Tucker Carlson Gets $100 Million Offer As MSNBC Dominates Fox In His Absence

Tucker Carlson, a Source of Repeated Controversies, Is Out at Fox News

French Historian World War III Has Already Begun

Snowden Says UFO Hysteria is “Engineered” Distraction From Nord Stream Pipeline Bombshell

Third object shot down in a week over North America raises questions

What tanks are being sent to Ukraine and how will they change the war with Russia

Six more documents found after FBI search of US President Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence

Thousands of Israelis protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government

For the first time, the UK has used Section 35 to veto a Scottish law.

Sex outside of marriage is not the only thing in Indonesia’s new criminal code that’s concerning

Brazilian protests in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo demand jail for capital rioters

At least 17 dead in deadliest day of anti-government protests in Peru

Iran And Russia Want To Issue Stablecoin Backed By Gold

Furious Putin Orders “Project Double Eagle” To Destroy US, EU Economies – The real reason? – Mick Raven



Supporters of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro attack police headquarters

Donald Trump calls for end of US Constitution due to ‘massive fraud’ in ‘false and fraudulent’ 2020 presidential election

Donald Trump cops criticism after meeting prominent anti-Semites Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen resigns as party leader after local election loss

Australian warships challenged by Chinese military near heavily fortified Spratly Islands

Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese, president Tsai Ing-wen says in fiery pre-election rebuff to China

Polish Politician Blames Ukraine For Missile “Provocation”

Grim fears emerge after rare protest in China ‘Secret torture’

Petition to remove Tedros Ghebreyesus, head of W.H.O member of TPLF, guilty of crimes against humanity

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announces the annexation of four Ukrainian regions

Bill Gates Wants “conspiracy theories” About Him To Go Away

5 things to know about Queen Elizabeth’s wealth and King Charles III’s inheritance

US announces $2.9 billion in defence aid for Ukraine, other European countries

Mississippi’s largest city runs out of water INDEFINITELY! More than 180,000 people are cut off

United Nations report on Xinjiang backs fears felt by Australia’s Uyghur community

Europe On The Brink 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis

Taiwan tycoon donates $47m to train 3 million ‘civilian warriors’ for defence against Chinese invasion

United Nations report finds discriminatory detention in Xinjiang may constitute crimes against humanity

China Spreading Xinjiang Disinformation on ‘Global Scale’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange files latest appeal in bid to stop extradition to United States

Amnesty International apologises over Ukraine report described as propaganda gift for Moscow

Elon Musk tells Tesla staff to return to the office or ‘pretend to work somewhere else’

Russia to shut down gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 to Germany for 10 days of repairs amid Europe fears

Why is Russia driving Europe’s gas prices What happens if they cut the flow

Here Are the World’s 25 Most Powerful Militaries

How Russia’s ‘deadly’ new military alliance with China could end America’s status as world’s leading superpower

China’s Lipstick King Austin Li was a rich influencer adored by Beijing officials. One mistake triggered his downfall

Vladimir Putin blasts the West in combative speech, says Russia remains strong despite ‘insane’ sanctions

Russia’s Putin says Western sanctions have failed Russia-Ukraine war

China database reveals the thousands detained in Xinjiang

Russia confirms it has stopped gas exports to Finland for failing to pay in roubles

Joe Biden says Volodymyr Zelenskyy ‘didn’t want to hear’ US warnings of Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Hong Kong deploys heavy security on Tiananmen Square anniversary, Taiwan slams ‘efforts to erase the memories’

Brave mum snatches her kids from Uvalde school while gunman still firing – gets threats from inactive cops

Ohio grants teachers permission to be armed in schools as US marks Gun Violence Awareness Day

Henry Kissinger says Ukraine should give up territory in a bid to find a peace deal

Ukraine’s Elina Monfils says anti-war Russians and Belarusians should be allowed to play at Wimbledon

Ukraine makes gains near Kharkiv as Kyiv pauses flow of Russian gas to Europe

EU unveils 210 billion euro plan to ditch Russian fossil fuels, as the war in Ukraine puts pressure on energy supplies

Boris Johnson commits UK to defence pact with Sweden and Finland

Serbians hold Vladimir Putin cut-outs during pro-Russia Victory Day ceremonies

Chinese developer Sunac defaults as Beijing struggles to save the trillion-dollar sector

Australia-US-Japan defence exercises expected to increase following China-Solomon Islands agreement

Philippines president-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr says Manila and Beijing to expand relationship

Leaked list of people sentenced on terrorism-related charges reveals scale of imprisonment in China’s Uyghur heartland

China could now be a threat to Australia

China making more aggressive moves against Australia

Ferdinand Marcos Jr is set to become the Philippines president

Labor accuses Scott Morrison of ‘encouraging’ Darwin Port lease with nearly $20 million incentive payment

Federal election Penny Wong, Marise Payne clash over relationship with Solomon Islands, China

U.S. Congressional Hearing Calls to End Organ Harvesting in China

Novak Djokovic say it is unfair to ban Russian and Belarusian players from Wimbledon

How was May Day celebrated around the world

Vladimir Putin’s nightmare scenario looks more likely as Finland and Sweden consider NATO

Ukraine Interactive map – Ukraine Latest news on live map

Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for ‘maximum’ sanctions against Russia at World Economic Forum

Wimbledon stripped of ranking points by ATP and WTA for banning Russian and Belarusian athletes

Ukraine says Donbas region completely destroyed, US supports Nordic push to join NATO

Ukraine latest Russia says more Ukraine fighters surrender in Mariupol, Nordic countries apply for NATO

Russia is profiting immensely from western-imposed sanctions

Mariupol on verge of falling into Russian hands, fate of Azovstal fighters unclear

Could Finland and Sweden’s bid to join NATO spell the end of ‘neutral’ European countries

Vladimir Putin warns Finland that swapping neutrality for NATO is a mistake

Finland’s president, prime minister back application to join NATO alliance ‘without delay’

Russia to ‘take steps’ if Finland joins NATO, Putin blames Western sanctions for global economic crisis

Triumphal Russian holiday marks potentially perilous moment for Ukraine in war

Ukraine-Russia war Russia attacking Donbas region on 480km-long front involving 50,000 troops, Ukrainian officials say

Russian forces capture city of Kreminna, as attacks continue in country’s eastern Donbas region

Sweden and Finland mull NATO membership after Russian invasion of Ukraine

A Paradigm Shift Western Media Hasn’t Grasped Yet – Russian Ruble Relaunched, Linked To Gold & Commodities

Ukranian sniper shoots civilian

Russia Claims Bucha “Massacre” Is A False Flag As U.S. Media Calls For “Direct Military Involvement” In Conflict

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to address Australian parliament

Zelenskyy’s plea, ADF Bushmaster vehicles bound for Ukraine

Ukraine Students turn teacher into police for anti-war comments

An excellent report in English on Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions which were funded and backed by NATO

Ukraine-Russia war updates Moscow says sending peacekeeping troops to Ukraine may lead to NATO-Russia confrontation

Russia to sell gas in roubles as sanctions bite, ASX turns positive on oil rally

China signals willingness to give economic, military aid to Russia for Ukraine invasion, US says

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparks questions about China and Taiwan

Millions of tonnes of Ukrainian wheat at risk as war rages in ‘Europe’s breadbasket’

Putin Vs NWO Learn What is Behind Russia’s Military Strategy

US upset over Putin’s demolition of Ukranian bio- weapon labs

State Department Claims Russia May Use Pentagon-Funded Ukraine Biolabs To Unleash Bioweapon ‘False Flag’

George Soros has controlled Ukraine since 2012

Putin says Western sanctions are akin to declaration of war

Europe looks to US ‘freedom gas’ as the continent seeks energy independence from Russia

Russia’s Ukraine invasion could push Australian petrol prices above $2 a litre and raise interest rates

U.S. pledges military support to Ukraine in event of a Russian invasion

More U.S. troops deployed to Europe; Blinken calls Putin rhetoric on nuclear arms ‘dangerous’

Why hasn’t Russia mobilised its vast air power against Ukraine Russia

Ukrainians could arrive in Australia from this weekend with government issuing 1,000 visas

Russia claims control of Kherson, the first major Ukrainian city to fall, as Zelenksyy calls for resistance to continue

Putin going after US bio-labs built near the Russian border – Ukranians mostly mafia

George Soros, Klaus Schwab and minions like Hillary Clinton crying the hardest over Ukraine

Australia to spend $70 million on ammunition, small missiles to help Ukraine fight against Russia

Russian court slaps social media giants Google, Meta with $127 million in fines over failure to delete banned content

Russian Troops Block U.S. Military Convoy in Syria

Sanctions sink Russia’s rouble and could leave its economy in rubble and Vladimir Putin out of a job

Molotov cocktails and guns for prisoners Here’s how Ukraine is mobilising its citizens to fight Russia

Morrison government considers extra visas for Ukrainians, sends diplomats to Poland

Djokovic Considers Lawsuit Against Australia

China has volunteered to play the bogeyman

China’s bid for influence in Asia does not stop with Solomon Islands. This is how Beijing gained a foothold in Sri Lanka

China’s Ambassador is seeking friendship again but its Foreign Ministry still rails against Australia

China President Xi Jinping proposes ‘global security initiative’

Leaked documents suggest plans for Chinese military presence in Solomon Islands

Chinese police begin work in Solomon Islands to maintain law and order, as Australian officials watch closely

China behind failed attempt to bankroll Labor candidates in federal election

Support of Taiwan independence could spark US military conflict with China, says Chinese ambassador

Taiwan reports largest Chinese incursion into its air defence identification zone since October

OPEC Warns The EU That Replacing Russian Oil Will Be “Nearly Impossible”

US President Joe Biden asks Indian PM Narendra Modi not to increase use of Russian oil

Biden JOKES About Starting World War 3

Preparing for WW3 Gov’t Tells Conscientious Objectors To Register Now to Avoid Fighting After They’re Drafted

Joe Biden says he wasn’t calling for regime change in Russia after saying Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’

North Korea’s Hwasong-17 missile test hailed as ‘miraculous’ victory by Kim Jong Un

US warns China will face consequences if it helps Russia evade Ukraine war sanctions

With US distracted by Ukraine, Xi is plotting his own invasion

Tesla slammed for opening showroom in Xinjiang, Elon Musk asked to stop ‘economic support for genocide’

China accused of harvesting the organs of 25,000 people every year

Support Falun Gong To End The Brutal Persecution of 22 Years

Hong Kong news outlet Citizen News third in recent weeks to close amid crackdown on press freedom



Health minister Greg Hunt expected to a runner at 2022 federal election

How much of Australia does China own

 – Food for thought – Mick Raven

China to equip and train Solomon Islands police after anti-China unrest Solomon Islands

Xi Jinping’s Terrifying New China

Covid in Austria Mass protest in Vienna against measures

Unvaxxed in Austria Could be Imprisoned For a Year

Covid Austria introduces lockdown for unvaccinated

Australia to send troops and police to Solomon Islands amid unrest

What powers and immunity will Australian forces have while deployed in Solomon Islands

Taiwan scrambles combat jets as Chinese planes breach island’s air defence identification zone

China dismisses continuing international concerns over safety of tennis star Peng Shuai

China ‘threatens’ Australia with ‘ballistic missile strike’

China’s tariffs are squeezing the life out of the Australian wine industry’s most lucrative market

Noam Chomsky calls for unvaccinated to be ‘isolated’ from society

China bars celebrities from showing off wealth and ‘extravagant pleasure’ on social media

Little red children and ‘Grandpa Xi’ China’s school textbooks reflect the rise of Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is building coal stations and avoiding the COP26 summit.

