian Assange was admitted to the Belmarsh prison hospital.

A concerning aspect in the campaign is that Twitter yesterday suspended my account as Petitioner of the petition immediately after I Tweeted that we exceeded 150,000 signatories. This Twitter suspension prevents the posting of public notices and the promotion of the petition and hinders the struggle to Free Julian Assange. For those that have asked me: My Twitter Account that has been suspended is @PhillipAdams64, feel free to let Twitter know how you feel about that.

The suspension is concerning enough on its own, however when coupled with other ( ) apparent censorship via Twitter of Free Assange sites it appears we (as a movement for Freedom of Julian Assange and the Press) are under now being directly targeted for censorship/silencing on Twitter. In my opinion Twitter is attempting to silence our grass roots campaign by targeting strategic portals. I have lodged an appeal with Twitter and I will keep you posted.

To update specifically on our progress, well the “new” (but same) Australian Government is yet to sit, since the May 18 election. So we are still at the point of expecting a return update from the Foreign Minister, Ms Marise Payne. However it must be noted that Notice 36 delivered to all parliamentarians on May 31, was a seriously powerful document (see within this site Update 141,000 May 31,2019) and we have been hesitant at sending Notice 37 as it may detract from the focus of Notice 36.

Now to drive this campaign we need all our collective efforts to retweet and reshare this petition link. Tell the world we are now over 150,000 and we always need more. Here is a copy and paste job you can use on Social media platforms, like Facebook , Twitter, Snap, etc.

Copy & Paste the following script into comment sand posts on social media
“Join with over 150,000 signatures. The Free Julian Assange Petition specifically targeted for No USA Extradition.
Petition is in parliament
Everyone from all nations can sign
Julian Assange is a Journalist
click to sign:

They Never Expected Us, to be where we are now.

We are only asking for what is legal

We are not here to lick stamps
We are here to Stamp It !

This one we will ride all the way to the beach.

Cheers & the best of health to all of you

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