Russian, Chinese warships hold first joint patrols in Pacific Ocean for ‘maintaining of peace and stability’

Boston Celtics games blocked in China after NBA player Enes Kanter’s comments on Tibet

Protests erupt over COVID-19 lockdown and vaccination rules in Austria, Italy, Croatia

The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable

Why Tesla, Apple, Google and Facebook are designing their own chips

Philippines tells China to ‘back off’ after water cannons fired in South China Sea

Pandemic workers kill pet dog in China, sparking online outrage and calls for animal protection laws

Biden administration ‘considering’ diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games

China angered after Taiwan opens diplomatic office in Lithuania

Coronavirus cases are spiking in Europe as temperatures drop and vaccine immunity wanes.

Kyle Rittenhouse cleared of all charges in Kenosha shootings

China disavows knowledge of tennis star Peng Shuai’s disappearance following rape allegation

Federal appeals court halts Biden administration’s vaccine requirement

Joe Biden would lose to Donald Trump in 2024, polls show

‘The Evidence Is Mounting There’s Been A Cover-Up’ Rand Paul Blasts Fauci

LIVE Assange supporters rally in London

See London Assange Rally Saturday Oct. 22, 2021

Joe Biden says Xi Jinping has agreed to abide by ‘Taiwan agreement’

China renews attack on AUKUS, says the three countries are pursuing ‘the rule of the jungle’

Amnesty International closes Hong Kong offices due to China’s national security law

China condemns AUKUS pact, Tony Abbott flags a ‘common danger’

China is antagonising Taiwan. How will the United States and Australia respond

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman lashes out at former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott over Taiwan

China Ramped Up Cyberattacks On Australia After Prime Minister Morrison Asked For Investigation Into Covid

China is cracking down on ‘effeminate’ men, private tutors and gaming

Joe Biden calls Xi Jinping as US-China relationship grows more fraught

Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil leaders charged with subversion after Tiananmen museum raided

As countries evacuate Kabul, China, Russia and Pakistan remain in Afghanistan

China takes US withdrawal from Afghanistan as an opportunity for some sabre-rattling in Taiwan

Tasmania among best places to survive global societal collapse, new study finds

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre sues Prince Andrew over alleged sexual assault

French against President Emmanuel Macron’s push for vaccination, COVID-19 health pass

France, Italy Swept By Mass Protests Against COVID Health Pass

Chinese spy ship returns to waters off Queensland ahead of Defence’s largest war-fighting exercise

Beijing says it ‘drove away’ US warship in South China Sea amid rising tensions over contested waters

Jacinda Ardern calls for extra APEC meeting to navigate through COVID-19 pandemic

Biden raises global warming as a possible contributor to Surfside condo collapse

 – More ‘Hot Air’ from Sleepy Joe – Mick Raven

‘They’re trying to kill Assange because he spoke the truth’ Roger Waters calls on Biden to end ‘disgusting’ sham prosecution

The SHOCKING Truth About The Origin (of Covid19) Is Leaking Out!

Vladimir Putin says Russia-China ties at ‘highest level in history’ during launch of nuclear projects

Philippine Foreign Minister takes profanity-laced crack at Beijing over its lingering presence in the South China Sea

Beijing suspends China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue

China tells Australia to abandon its ‘Cold War mentality’ while criticising our politicians

Beijing responds to U.S. alliances with ‘wolf warrior’ defiance. Will it backfire

Coronavirus variants lurk in US amid fears ‘fourth wave’ will hit

Consider reclaiming Darwin Port from Chinese company Landbridge, committee advises federal government

The US and China are preparing for war — and Australia is caught in the crosshairs

 – As I have said in the past many times ‘Australia is the new Poland of World War 3’ – Mick Raven

Nation wide Vaccine Freedom Rallies in Cairns March 20 Cairns News

Biden slams governors lifting mask mandates as ‘Neanderthals’ News LifeSite

Texas, Mississippi finally repeal mask mandates, allow full reopening News LifeSite

US protesters including young children burn face masks at Idaho Capitol rally against coronavirus measures

Police Handcuff, pepper-spray black nine-year-old girl in US city of Rochester – ABC News

China authorises coast guard to fire on foreign vessels if needed

Taiwanese Foreign Minister uses Palau trip to warn China is ‘forcing itself’ into the Pacific

China flies nuclear-capable bombers, fighter jets over Taiwanese waters



Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property

Elon Musk has overtaken Jeff Bezos to become world’s richest person

China Brags About Controlling US Establishment And Biden

China Taiwan conflict War will come warns Beijing after Taiwan stocks up on US-made missiles

China’s military Xi Jinping tells top brass to ‘transform’ training amid security challenges

China “Prepares for War” With US

Woman Who Voted For Trump in Texas Shocked to Find Record of Her Voting via Mail-in Ballot in California

Email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian biz man to dad

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have been accused of corruption

Vladimir Putin signals deepening ties with Russia-China military alliance

Taiwan is being pushed to modernise its military by the US

Airlines to collect ‘mandatory manifest information’ to assist COVID-19 contact tracing

European cities announce new lockdowns, restrictions as COVID-19 cases soar

Pompeo demands Europe ditch trade with China and choose FREEDOM over TYRANNY

Half a billion people could be pushed into poverty by coronavirus economic fallout

Donald Trump’s move means the WHO just lost its biggest financial backer

ASX slips as US oil price collapses, Dow Jones falls 592 points

People over 70 in the UK will be quarantined at home for 4 months in a ‘wartime’ effort to tackle coronavirus

Coronavirus Some scientists say UK virus strategy is ‘risking lives’

Coronavirus latest news Boris Johnson urged to rethink lockdown strategy amid chaos and panic for schools and pubs

Iran Accusing US Of Bio-Terrorism To Justify Coronavirus Crisis

Virus fears fuel spike in sales of guns and ammunition

Coronavirus Fears Have Led To A Surge In U.S. Gun Sales

Martial Law Being Seen In U.S. and Europe Over COVID-19 Is The Bigger Threat

Central Banks Are Cutting At The Fastest Rate Since The Financial Crisis



In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet

CFR President Says “The World Will Be The Battlefield” After Iran Escalation

Who Are The Globalists And What Do They Want

Protesters rally in Hong Kong for latest fight against ‘unfairness, injustice’

Hong Kong democracy protester says he was ambushed by masked Chinese men in Australia

Hong Kong anti-Government protesters return in the thousands, but it is marred by a violent attack

Myanmar Rohingya Suu Kyi to defend genocide charge at UN court

Turkey says it did not fully approve NATO’s Baltic defense plan

Exclusive U.S. military completes pullback from northeast Syria, Esper says

2019 Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria – Wikipedia

Aerial Views of Nighttime Hong Kong Protest

Why many in China support Beijing’s policies in Xinjiang and Hong Kong

U.S. sues ex-NSA contractor for violating non-disclosure agreements in new book “Permanent Record”

The US is suing Edward Snowden over his memoir

Chinese to take over the Tip of Cape York

China retaliates against US pro-Hong Kong law, sanctioning NGOs and banning military visits

Anonymous Hacks China As Chinese Military Moves On Hong Kong, Students Trapped at PolyU

Foreign Minister Marise Payne takes aim at China’s treatment of Uyghurs and Liberal MPs’ travel ban

Hong Kong protests: police to send negotiators and psychologists to PolyU

Several People Stabbed, Two Dead In London Bridge Terrorist Attack

‘Almost as close as the police’ witnesses describes London Bridge incident

Tour guide relives moment he confronted London Bridge terrorist

Protests are erupting around the world, but what’s sparking them

At least 40 killed as fresh protests engulf Iraq, security sources say

Up to 1 million people rally in Santiago’s streets as protests paralyse Chile

Hong Kong officially enters recession, with zero growth expected for remainder of 2019

Kurdish civilians throw potatoes, stones at US military vehicles leaving Syria

Khashoggi murder ‘happened under my watch,’ Saudi Crown Prince tells new documentary

Houthi Attack on Saudi Oil Fields  a False Flag Dissident Voice

Hate Map | Southern Poverty Law Center

Brexit news: EU could offer Boris Johnson major Brexit deal victory

Turkey set to invade northern Syria, White House says, raising concerns for Kurdish fighters

Hong Kong resurrects colonial-era emergency laws to crush dissent

The elite intend to resettle in Patagonia

Trump approves US troop deployment to Saudi Arabia, UAE following attack on oil facilities

Pentagon Deploys US Forces to Defend Saudi Oil

Trump says US is ‘locked and loaded’ to hit back after drone attacks on Saudi oil plants

Oil prices jump 12pc following Saudi Arabia attack

Jakarta comes back online after power blackout hits 10 million people for nine hours

Australia looks to access US fuel reserves to shore up supplies amid Persian Gulf tensions

Hong Kong official says there is no need to deploy China’s army as protests continue

More Police Raids As War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide

Death Of Press Freedoms Julian Assange Charged Under The Espionage Act On 17 Counts

Protesters and riot police injured in violent clashes in Hong Kong mall

China threatens to sanction US over $2.8 billion arms deal with Taiwan

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says extradition bill is dead after mass protests

Hong Kong Protests Boil Over After Activists Occupy Legislature

Iran makes new nuclear threats to restart deactivated centrifuges and ramp up enrichment

OMG Can’t Believe These Bilderberg Members Talked To Us And What They Said!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face extradition hearing in February 2020

Scott Morrison deflects US pressure for Australia to weigh in on China-Taiwan contest in the Pacific

Donald Trump dines with the Queen after calling London Mayor Sadiq Khan a ‘stone cold loser’

US gave Australia the ‘worst of the worst’ in resettlement of two alleged murderers

Donald Trump feared looking like a ‘dope’ in refugee deal, but Scott Morrison’s likely to take the heat

US-China tensions escalating as the countries mark 40 years of ‘normalised’ relations

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un orders stronger strike power as US remains open to talks

Trump raises tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, prompting Chinese warning

US Abandons All Semblance of Rule of Law to Go After Assange

Chinese fighter jets cross Taiwan Strait after Tsai Ing-wen urges Pacific pushback against Beijing

Evil Whitey the New ISIS now? – Mick Raven

Handmaids Tale Reality? – Mick Raven

Donald Trump slams ‘illegal take-down’ as Mueller probe finds no evidence he colluded with Russia

US share markets flop flat on China trade worries

Huawei sues US Government over ‘unconstitutional’ product ban as trade war heats up

China heads for a trade recession as exports crash 20pc, and that’s bad news for Australia

US and China locked in Cold War 2.0

China lashes Canada over Huawei extradition announcement

As China-US tensions escalate, Australia is in a bind

Australia denies citizenship to Chinese political donor Huang Xiangmo and strips his permanent residency

China’s Huawei Technologies accused of conspiring to steal trade secrets

Australia a potential target in US-China fight over Huawei

Washington Post Told America of Globalist Plan to be Implemented by 2025

United States in direct contact with Venezuelan military, urging defections from Nicolas Maduro

Thinly veiled military threats via social media kick off China-Taiwan tensions on Lunar New Year

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s motives remain a mystery, FBI says

Dutch historian Rutger Bregman goes viral after challenging Davos panel to talk about taxing the wealthy

Beijing opens maritime rescue base in South China Sea

Yang Hengjun: Controversy surrounds detained Australian-Chinese writer’s relations with Beijing

Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their “New World Order”?

Reports warn of disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out “democracy” and the “world order”

China mobilises DF-26 ballistic missiles capable of sinking US warships in the South China Sea

China tests ‘Guam killer’ missile it says can strike moving warships

SpaceX to lay off 10 percent of workforce

All Hell Breaks Loose in France After Yellow Vest Movement Founder Arrested

China hits back after Justin Trudeau condemns Canadian’s death sentence

Beijing approves plan for Greater Bay Area to rival San Francisco’s Silicon Valley

Poland arrests two, including Huawei employee, over spying allegations

China’s army says it will focus on ‘preparing for war’

China’s Xi urges military to be ready for war amid ‘risks and challenges’ in 2019



President Xi tells China to prepare for war

Xi Jinping’s turbulent year marked by trade wars, detention camps and an economic slow down

Vladimir Putin issues warning about rising threat of nuclear war

British Prime Minister Theresa May says postponed Brexit vote will be held week of January 14

The reason France has more protests than Germany or Britain

Brexit vote postponed by British Prime Minister Theresa May

Brexit divide threatening to shatter Britain’s ‘keep calm and carry on’

European Union court rules UK can change its mind and pull out of Brexit

Brexit: People of Northern Ireland fear return to dark times if no-deal divorce becomes reality

Chinese police detain more than 100 Christian church members

Tommy Robinson Hints at Parliament Run

The Purge Is Here: Hundreds of Political Social Media Pages Deleted Without Warning

Gilets jaunes protests: France Yellow vest violence continues in Paris

US border patrol repels migrants with tear gas after Mexico crossing closure

Russia has attacked Ukrainian navy ships but what will the response be?

US agents shoot tear gas at migrants attempting to breach Mexican border

Tijuana residents protest migrant caravan

Migrants fearful, anxious in aftermath of Tijuana protests

Jamal Khashoggi paid the price for exposing Saudi Crown Prince’s glass jaw

President Donald Trump says US will pull out of nuclear arms treaty with Russia

US will ‘take out’ banned Russian cruise missiles if secret development continues

New register tracks Chinese foreign investment in Australia

China begins mass transfers of Uighur detainees from Xinjiang to prisons

China’s brutal crackdown on the Uighur Muslim minority, explained

China working to ‘exterminate’ Uighur people, detention facility eyewitness says

Donald Trump imposes tariffs on $US200b of Chinese imports, while sparing Apple

Emergency declared at Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina

Trump administration unveils fresh round of China tariffs

Germany protests Killing sparks far-right march protest over migration

The new UTOPIA of the deranged Left: Serve a plastic straw and go to JAIL

Russia Wants To Pass Fake News Law That Would Fine Social Networks $793,000

Elon Musk says he wants to take Tesla private at $US420 a share

Donald Trump launches ‘Real News’ series to promote government achievements

European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on hate speech

China unveils new tariffs on $60b of US goods in latest tit-for-tat trade war

Australian manufacturing hits a speed hump as output and export orders slip

Australian incomes stalled since 2009, latest HILDA data shows

Antifa clash with Tommy Robinson supporters

BREAKING : Tommy Robinsons Arrest Was The Tipping Point! UK Fights Back!

To Kill a Mockingbird (film) – Wikipedia – (The name Tom Robinson – Mick Raven)

Scientists have found underground water lake on Mars

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

Mars has a vast liquid water lake beneath its southern pole, scientists believe

Article 13 rejected…for now – Mick Raven

Mainstream Media Confirms That Walmart Stores Are Prison Camps

The Hitler of South Africa “Tells White People, He won’t Kill them…Yet!

Toys ‘R’ Us to close down around Australia, 700 people to lose their jobs

Ivanka Trump’s Chinese trademarks on products from baby blankets to coffins raise corruption concerns

South China Sea: US warships sail near disputed islands as Beijing pledges to defend sovereignty

South China Sea: US says China’s militarisation of islands an act of ‘intimidation and coercion’

China’s ‘brazen’ and ‘aggressive’ political interference outlined in top-secret report

China puts intermediate range ‘Guam killer’ DF-26 missile into service

Sandy Hook families file lawsuits against Infowars’ Alex Jones

Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations’ assets

Police try to unlock phone with dead man’s finger in Florida

Cause He’s the Carbon Tax man – Mick Raven

Globalists weaponize the stock market to control presidents

New World Dis-Order? – ConspiracyOz

The world loves Sydney. Australians aren’t that fussed

Australian Lithium – Lithium Stocks Charts Companies Research

One Belt One Road: China lists $400m Gold Coast theme park as ‘key project’ of global initiative

Why Australia will be at centre of lithium boomOld News but relevant – Mick Raven

China’s Congress opens the way to a dictatorship for President Xi Jinping

Federal Government accused of contributing to global arms race

Are we sleepwalking to World War III?

US looks to smaller nuclear weapons to deter Russia from launching an attack in Europe

China’s era of ‘hide and bide’ is over

Russian military jet comes within 1.5 metres of US Navy plane over Black Sea

Alt Media Journalist Broke a Story Before Local News, So She Was Arrested

Isis bomb plots thwarted in Sydney



Let the Human Flood Gates OpenMick Raven

Second actor makes sexual harassment allegation against Kevin Spacey

Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual harassment

Donald Trump to use executive powers to release full JFK files

Petition the White House on the Issues that Matter to You We the People Your Voice

New China-Ruble Payment System – A Broad, Serious Challenge to the Dollar

USS Ronald Reagan docks in South Korean port after large-scale drills

Worst stock market crash ever is coming – Max Keiser

London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest

‘We gave you uranium, you repaid us by bombing Belgrade’: Putin slams US

Self styled patriots v Globalists

US Marines leave Darwin after six months of training with ADF

Donald Trump says ‘only one thing will work’ with North Korea

Facebook CEO Promotes Subversive Globalist Views In His First Live Q&A

Weinstein: Company claims business as usual, alleged ‘fixer’ denies involvement

Captured ISIS Fighter Blows Whistle: ‘We Work for the US Government’

Vegas cops change their story: Paddock shot security guard BEFORE mass shooting

Health Ranger identifies distance of second shooter at Las Vegas massacre

Media Watch: Las Vegas massacre drives fake news

Vegas shooter brought more than ten suitcases into the hotel

Why you shouldn’t believe anything the FBI says about the Vegas shooting

Las Vegas false flag to have serious ramifications for Australia

Vegas shooter the bump stock revelation contradicts the official scenario

North Korea may test hydrogen bomb in Pacific Ocean

Mexico earthquake: Girl reportedly trapped under school rubble didn’t exist

Guam America’s military base in the western Pacific

North Korean missile launch pits China and Russia against the US

North Korean missile test proves US is well within range

North Korea’s missile testing prompts flurry of military drills

Venezuela Dictator Calls Trump The ‘New Hitler’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he will complete nuclear program

North Korean missile launch: South warns it can destroy North beyond recovery

North Korea: Japan residents anxious after ballistic missile launch over the country

North Korea: US warned of harsh response if tough new UN sanctions are imposed

Donald Trump praises North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a ‘wise’ decision

Greece strikes deal with creditors to avoid bankruptcy trauma

Man with knife arrested outside UK Parliament, police say

Bomb blast in upmarket Bogota shopping centre kills three people

London attack:Bristol City fans to return a stolen Millwall sign to hero Roy Larner

The London Bridge Attack And What Is Behind The String Of Terrorism

Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Within A Year

London Bridge attack: Two attackers named by police

Australia’s Invasion Day

Chinese factory activity falls the first time in almost a year

Adelaide shivers through coldest start to winter

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis presses Beijing on North Korea, South China Sea

Donald Trump announces US withdrawing from Paris climate deal

French warships dock in Darwin ready for training exercises with Australian Navy

Donald Trump and political uncertainty in the US still dominating markets

How much damage could North Korea unleash even without nuclear weapons?

Trump: Fired FBI director James Comey to testify in Russian meddling probe

Who Controls The Government?

Federal Suit Hits Soros For $10 Billion For “Political Meddling”

Colossal Pedophile Ring Busted, 900 Arrests, 300 Kids Saved

Trump fires Comey: spin doctors go wild in the swamp

‘How the Australian mining boom blew up in property owners’ faces

U.S., British Forces Enter Southern Syria Alongside Terrorists

James Comey: Here’s how the sacking of the FBI director unfolded

Emmanuel Macron’s emails ‘hacked’ and posted online, French presidential candidate’s campaign says

North Korea accuses CIA, South Korea of ‘bio-chemical’ plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un

Asian nations caught in tug-of-war between US and North Korea

Fake News Checkers?Mick Raven

Influence of English is fading, says EU chief Juncker

‘I’m a Nationalist and a Globalist’

NZ Minister says US, Australia visa change announcement a coincidence

British police shoot woman, arrest six suspects in counter-terrorism raids

Turkey blocks access to Wikipedia ‘to protect national security, public wellbeing’

North Korea: Deployment of US missile-defence system a test of China’s soft power

North Korea has a new warning for the U.S.

North Korea: China urges withdrawal of US missile defence system in South Korea

Syria war: ‘Israeli strike’ hits military site near Damascus airport

NT Government confirms negotiations underway to retain stake in Darwin’s port

Nth Korea’s birthday celebration for Kim Il-sung included fake video of missile strikes on US

Donald Trump signs ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order

Top Ten Reasons To Doubt Official Story On Assad Poison-Gas Attack

US marines arriving in NT ready ‘for anything’ in wake of North Korean threat

North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war

Trump: the man vs. his ideas

Putin: Syria Chemical Attack Was ‘False Flag’

Melbourne man pleads guilty to marrying 14yo bride in wedding

North Korea threatens nuclear strike against Australia

Paris shooting: Flowers laid, tourists take selfies at latest terrorist attack scene

Syria chemical attacks: Weapons inspections an explosive struggle

The Illuminati goal of abolishing private property: reborn in Globalism

Trump Loses Influential Supporters After He Breaks Promises With Attack On Syria

Russia Deploys Ships To North Atlantic For Training

US Strikes Syria, Russia Set to Respond

Syria: Timeline of the civil war and US response

Trump, Xi showdown on trade and North Korea fails to materialise at Mar-a-Lago meeting

Syria: Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s strike on air base

Syria: How Donald Trump went from ‘stay out’ of the conflict to ordering a military strike

Stockholm attack: The grim routine begins again, but what was achieved?

US launches missiles on Syria after gas attack

Carnage in Russia St. Petersburg Metro Bomb Blast Kills at Least 10

London attack: Police make two more ‘significant’ arrests in terror investigation

Why Chinese investors keep buying Australian property: it’s cheap

China dismisses ‘militarisation’ of disputed islands in South China Sea

Don Nardella: Melton MP may have claimed $250,000 in allowances over years, Opposition says

Centrelink debt-recovery ‘compounding’ Tasmanian financial pain, TasCOSS says

Scott Driscoll, former Queensland MP, sentenced to six years’ jail for fraudulent commissions

Donald Trump trumpets job creation numbers on 50th day in White House

Trade surplus slumps to $1.3b in shock result

Donald Trump escalates conflict with media: ‘They are the enemy of the people’

Senate scraps gold pass, votes to establish authority to oversee ex-politicians’ entitlements

Anna Bligh: Politician to Banker…. mmm – Mick Raven

Samsung chief Jay Y Lee arrested in corruption investigation

Blackstone and Jacob Rothschild, beneficiaries of Malaysia Airlines flight disappearance ?

The Reason The Elite Hate Trump So Much

Trump on the attack in wide-ranging media conference on Russia, Clinton and fake news

Army preps for civil unrest in America’s largest cities as risk of civil war looms

Not just ‘bad hombres’: Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation

Trump’s immigration order sparks fear in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Le Pen kicks off campaign with promise of French ‘freedom’

French election: Could another political outsider be on the verge of winning?

Iran defies Trump sanctions with military exercise, vows ‘roaring missiles’

China lashes out at remarks by U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis on the East China Sea islands

Louvre museum reopens; Egypt identifies machete attacker

Louvre museum: French soldiers shoot knife-wielding man

Globalists on the Move? – Mick Raven

Donald Trump suspends US refugee program, indefinitely bars Syrians

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin pledge cooperation to ‘tackle terrorism’

Globalist Soros Exposed Funding Over 50 Organizations In Women’s March on DC

Malaysia to offer reward for private, successful attempts to find missing Flight MH370

Chelsea Manning: Fresh questions over Julian Assange’s future

United States asks South Korea to arrest former UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s brother

WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange says stands by US extradition offer

If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition  – Watch out Assange – Mick Raven

More Fake News? El Nino not Humans causing Temperature Rise – Mick Raven

Did inauguration day really kill a US president?   – Meaning what? – Mick Raven

Last Minute Change in Security at Inauguration Reminiscent of JFK in Dealey Plaza

Do 8 men really control the same wealth as the poorest half of the global population?

MH370: Search for missing Malaysia Airlines plane suspended

Donald Trump labels NATO ‘obsolete’

The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017

How Globalists Predict Your Behavior

Trump Presidency, Transition of Power To Ignite Era Of Destabilization In The U.S.?

Turkey: Fears planned constitutional reform will fuel authoritarianism

Donald Trump hails Brexit, says it will be ‘very hard’ to keep EU together amid refugee crisis

Trump To CNN: You’re FAKE NEWS!

Peegate: Trump Trolls “Fake News” Mainstream Media Over Yellow Journalism

Mass DePopulation in Oz in 2015? – Mick Raven

Ten Basic Forms Of Fake News Used By Major Media

NWO gets ready to make UN go on the offensive – Mick Raven

The ‘party of Davos’ wakes up to the new, new world order

China will ‘take revenge’ if Donald Trump backflips on Taiwan

China-US trade war the single biggest economic threat to Australia

Mexico again says there is ‘no way’ it will pay for Donald Trump’s southern border wall

China’s air pollution crisis shows no sign of ending

Donald Trump could use drop in Chinese yuan against US dollar to declare trade war

Turkey’s hunt for gunman continues as ‘selfie’ video of alleged attacker emerges

Turkish police hunt gunman that killed 39 people at NYE celebration

Istanbul nightclub attack: Reina shooting not a shock to weary locals



Obama Administration Issues Sanctions Against Russia, Removes 35 Diplomats

New Egyptian law establishes media regulator picked by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Governments and Corporate Media Conspire With Facebook to Censor Speech

U.S. government begins asking foreign travelers about social media

TEPCO: Fukushima nuclear clean-up, compensation costs nearly double

Barack Obama vows retaliation against Russia for suspected hacking in US election

House Bill Introduced For US Govt to Stop Funding and Arming Terrorists

CIA MKULTRA drugs to take down the nation

CIA’s Last Ditch effort eh! Fake News From CIA?couldn’t be – Mick Raven  

New priests to learn about global warming  – Uh Oh! – Mick Raven

DAPL protesters proclaim victory as pipeline forced to change route

This Story…a Load of Hot Air Mick Raven

5 Stories The Mainstream Media Reported As Real, But They Were Fake

Putin says establishing relations with Trump is crucial for whole world

Washington Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Charge Protesters With “Economic Terrorism”

The “Fake News” Psyop: Our Freedom Depends on the Freedom of the Press

Message to Corporate Media Who Feel Threatened by #FakeNews

Eight Italian Banks Risk Failing Following Next Week’s Referendum

Trump Refuses to Bow to Chinese Communist Threats, Re-establishes Ties with Taiwan

Bolivia Asserts Newfound Economic Independence, Rejects Rothschild Banks

CNN apologizes for producer’s ‘Trump plane crash’ remark

Not Funny CNN – Mick Raven

Donald Trump warns US companies will face ‘consequences’ for outsourcing jobs overseas

Problem, Reaction, Solution – How The Government Will Take Your Cash

When All Hell Breaks Loose

Donald Trump claims illegal voting robbed him of popular vote in US election

Obama Rushes to Implement Climate Treaty Without Congress and Before Trump Can Cancel It

Shocking! Soros Admits No Remorse And Proud of Working W/ Nazis To Confiscate Property of Jews

Breaking: SOROS BOT Funding Stein Recount At Steady Rate $160k Per Hour

China’s right: smartphones are a big reason Trump can’t win a trade war

FBI Wants you to Believe It Examined 650,000 Emails in 691,000 Seconds

US election: What does a Donald Trump win mean for the Federal Reserve?

Donald Trump rushed off stage by Secret Service at Nevada rally

NATO, US, And UK Assemble Largest Troop Buildup On Russian Border Since Cold War

Army Major Says “Everything’s in Place” to Round Up Antiwar Dissenters for Military Detention

The IMF Sounds An Alarm As Global Debt Hits A Record $152 Trillion

Turkey sacks 10,000 more civil servants; arrests newspaper staff in latest crackdown

FYI – Trans-Pacific Partnership – Wikipedia

Journalist for the story below on Trump..not bias? lol – Mick Raven

Donald Trump predicts a ‘beyond Brexit’ election win, but pollsters say he’s already lost

5 Triggering Events That Would Place The U.S. Under Martial Law

Pentagon Releases Video Warning of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future

Urgent Warnings From Big Banks That the “Economy Has Gone Suicidal”

US election: New president to face chilly relations with Cold War rivals Russia

Major media build a universe for Hillary

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf Quits in Fallout From Fake Accounts

US Suspends Bilateral Contact With Russia On Syria War

Syria Truth Bomb – Compiled best evidence to prove it’s a War of Agression

Stand with the 9-11 families demanding a NEW Building 7 investigation

China trade arrangements questioned over steel, aluminium dumping

Climate change study accused of erring on rising temperature predictions

Soros ‘EU Will Disintegrate, Rise Again Under New Marshall Plan’

‘Snowden has been vindicated’: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his biopic

Journalist Swarmed by Cops, Arrested for Asking People About Tower 7 on 9/11

Clinton’s pneumonia cover story proves her instinct is to lie – NY Daily News

Lithium nirvana beckons for Australian miners

Hungary Becomes First European Nation To Ban Rothschild Banks

Goldman Sachs plans for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of NZ for oil & gas drilling

The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

Bill to allow relatives of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

How you are being robbed by multinationals

FBI hands Donald Trump ammunition with release of Hillary Clinton email files

FBI releases Hillary Clinton email investigation documents

Jack Ma: Wars start when trade stops

Romanian hacker who exposed Clinton email server sentenced to more than four years in US prison

Vladimir Putin masses 40,000 troops on border with Ukraine

Turkey offers Russia joint operations against Islamic State in Syria

Trump Is Right: Here’s Proof Hillary & Obama Founded ISIS

Thailand bombing: Police ‘know who was behind’ tourist town attacks

Ha Ha Ha They will say anything to stop Trump from Winning – Mick Raven

UN meeting over North Korean missile reaching Japanese waters for first time

US Marines, Aussie forces enjoy successful Exercise Hamel defence operation at Cultana

Turkish President Erdogan brings armed forces under his control in a tightening of power

How the Nice Tragedy Will Be Used to Bolster War, Usurp Freedom, and Create More Terrorism

Nice attack: French police question several as details emerge about suspect Mohamed Bouhlel

The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose

Putin Begs Media To Wake Up

Whitewash Won’t Cover Tony Blair’s Guilt

EU Response to Brexit: Morph Europe Into Superstate ‘Dictatorship’

Osama bin Laden: Former leader’s son threatens revenge against US for father’s killing

Howard ignored official advice on Iraq’s weapons and chose war

Tony Blair led Britain into Iraq war based flawed intelligence

Bashar al-Assad says Western nations, including Australia, should help Syrian refugees ‘return to their country’

War With Russia Is Coming

Soros Plots European Order Coup: EU Will Disintegrate, Rise Again

Bilderberg Documents Leaked! – Iraq War Plan Exposed!

Bilderberg Primary Source Material Academic Archive

Former Blair Advisor Pushes ‘Second Referendum’ to Sabotage Brexit Vote

Brexit: British battle on knife-edge with just two days until referendum

New Report Exposing Cover-Up of Fukushima Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right

South China Sea: Indonesian leader visits Natuna Islands amid growing tensions

Here’s The Proof DNC Used Media To Rig Election For Hillary Clinton

Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke in Florida weeks before Orlando shooting

Wild weather: What caused the storms along Australia’s east coast?

Bilderberg: What actually happens at the world’s most secretive gathering of global elites

Xinjiang residents must submit DNA samples for passports

Thousands of Australian workers will lose our under China Free Trade Agreement

What Food Costs in Venezuela: Eggs $150 a Dozen, Dry Milk $100 a Pound

Defence chiefs to discuss China’s ambitions and Islamist extremism

Sydney Siege inquest: Police overlooked several opportunities to raid Lindt Cafe

Saudi Press Just Accused US Govt of Blowing Up World Trade Centers as Pretext to Perpetual War

Anonymous Hits New York Stock Exchange, World Bank, The Fed, and Vatican

WA Premier, Treasurer clash over advertising spend for Western Power sale

Western Power announces it will cut more than 200 jobs

Eagles of Death Metal ditched by French festivals over anti-Muslim rant

The Big Disaster Has Finally Arrived: Death, Food Shortages and Venezuela In America

Arrium sale: Troubled steelmaker to be put on the market

Chinese nationals pour more than $150 billion over five years into US real estate

WikiLeaks Exposes Newly “Selected” Brazilian President as Puppet for US Intelligence

Six Issues That Are Agenda 21

Not Just Surveillance — 3 Current Phenomena Exposing 1984 as an Instruction

Is online free speech under attack?

Egypt’s military regime tightens noose on country’s media freedoms

The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide : The Corbett Report

China cracks down on human rights lawyers challenging the system

Queen Elizabeth remarks on ‘rude’ Chinese delegation in diplomatic gaffe

David Cameron gaffe: British PM caught on camera talking about ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries

Mass demonstration over layoffs shuts down Argentinian oil city

Panama Papers source breaks silence, explains intentions behind Mossack Fonseca data leak

International – TTIP Documents Revealed

Russia WARNS Donald Trump OF Assassination Plot

Hundreds Of Pages of TTIP Agreement Leaked

TPP is Treason. WAKE UP! Globalization Goes For Checkmate. (PART ONE)

Puerto Rico Defaults on Debt Payments

Is This The End Of The U.S Dollar?

China seeks to establish own gold benchmark

London protests see thousands march against Prime Minister Cameron

Victoria Police to get nearly $600 million

Germany allows comedian to face prosecution over satire of Turkish leader

Foreign-owned land register will not be made public despite transparency pledge

Foreign-owned land register must be made public

Chinese buyers double down on Australian property

Chinese investments in Australian property doubles

Panama Papers: China reportedly blocks blog site Medium after post about leak went viral

Government warned Chinese investment could threaten Australia’s national security interests

REAL-NAME REGISTRATION RULES and the Fading Digital Anonymity in China

The US Just Declared Russia a Greater Threat than ISIS

Arrium administration puts cloud over 6,700 jobs nationwide: SA Treasurer

BBC Panorama -Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed BBC Documentary 2016

Panama Papers: Tax havens of the rich and powerful revealed in leak of confidential documents

Panama Papers reveal how TWELVE world leaders hide their millions in tax havens

Panama Papers: This is the leak

Panama Papers: How a global media operation held the rich and powerful to account

U. S. talking to Turnbull government about B-1 Bomber war planes in Australia

Hong Kong film Ten Years pulled from cinemas by Chinese Government

WikiLeaks Exposes IMF Plan of Financial Terror to Force Government Compliance

Trump claims US is headed towards a ‘massive recession’

Panama Papers: Vladimir Putin associates, Jackie Chan identified in unprecedented leak of offshore financial records

China continues severe crackdown over letter demanding President Xi Jinping’s resignation

The scariest thing about “The Simpsons” episode that predicted President Trump

A plan for South China Sea island to become offshore banking hub

Queensland Nickel: Jobs of 550 workers terminated, administrators say

US deploys ‘small armada’ to South China Sea

North Korea threatens ‘indiscriminate’ nuclear strike on South Korea

First They Came For the iPhones

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un orders nuclear weapons be ready for use ‘any time’

New Zealanders start voting in flag change referendum

German Central Bank Admits that Credit is Created Out of Thin Air

Fremantle Port sale unlikely to happen before 2017 election, says WA Premier

New doubts emerge in $6 billion Port of Melbourne sale

China to announce biggest military budget increase in nearly a decade as Asian arms race heats up

North Korea responds to Security Council sanctions with short-range barrage into sea

Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant woman clashes with police during protests

Former UN climate official charged with stalking, harassment

‘A hammer blow’: coal mining company sheds 770 jobs Australia-wide

The World’s Most Popular Stock Picks Are Sinking

Did a Chinese banker just announce the biggest event in human history?

Cyclone Winston: Damage bill reaches $650 million, Fiji Government says

Counterterrorism expert warns terror attack in Australia inevitable

Voluntary relocation as an adaptation strategy to extreme weather events

North Korea: US Congress passes tougher sanctions to punish rogue state

Mining company suspected of visa rort

Jeb Bush Says He Would Back Preemptive Strike on North Korea

China regrets North Korea’s rocket launch

North Korea fires long-range rocket despite warnings

Hong Kong riot police clash with protesters amid crackdown on street vendors

Pacific rim nations sign US-led trade deal amid protests

Chinese ire at RAAF patrols in South China Sea

Zika virus: Queensland woman, child confirmed as contracting illness

Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupts, nuclear plant unaffected

Zika virus sparks abortion debate in Brazil

Woolworths ordered to pay $3 million over safety of deep-fryer, drain cleaner etc

Coalition MPs split on GST increase debate, with some tempted by tax cut opportunities

Greek riot police clash with protesters, fire tear gas over pension reforms

Cardinal George Pell ‘too ill’ to travel from Rome for child sex abuse inquiry

Royal Dutch Shell confirms 10,000 job cuts

Sacked Queensland Nickel workers may be forced to seek work outside Townsville

Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel owes $30.8m to past and present workers

Cashless Society War Intensifies During Global Epocalypse

The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide

Keiser Report: Why Not People’s Quantitative Easing?

Davos Depression: Soros Predicts Devastating Deflation, Repeat of 2008

TPP Trade Deal Will Cost US 448,000 Jobs, Say Researchers

China’s import block hits WA lobster trade

Panoramic Resources’ Savannah nickel mine in WA to close

Images suggest N. Korea may be preparing missile launch

Australia continues slide down International Corruption Index

Oregon refuge occupation: One person killed, another injured

Walmart Kills Walmart Express: Are Neighborhood Market Stores More Productive?

Walmart is closing hundreds of stores and laying off thousands of employees

Closing Walmart stores slash prices by 50%

Fox Creek fracking operation closed indefinitely after earthquake

Australian dollar tumbles to lowest since 2009, global stocks plunge

India seen edging out China from top growth spot in 2016

U.S. top court rejects Nestle bid to throw out child slavery suit

Philippines welcomes more US forces to counter China

Oil prices dip below $US30

Oil price slump: Let’s face it, nobody knows what the hell is going on

Iran detains US sailors in Persian Gulf

India seen edging out China from top growth spot in 2016

Amid Stock Market Panic, Dozens of Chinese Billionaires Are Mysteriously Disappearing

What is going on in China?

US oil falls below $US34 a barrel

Journalists attacked at Chinese dissident’s trial

Wall Street slumps after Chinese market suspended



The carbon tax and ETS is right back on the agenda in Australia — thank Gore and Palmer

China set to pass controversial anti-terror law despite US criticism

Sydney tornado: Asbestos concerns emerge as clean-up continues in Kurnell after record storm

Anatomy of False-Flag Events

Active Shooter Drill 2 Days Before San Bernardino Shooting

Why Is Britain Being Prepared For A World War?

UWA plans major job cuts with 300 staff to be laid off

Anglo American to cut 85,000 mining jobs worldwide, four Australian mines remain for sale

Tightening of US visa waiver program for Australia

Russia strikes Islamic State targets with cruise missiles from submarine

Dairy company VDL sale to Chinese buyer can proceed after legal injunction lifted

London underground attack: Man faces court over ‘terrorist’ stabbings’ 

BREAKING: Putin Tells Army To Prepare For “World War III” With U.S. In Syra

Active Shooter Drill 2 Days Before San Bernardino Shooting

The Fall Of America Signals The Rise Of The New World Order

Physicists Show Both Russia And Turkey Were Lying About The Downed Russian Plane

Source says RAF warplanes strike in Syria after MPs vote for Islamic State air strikes

UK: Thousands say ‘don’t bomb Syria’ outside 10 Downing Street

The ultra-nationalistic group trying to restore the might of the Japanese Empire

4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War

Social Media Reacts To State Dept.’s WORLDWIDE Travel Warning

Six sites shortlisted for Australia’s first nuclear waste dump

Westinghouse eyes Australian nuclear potential, links with local suppliers

Army chaplains may see ‘conquer’ removed from their badges as it’s ‘associated with the crusades’

Port of Darwin: US ambassador John Berry weighs in on controversial lease to Chinese company

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet; Emergency NATO Meeting Called

Chinese troops train in U.S. while New York prepares for terror attack with mass shooting drill

Turkish F-16 fighter jets shoot down Russian warplane near Syrian border

How The USA Invaded Australia

SA police officers march to Parliament House protesting workers compensation changes

Using Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty to legalize the war against ISIS

Hundreds protest New South Wales Government’s plan to amalgamate councils

Whyalla Steelworks: OneSteel to cut another 250 jobs

Matt Damon Defends Teachers In Epic Rant Against Education System

Must Watch: Putin Blows The Whistle On Who Really Created ISIS And How It Continues To Grow

Global Warming Hoax Spiraling Into Radical Tyrannical Beast

American Blackout: Are You Prepared?

Claim: Russia “Accidentally” Aired “Secret Nuclear Weapon Plans” on National TV

9 Reasons to Question the Paris Terror Attacks

Kakadu bushfire: Dept of Environment to investigate Ranger mine burn-off that spread to national park

Comment: Uranium miner in the firing line over Kakadu burn

Bombshell! Europe Drops Charges Against Edward Snowden, Offers Asylum And Protection

US Invasion of Syria Begins

Russian airliner crash: Plane that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai ‘disintegrated at high altitude’

First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale

DOJ Creates New Position to Target “Anti-Government Views”

Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’

Chinese President Xi Jinping set to announce controversial nuclear investment in UK

Australia has no clear jobs path away from mining boom, Hewson warns

Saudi urges Iran to stop ‘meddling’ in neighbourhood

Brzezinski’s “Retaliation” Agenda: Break Up Russia And Absorb It

Australia has just signed onto the dirtiest deal you’ve never heard of

The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared

Putin’s military officials anger over RAF go ahead to shoot down Russian military jets

Austerity Olympics: Beleaguered Rio Games hit with whopping 30 per cent budget cut

Why do ISIS drive Toyotas?

Syrian army announces ‘vast offensive’ backed by Russian strikes as NATO raises concern

Glencore hints at more Hunter Valley coal mine closures

Alinta to shut SA coal mine, power plants early

Aurizon cuts more than 800 jobs to become ‘leaner, smarter, more efficient’

Is China’s economy heading for a crash?

Up to 7000 Syrian refugees to be resettled in NSW

TPP: Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership really benefit Australia?

Big rise in Chinese arrivals propelled tourism industry

Second Russian warplane violates Turkish airspace as tensions escalate

Putin has sent the feared Spetsnaz special forces into Syria to bail out Assad

Ranger uranium mine backburning threatening Kakadu

Russia’s motivations in Syrian conflict go beyond targeting Islamic State: Julie Bishop

Hungary calls on Australia and US to take some of Europe’s asylum seekers

Russia will succeed where West probably didn’t want to

Russians tell US to remove warplanes from Syria, senior official says

Syrian conflict: Australia considers changing position Assad must step aside, Julie Bishop says

US-trained Syria rebels gave ammo, equipment to Al Qaeda group, Pentagon confirms

Hajj stampede beyond human control, ‘destiny is inevitable’, says top Saudi cleric

Fury After Saudi Arabia ‘Chosen To Head Key UN Human Rights Panel’

Pope helps UN skirt Congress on 2030 Agenda

Putin plans air strikes in Syria if no U.S. deal reached

7-Eleven workers paid franchisee owners up to $70k for visa, inquiry told

Ignore Pope on climate, says Republican Marsha Blackburn

Nearly 50% of Americans Consider the US Government an Immediate Threat

Chinese Premier in Town as China Pushes for UN-type Governance of Internet

New Evidence: 50% Stock Market Collapse Looming

Wall St falls amid fears over China’s slowing economy and US rate uncertainty

Share market loses $30b, slumps below 5,000 points on weak Chinese factory data

BHP Billiton finance chief denies Singapore tax-dodge deal

The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

Japan Passes New War Bill, Legalizes Imperialism

Inside Malcolm Turnbull’s Point Piper mansion

Don’t return, a Sydney uni student is told after his father ‘disappears’ in China

Indonesia seeks new beef markets to end dependence on Australia

Russia’s anti-aircraft weapons in Syria

Agenda 2030 and the “New Economic World Order” – Coming This Year?

Australian dollar could fall below US60c, says ANZ

Tony Abbott’s annual pension to top $300,000, plus extras

China’s economy shows more signs of weakening

Premier Andrews raises concerns over China FTA

Australian economy 2015 outlook: Are we headed for a recession?

Future of jobs: Entrepeneurs, technocrats to thrive in 2030

US Seeks Occupation as US Fighters Flood Syria

7-Eleven amnesty must apply to all exploited workers

Australia looks set to start bombing Syria

Uranium industry to double under export deal with India

Tough times ahead for economy, but no one’s using the ‘R’ word yet

Fukushima: Japan lifts evacuation order for radiation-hit Naraha town four years after nuclear disaster

The Golden Era Of Knowledge Resistance Is Upon Us

Should we be selling our farms to Chinese?

China arrests 12 over Tianjin blasts; officials accused of dereliction of duty

Free trade agreement: Labor MP Kelvin Thomson urges party to oppose current China deal

Prosecutor who did not challenge Monis’s bail had no NSW bail law training

Man Haron Monis a radicalised terrorist? – ConspiracyOz

BHP Billiton’s full year profits plunge 86pc to $US1.9b

US oil briefly falls below $US40 a barrel

More Australian agricultural products to Chinese consumers

A Calculator Just Whupped UN Supercomputers at Accurately Modeling Climate

Share market ends week lower, on track for worst month since global financial crisis

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un orders troops on war footing as border tensions soar

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Nothing sweet about free trade deal for Australian sugar growers

Arrium crashes to $1.9b loss on iron ore collapse

Bad Moon rising: Americans bracing for September shocker

Steep falls for big four banks drag Australian share market lower

Kalgoorlie takes hit after mining tenement numbers collapse

Tianjin warehouse firm operated without licence until two months before explosion

Arctic Ice Too Thick for “Global Warming” Expedition

Tianjin blast: new explosions shake Chinese city, evacuation ordered

Hutchison Ports dispute: Federal Court judge grants injunction preventing 97 workers from being sacked

Tianjin explosions: Officials met just one week ago to discuss safety at Chinese port; blast kills 50

Mining boom masked slide in annual wage growth, economists say

Petition Update · REMINDER of peaceful rally being held this Friday!

Workers defy legal orders and continue Woolworths liquor warehouse blockade

A replica Eiffel Tower is among mock-ups of China’s key military targets

The Chinese lucky number eight drives up listings on a record August auction day

Chileans cheer, lament death of Pinochet’s hated secret police boss Manuel Contreras

BHP announces about 380 job losses as Olympic Dam operations are reviewed in South Australia

Bangladesh secular blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in his home

Investigations into foreign investors allegedly illegally buying Australian homes

Obama Just Declared War on Syria

MH370: France sends boats, planes and helicopters to scour La Reunion’s coast for debris

Not one, but all Man Haron Monis letters to Attorney-General’s Department ministers overlooked

Alinta Energy to close Port Augusta power stations and Leigh Creek coal mine early

China strikes Gold in Oz – ConspiracyOz

Chinese economy concerns, lower commodity prices drag down local market

Chinese Factory Loses 90% of Its Workforce to Robots

TPP talks in Hawaii said to near end without deal

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in doubt

Sex trafficking, forced labour in Australia 2015

Myer to cut permanent staff for casuals

China’s woes, market heavyweights dictate choppy share market trade

Mining company to slash 53,000 jobs

Free trade agreement: Australian beef not as free under China FTA

Chinese share market plunges to biggest one-day loss in more than eight years

Is this Madness the Real Terrorism? – Mick Raven

UN Agenda 21 Still Advancing Worldwide

The Hidden Nasties In Australia’s New Free Trade Deal

Senate to Vote on Requiring Social Media to Report Suspicious Activity to Feds

As Jade Helm 15 Military Exercise Begins, Texans Keep Watch ‘Just in Case’

Jade Helm: Massive training exercise and preparation for eventual martial law starts today

Better to Light a Candle than to Curse the Darkness

15 human rights lawyers still missing after Chinese government crackdown

Greece bailout: Alexis Tsipras accepts 86-billion-euro bailout from eurozone leaders

Darwin activist Justin Tutty arrested for protesting on a beach being used for Exercise Talisman Sabre

Darwin-based tank units should not move to South Australia, Chief Minister Adam Giles says

China’s stock market crash is a problem for the whole world

Greek deal in sight as Germany bows to huge global pressure for debt relief

Greek debt crisis: France to the rescue as Tsipras accepts austerity for relief

Confederate flag to be removed from South Carolina state house grounds

NZ defence teams in Darwin for warfighting exercise

Australia: human experiment in a bottle

China freefall rocks Australian, Japanese markets, drops dollar to new six-year low

The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece

As Greece Falls, Will Those With Gardens Survive?

Time to tell the truth before I’m gagged: Australia’s detention centres ruin lives

Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse

Greek debt crisis: Photograph of elderly man collapsed outside bank reveals pensioner’s despair

Australia’s New Law Would Strip Citizenship For Possessing A ‘Thing’ Connected With Terrorism

The book burning begins: Movies, book covers and computer games being banished

Greeks Line Up at Banks and Drain ATMs as Tsipras Calls Vote

The U.S. And EU Will Collapse Regardless Of Economic ”Contagion”

Copyright industry buys its very own censorship regime

You may be surprised by how you could lose your citizenship

Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ”It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year”

Canberra film companies sign multi-million-dollar deal for 10 movies with Chinese production house

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Trade agreement faces another test as legislation returns to US Senate

Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

Zuckerberg’s Ploy for Cheap Foreign Labor — Immigrant Heritage Month

Russia warns Sweden it will face military action if it joins Nato

Obama Calls For Gun Control In Wake Of Charleston Church Shooting

Charleston church shooting: the larger covert op

The great TPP deathtrap for India, China and the other 10 member-nations

Kremlin officials say Russian nuclear buildup is forced by West

Bank of Greece issues grave warning of Grexit as British government prepares for fallout

Greece likely to exit euro and EU without deal with creditors

Greece accuses Europe of plotting regime change as creditors draw up ultimatum

Perhaps the world’s conspiracy theorists have been right all along – Telegraph

No approval for future uranium mining at Ranger, say Kakadu traditional owners

Iceland Recovering Fastest in Europe After Jailing Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out

440 jobs to go as Alinta closes power stations, coal mine

Final days for Ranger uranium

IMF to Alexis Tsipras: ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?

Friday Vote: Congress Rushing the TPP Through Even Though They Know Americans Will Lose Jobs

Joe Hockey: Social media gives him advice after his homebuyer comments

Coal, gas producers say they still have a future in zero-carbon world

100 reasons why climate change is natural

Carr: Don’t take sides in the South China Sea

Russell Brand drops sweater supplier amid merchandise row

Hypocrite Brand’s trendy tops made in Bangladesh sweatshop

Rio Tinto’s coal mine expansion threatens Bulga again

Citizenship: no time for mixed messages

Christmas Island to be Australia s Alcatraz

South China Sea: China placing mobile artillery on reclaimed island, US says

Border Force Act: detention secrecy just got worse

Russia, China, Europe and the US talk World War III

Global economy ‘like an ocean liner without lifeboats’: HSBC

Massive 1/4 mile long military convoy seen in Colorado

Nazi-era reality TV show ‘Holiday in the Protectorate’ slammed

Sugar industry has been at the mercy of foreign companies for too long

Sydney siege inquest: Man Haron Monis claimed he was being ‘set up’ by ASIO

Budget’s $45m slush fund for MPs is an unethical use of public money

Five Big Banks Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets and No One Goes to Jail

Why savers should look to China for long-term investment

Why China’s currency has two names

India now a key member of BRICS

Back to the brink: Rumours rule as Greece wonders if it’s getting paid this month

Australia, India negotiating uranium deal: Bishop

Western Australia ready to dice with uranium & radiation

Improved uranium price triggers drilling at a Central Australian prospect

Budget cuts to go ahead in South Australia as infrastructure funding ‘heads north’

Federal Budget: Funding to capitalise on free trade deals – ABC Rural

Documents Distributed by Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis Baffle Eurozone Officials

Tsipras sees ‘happy ending’ for Greece in crisis talks as €750m repayment nears

Greece slaps 18% tax on tourists

Donetsk Republic Nationalizes Banks, Draws Ire Of NATO and World Banking Cartel

Turkey blocks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube over images of slain prosecutor

Indonesia and Australia don’t take each other seriously

New guns, vests for NT police officers a response to higher ‘threat level’

Anti-terrorism training to be provided to WA Police to help identify threats

Melbourne anti-terrorism raids: Police uncover explosive devices at Greenvale house

North Korea army warns of ‘targeted strikes’ against South’s navy, state media says

Jade Helm 15: Texas takeover conspiracy surfaces over US military exercise

The Shares Hit the Fan

Exploitation of foreign workers on 417 holiday visas concerning, department investigating

Worley Parsons sheds more than 2,000 jobs amid slumping commodity prices

Andrew Forrest renews attack on BHP and Rio Tinto over iron ore supply strategy

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores

HAZMAT team called to Indonesian Embassy in Canberra after package with white powder found

Baltimore Riots: A Product Of The Soros Machine

Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

Should Australian travellers boycott Indonesia after the Bali 9 executions?

NITV journalist ‘intimidated’ by police

Police beat journalist during protest

Gallipoli at risk of sinking into myth

CNN Reporter Stutters Through CIA Script

If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon

Scientists convinced of quake, drill link

Tales from son of Turk who fought the Anzacs

Political roundup: Anzac fatigue and dissent

New Zealanders shun Camp Gallipoli WWI celebration

Federal approval granted for Cameco to develop Kintyre uranium mine in Pilbara

ICAC told serious misconduct allegations against police should be investigated externally

Barack Obama reveals American and Italian hostages killed in January operation

Islamic school principal banned running so girls would not ‘lose virginity’

‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses

Sun sets on the west’s iron ore boom years

Shock and ore: Our top two mining billionaires have lost $25 billion in the bust

The nasty tax surprise about to hit the average Australian worker

A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

Oh Hill no! Clinton’s stale presidential plan wrong for nation

Jobs go as iron ore miner halts production

Radio personalities cut at 4BC

Pope Francis Urges Quick Action on Climate Change, Set to Unveil Official Church Position

Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training

Greece crisis: Vladimir Putin offers lucrative trade deal

Turkey blocks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube over images of slain prosecutor

2030 Vision for Developing Northern Australia

Prince Andrew sex claims struck out by US judge

Edward Snowden tells John Oliver: ‘The government is collecting your d*ck pics’

Why the Next Stock Market Crash Will Happen Any Day Now

Disaster Is Inevitable When The Two Decade-Old Stock Bubble Bursts

The Chinese stock market gold rush continued this week

Atlas Iron shares suspended as iron ore crash forces review of business

The German gold reserves

ANZAC centenary: the scary rise of the ‘new Turkey’

The Allies at Gallipoli: Defeat in 1915, Disgrace in 2015

Growing Japanese navy to display might in the Pacific again

Nationwide anti-Islam protests turn violent

The Rise of the Working Poor and the Non-Working Rich

Australia’s immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak

Australia wants to tax bank deposits. Does anyone think the US won’t?

Refreshing News: With 1st Nationwide Fracking Law, Germany Approaches A Ban

Greece Faces D-Day On April 9, Will Default Within 30 Days Of Missed Payment

Joe Hockey’s Uber moment: Treasurer says the changing economy is affecting the tax collected

Massive power cut causes chaos in Turkey

Australia to sign up to China Bank

Saudi Failure in Yemen Will Result in Direct U.S. Military Intervention

Blood Money: These Companies and People Make Billions of Dollars From War

Rio Tinto to cut M&A jobs as deals appetite wanes in commodities rout

Humpty Dumpty will have a great fall If the High Court files this application to stop bankruptcy

Support grows for new Asian investment bank

Chinese currency use accelerates

Australia a puzzling hotbed of Islamic State recruiting

Greece’s leader warns Merkel of ‘impossible’ debt payments

Angela Merkel urges closer ties with rising technology giant China

France, Germany, Italy to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank

US Warns Allies Not to Join China-led Development Bank

5 Signs the Government’s Biggest War is for Your Mind

Nationwide protests against WA community closures

Mining companies shedding jobs by the thousands

Myer’s poor sales results could mean stores will be forced to close

80 jobs to go at Dick Smith

Explainer: What is a 457 visa?

Crackdown on businesses abusing 457 visas

SC National Guard Drills Door-to-Door ”Wellness Checks”

‘EU dreams about single army to move towards United States of Europe’

Threat to Canadian Democracy: Harper Government’s “Anti-Terrorism Act” isn’t about Terrorism, it’s a Torture Act

Greek bailout crisis: Athens threatens to seize German assets ‘as compensation for Nazi war crimes’

Superannuation rip-off: Why our system is ‘broken’

Fears ‘hundreds’ of WA jobs will be lost as Rio Tinto cuts costs through copper and coal merger

Yeshivah abuse victims frustrated at lack of action after royal commission

US, Israeli Military Advisors Accused of Aiding ISIL Arrested in Iraq

Australia Post: Malcolm Turnbull confirms plans for two-tier mail service, wants postage stamp cost to rise from 70c to $1

Critics of Australia Post’s decision to sack 900 staff questioning CEO Ahmed Fahour’s $4.8 million salary

Economy ‘at stall speed’: Are we facing another recession?

Markets Live: Dollar falls below US76c

Rio and BHP destroying themselves: Cliffs

EU army would show Russia we’re serious

Leipzig University, Germany: Internship rejects ‘rape culture’ Indian men

Close to 700 koalas killed by authorities in Australia because of overpopulation

4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured

The boom is about to go bust

Canada says data now confirms February 2015 was the coldest in 115 years

2185 cold records broken or tied in past week

30,000 marchers in Moscow mourn slain Putin foe

Greece bailout extended for four months

Nation’s Top Teacher Drops Resignation Bomb: “I Can’t Drill ’em and Kill ’em”

Max Keiser: Welcome to the New World Order

Republicans To Investigate Climate Data Tampering By NASA

Greece, euro zone creditors reach deal to extend bailout

Dollar Dump Begins: Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month

US winter storm: frozen cars and commuter chaos

Germany rejects Greece request for loan extension

More Arctic Cold to Flow Across Eastern US Through End of February

Tropical Cyclone Marcia: Storm due to hit Queensland as category five system

Greek government won’t blink in debt showdown with European Central Bank

Australian economy ‘sliding down the precipice’, says JP Morgan

Copenhagen attacks: Danish police charge two men

Australia’s top rabbi resigns after giving evidence at sex abuse royal commission

Netanyahu says European Jews should immigrate to Israel

Petrol prices: what are the factors fuelling the national average?

Al Gore develops $90 trillion scheme to rebuild every city to get rid of cars

State Department Discusses Banning Alternative Media Outlet

The Alchemy of Synthetic Finance and Global Governance

HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions

Greece wants $236b German WWII reparations

The Totalitarian New World Order Starts in The UK

Mystery Behind Dropping Oil Prices Solved — Concerted Manipulation

Russell Brand takes aim at Tony Abbott

Dutch Euthanasia Patient in Her Final Days of Life

It’s time to take a stand against the urinal

Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe

Putin peace plan is basis of Hollande-Merkel initiative on Ukraine

Growing the Russia-China New Relationship

Woman jailed for playing with kids

Greece says will not co-operate with troika or seek aid extension

VICTORY: Citizens Stand up to Agenda 21 in Alaska

Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda

German court rules men DO have the right to stand up while urinating

New York shuts down for blizzard

Explainer: Do the Greek elections spell a Grexit?

Vladimir Putin: Ukraine’s army is really just NATO’s ‘foreign legion’

Oil price ‘too low’: Saudi Aramco

Greek elections send anti-austerity message to Europe

All Over America, Government Officials Are Cracking Down On Preppers

Australia to feel the effects as China’s growth slows

AirAsia black box recordings reveal crash not terror related

SMH cartoon criticised as antisemitic found to breach press council standards

Joe Hockey’s comments on living to 150

What In The World Just Happened In Switzerland?

Paris gunman arrested, hostages freed

Anti Hebdo marches

15 Signs The Charlie Hebdo Attack Was A False Flag

Paris Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You

9/11 report: Classified pages missing, calls to declassify

AirAsia black boxes recovered

Swiss citizens come clean on tax cheats

Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad suspected in Charlie Hebdo shooting

Charlie Hebdo staff shot dead in Paris terrorist attack

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 plane tail confirmed found

North Korea slams ‘hostile’ US sanctions

Putin’s Russia will become a ‘besieged fortress’



Are US military drone strikes legal?

Slave islands: South Korean salt farms ‘a living hell’

UN votes down resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal

AirAsia flight schedule ‘unauthorised’

Prince Andrew named in US ‘sex slave’ case

‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked

Asia’s military budgets surge as armies go high-tech

Europe plunged into energy crisis as Russia cuts off gas supply via Ukraine

Russia says ruble crisis over as reserves dive, inflation climbs

Russia’s crisis has no end in sight as $50 oil looms, says OECD

Saudi Oil Minister Says Russia Doesn’t ‘Deserve Market Share’

Plummeting oil price leaves Russia’s warrior czar Vladimir Putin on thin ice

North Korea’s internet links restored amid US hacking dispute

North Korean internet collapses, attack suspected

NSA Capable of False Flag Sony Hack Blamed on North Korea

U.S. Weighs Response to Sony Cyberattack, With North Korea Confrontation Possible

Movie world fears for freedom of speech as N.Korea parody pulled

DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants

Russian economy crisis: Oil price conspiracy

Alcoa mill workers ready to hand in their passes for the final time

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the ‘Sydney Siege’

China flash PMI contracts for first time in 7 months

September 11 detainees can read copies of CIA torture report

US senator Mark Udall accuses CIA of lying

Inside the Mind of a Torturer

CIA torture report: Was James Mitchell the architect of the program?

Iron ore won’t reach $US100 per tonne again, says BHP Billiton

Plummeting Oil Prices Could Destroy The Banks That Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives

We don’t dodge tax, it’s Google, claim rich Australians

Iron ore downturn puts WA in the doldrums

Oil below $US50 a barrel? It’s already there in North Dakota

Hyperinflation in America 2016: Is it the next Zimbabwe?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Black Friday

Kim Jong-un blames Ebola on the US

Is This the Only Trillionaire Family in Modern History?

Hong Kong democracy protesters attempt to block office of Chief Executive

China jails Tibetan singer for political lyrics

Anger as residents lose homes, tunnel threatens iconic pub

Terrorism laws: ‘Time is right’ for new police powers

Black Friday in London: Chaos as shoppers wrestle over cut-price TVs

Analysis: Coldest November morning in U.S. since 1976; all 50 states freeze

Plunging oil price could trigger next GFC

Foreigners, sausages and the Great Australian Dream

Sandy Hook: The Newtown Nightmare

Ferguson ignites with grand jury’s refusal to indict policeman over fatal shooting

Tamir Rice: Not a boy with a toy in a park, but a black male with a gun

North Korea warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ over UN rights ruling

ANOTHER CLIMATEGATE: The Bureau of Meteorology “homogenises” temperatures

Putin at Valdai – World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules

Why Do We Allow Ukraine’s Government to Write the Official Report on Their Shoot-Down of MH17?

Hong Kong protests: Authorities clear part of pro-democracy camp site in Admiralty

A reality check for the China-Australia FTA

Key Outcomes of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Understanding the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Chinese President Xi Jinping urges Australia to embrace ‘harmonious’ partnership with Beijing

China, Australia announce virtual conclusion of FTA negotiations

Who wins in Australia-China free trade agreement?

Police used ‘excessive, unnecessary, unlawful’ force on Brazilian student Roberto Curti, court hears

G20 Brisbane 2014: This is what a ghost town looks like

Roger Waters: Why I must speak out on Israel, Palestine and BDS

FBI Report: No Deaths at Sandy Hook

Police ask Federal Government for $10m to fund national anti-gangs squad team in SA

Barack Obama and Tony Abbott have one-on-one meeting before APEC

Barack Obama ‘having conversations’ with Australia to increase Iraq troop commitment

Luxembourg leaks: G20 alone can’t stamp out tax avoidance

Hundreds of Companies Seen Cutting Tax Bills by Sending Money Through Luxembourg

Here’s What a Republican Takeover Looks Like

The Mandate: Republicans Were Elected to Stop Barack Obama, Not to Work with Him

China unveils laser drone defence system

MH370 passenger’s family sue Malaysia Airlines and government

FEMA conducts pandemic training in NY, NJ:   (Worked for Fed)

New Zealand to hold 2016 referendum on scrapping union jack national flag

Clashes over education, GST and petrol

Labor to support government’s foreign fighters bill

Doctor Who Ran Biowarfare Unit Faces Sentencing

Multiple arrests as Hong Kong demonstrators retake protest camp

Leaked: Bin Laden not buried at sea

Court finds Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes

Radiation levels at Fukushima rise to record highs after typhoon

‘Revolution is inevitable’: Russell Brand

Hong Kong police start clearance in city center

China, Russia sign deals on energy

We May Have Overestimated Forecasts For CO2 Buildup In The Atmosphere

Edward Snowden Doc Premieres: Shocking inside look at how he did it

Cattleman opens gate to host nuclear waste dump in Northern Territory

Pokie palaces running childcare: how bizarre ideas suddenly become credible

Hong Kong protestors brace for crackdown

Russia Wide Web? Vladimir Putin backs plan to isolate Russian internet

Hong Kong protests: pro-democracy rallies mix with National Day celebrations – live

Turkey undergoing ‘authoritarian drift’ under Erdogan

Syrian refugees facing a grim future

Tourists will be forced to wear identification wristbands, electronic tracking proposed

Hong Kong citizens step up protests as riot police withdrawn

United States Launches Airstrikes in Syria – Real Target Is Assad

Riots in Glasgow after Scottish referendum on independence

Why deflation is so terrifying for Europe

Free Freya, because it vibes all wrong

‘Only ugly people are safe in bikinis’

US school districts given free machine guns and grenade launchers

Scottish independence: referendum polling day

Obama: If Assad Defends Against US Attack, US Will Attack

Devil’s in the detail as Obama trawls for allies

UK pension system in chaos say experts

UK could launch strikes against Isis in Syria without Assad’s support, says PM

Tony Abbott tipped to sign uranium deal in India

Nato to create high-readiness force to counter Russian threat

Red Ice Radio Censored by Apple’s iTunes

U.S. optimism lags behind economic gains, study finds

IMF chief Christine Lagarde charged over 2008 corruption case

Sir Cliff Richard in police quiz over child sex claims that he sexually assaulted a schoolboy

Chinese Jet Threatened U.S. Intelligence Aircraft

Lessons from Ferguson: Prepping for Civil Unrest and Martial Law

Ukrainian air-traffic control sent doomed flight MH17 over the conflict zone in Donetsk region, says Russia 

Are we heading for a share market crash?

Obama Authorizes Targeted Airstrikes In Iraq

Internationalists Are Pushing The World Towards Globally Engineered Economic Warfare

Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order

Is the Fed fueling a giant stock market bubble?

BRICS Nations Plan New Internet

UN Security Council pleads for Gaza ceasefire as death toll soars

Chinese soldiers to train in Northern Australia

BRICS nations set up New Development Bank to challenge US and euro focus

BBC Children in Need of more Jimmy Saviles?

How banks are coining it in … by trying to make us all switch to cashless payments

Now taxman wants to trawl a YEAR of your bank statements under powers to raid bank accounts for unpaid tax

Home Office shredded abuse files: Mandarin fuels row as MP insists vital dossier of claims STILL exist

Savile told hospital staff he performed sex acts on corpses in Leeds mortuary

Tens of thousands turn out for Hong Kong democracy march

Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions

Obama concerned about jihadist danger to Australia

Iraqi Air Force evacuating besieged U.S. contractors

Feds Collaborate With Wikipedia Editors

Is The Fed’s Gold Ponzi Scheme About To Pop?

Beijing-Based IMF? Lagarde Ponders China Gaining on U.S. Economy

China to deport artist Guo Jian, detained for Tiananmen anniversary

Bilderberg 2014 roundup: privacy, transparency and Birkin bags

Bilderberg at 60: inside the world’s most secretive conference

Globalists Humiliated By Farage – DRUDGE REPORT

Russia’s mega gas deal with China bad news for Australia

The last flight of MH 370

Russian TV mocks royals over Prince Charles likening Putin to Hitler

Russia, China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal After Decade of Talks

Russia, China Banking Deal to Exclude Dollar in Transactions – Symbolic Blow to Dollar

Malaysia Airlines MH370 mystery is in the hands of the CIA, says former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar

Jubilee final straw for Rolf Harris accuser

Net Neutrality Solution is to Give Crony-Filled FCC Authority Over the Internet?

Agenda 21: The BLM Land Grabbing Endgame

Ukraine crisis: Mayor of second city Gennady Kernes fights for life after murder attempt is blamed on Kremlin

Vladimir Putin says Russia may invade Ukraine to protect locals

China gold demand to rise, World Gold Council says

Eastern Ukraine braced for ‘full-scale’ military action as deadline for pro-Russian separatists to lay down firearms passes

BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

OPINION: US Instigating ‘Yugoslav Scenario’ of Fraternal Genocide in Ukraine

Russia expects answers on NATO troops in eastern Europe

Farm tariffs split Japan, U.S. on TPP

Ukraine crisis: Putin and Obama discuss diplomatic plan

Live: Updates in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Ukrainian forces withdraw from Crimea

Protester Crashes Live BBC Broadcast to Warn of Pedophile Rings

The End of The USA?

Putin signs Crimea treaty, will not seize other Ukraine regions

FDIC sues 16 big banks that set LIBOR rate

Controversial Crimea referendum produces 95 per cent support for dropping Ukraine in favour of Russia

Ukraine says Russia ‘invading’ Crimea ahead of breakaway vote

Ukraine crisis: Russia tells UN it does not want war

Ukraine mobilises volunteer force as Angela Merkel warns Russia of long-term damage

Hillary Clinton clarifies Putin-Hitler comparison

Russia approves request for military force in Ukraine

“Kubrick who?”

Liberal Politicians Launched the Idea of “Free Trade Agreements” In the 1960s to Strip Nations of Sovereignty

You have been targeted for internment and resettlement

China starts to make power move against U.S. dollar

The United States of Decline

The Bilderberg plan to obliterate humanity

Flood devastation as UK suffers worst winter rainfall in 250 years

The Stock Market In Japan Is COLLAPSING

Globalist factions strive to depopulate us no matter how you look at it, says Shepard Ambellas

American Citizens Are One Step Away From Being Chinese Slaves

Bank Run Fears: Customers Being Forced to Provide Evidence For Why They Need Cash

U.S. Banks Launder Billions for Drug Cartels But Refuse to Provide Banking for Legal Cannabis in Colorado

Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There … Exists as Paper IOU’s

NSA Track Record: ZERO Attacks Prevented

Take 10 Minutes To Inform Yourself On The Fukushima Crisis



Thorium backed as a ‘future fuel’

Tiger Mom accused of being a ‘full-blown racist’ as her new book names the eight ‘superior’ races 

Syrian govt evacuates 5,000 from town besieged by Islamist rebels

US, Russia complete ‘Megatons to Megawatts’ program aimed at eliminating uranium

Fuku Warning To Northern Hemisphere – Increasingly Critical ‘Reactor Blocks Are Sinking’

Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”

City Cites “International Code” in Effort to Evict Off-Grid Woman

School Bans Display Of Christmas Poster By Student Because It “Might Be Religious”

Heinz to close 3 plants, cut 1,350 jobs

How To Defeat The Globalists

Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation

When ideology trumps journalistic integrity

ANZ class action: 38,000 customers take bank to Federal Court over fees

With new air defence zone, China tests US dominance in East Asia

A Reward From The Globalists For all His Hard Work – ConspiracyOz

Chinese troops will have boots on the ground in Hawaii on Tuesday

JFK CONSPIRACY: John Kerry Doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald ‘Acted Alone’

“Abracadabra” Make UN Agenda 21 Constitutional

Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ Haiyan: Half a Million Left Homeless in Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan death toll could be 10,000 in The Philippines

Feds Subjected Innocent Woman to Finger Probe

Barack Obama allegedly brags to White House aides: ‘I’m really good at killing people’

Did Hitler escape to Argentina? The bizarre new theory that has historians at war

Confirmed: Israeli Attack on Syria Air Defense Facility

Confirmed: Girl smuggled into UK to have her organs harvested for wealthy recipients

Offensive’ Halloween costumes banned by US university

US bugged Merkel’s phone from 2002 until 2013, report claims

Angela Merkel’s call to Obama: are you bugging my mobile phone?

Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International Wire Transfers

Groundwater radiation spikes at crippled Fukushima

Don’t Leave Your Money in the Bank Without Reading This First

 Schwarzenegger Wants Constitution Changed For A 2016 Presidential Run

U.S. May Join Germany of 1933 in Pantheon of Defaults

The International Plot to Steal All Retirement Accounts

The World’s Most Powerful Bankers Warn Of Dire Consequences If The US Defaults

Trump slams Obama over ‘nonsense’ Washington Redskins comments

North Korea puts army on alert, warns U.S. of ‘horrible disaster’

US Treasury issues dire warning on default

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life

Germany industry in revolt as green dream causes cost spiral

Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC: “There Appears to Have Been No Plan for This Type of Catastrophic Failure”

Was Navy Yard Shooter Gangstalked with Mind Control Microwave Weapons?

SWAT Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ During Navy Shooting Stonewalled by Authorities

Washington Navy Yard shooting: Authorities unaware Aaron Alexis once shot out man’s tyres

Nairobi mall siege: Kenya says British, US citizens among attackers

The Devastating Price Of Free Markets

Russia warns of ‘catastrophe’ if North Korea restarts outdated plutonium reactor

Fox News Covers Infowars Story About Rebel Admitting To Using Chemical Weapons

URGENT: False Flag Involving Israel to Implicate Syria in the Works Says RT

Report: China Sends Warships to Coast of Syria

Matt Drudge Breaks Up With Republicans, Joins Libertarians

TEPCO admits deliberately using radiation detectors that give deceptively low readings; radiation leaks far worse than reported

Unannounced Israel-U.S. missile test fuels jitters over Syria

The Syria War Is Another Banker War! Protest It!

Barack Obama gives up on bid for UN mandate on Syria

U.S. Positions For Attack On Syria

Video Footage of ‘Chemical Weapons Attack’ Uploaded Before it Happened?

EXCLUSIVE: Feds are building a detective squad to target consumers and companies that don’t follow Obamacare’s rules

British Newspaper Has Advantages in Battle With Government Over Secrets

Experts puzzled after mysterious, four-metre-long ‘sea creature’ with horns found on Spain beach

Fukushima nightmare: An atmospheric scientist and a medical scientist sound alarm

Libya’s Missing Missiles

Black Citizens Group Files ‘Articles of Impeachment’ Against Obama

NSA to cut system administrators by 90% to limit data access

I think we’re gonna need a bigger plunger: ‘Fatberg’ weighing 15 TONNES found blocking sewers under streets of London

Edward Snowden given a year’s asylum in Russia

Snowden remains at Moscow airport

A Carbon Tax Would Destroy America

Behind the Great Wall, China is in trouble

Dzhokhar will take his accusers to trial. Will he make it there?

Edward Snowden: U.S., Israel ‘Co-Wrote’ Cyber Super Weapon Stuxnet

Edward Snowden says he risks the death penalty as escape routes narrow

Spying Scandal: Obama Owes Us an Explanation

DoD Blocks Millions of Computers From Viewing Alternative News

Obama’s drama lacks karma

Depopulating An Entire Region of the Country

Google does not have to delete content: EU court

French watchdog tells Google to change privacy policy

Was Flight 800 shot down?

State broadcaster ERT shut down as Greece seeks more savings

Washington attempts to contain fallout from NSA surveillance leaks, Clapper apparently lied under oath

UK’s GCHQ gathering secret intelligence via covert NSA operation

CISPA Will Legalize PRISM Spy Program

Barack Obama orders up list of cyberwar targets

Government Surveillance Of American Citizens Goes Far Beyond What You Are Being Told

No One Will Hold Henry Kissinger Accountable

Minju Joson Flays U.S. for Turning Space into Battlefield

Michael Adebolajo deemed so significant, Special Forces were sent to grab him in Kenya in 2010

Drones,Torture and Hunger Strikes

The ‘exploding soles’ of Blundstone boots

Anti-TSA Activist: TSA Agent Groped My Vagina

Denver International Airport Whistleblower: Continuity of Government Plans Exposed

Jimmy Savile abused four children aged five

Stone’s altered States

Agenda 21 Redistributes  Wealth Through Stealth

Stop persecuting ageing celebrities and lower age of consent: UK barrister Barbara Hewson

Google Just Made A $125 Million Bet On The Future Of Banking

May Day rallies and strikes: LIVE UPDATES

Back from the dead? Vietnam vet found, 44 years on

Bitcoin gains currency in the digital world

BitCoin exchange BitFloor shuts down trading

The Revolution has begun: Local resident says police enforcement illegal and all debt is canceled

Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal We are against Media Blackout please support us so we may inform the World

TEXAS FAMILY: We Sold This Porsche Last Night For 300 Bitcoins

State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Bitcoin goes mainstream, Rick Santelli at CNBC talks with a guy installing Euro to Bitcoin ATMs in Cyprus

North Korea seen moving missile after it declares it has given approval for a nuclear attack on the United States

5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the Dollar

North Korea declares ”state of war” against South Korea while United States plays it down

E-Gov Link Enables Local Governments to Accept Bitcoin

US plans to allow spy agencies to monitor every citizen’s finances – report

50 Shades of Grey – Pedophilia Hiding In Plain Sight

An Iraq veteran’s last letter: Dying US soldier calls Bush a murderer

UPDATE: Cyprus Protesters and Bank Employees Clash With Police

UPDATE: Riots Hit Cyprus After Bank Accounts Frozen

If gun control passes, there will come ‘free speech control’ and the government banning of websites, books and art

United States adds 14 anti missile defence launchers to Alaska, California

UK doctor ‘filmed patient sex assaults on watch’

Fukushima, in case you forgot….

The not-so good earth

Remembering a catastrophe that won’t go away

North Korea annuls pacts with South

Malaysia Invaded — Hundreds of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute

Chinese couples rush to divorce to avoid capital gains property tax

US Plots Conquest of Venezuela in Wake of Chavez’ Death

Venezuela VP: Chavez’s cancer was an ‘attack’ by his enemies

US State Department-Funded BBC World Service “Jammed” in China

One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems

Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide

Corporations Masquerading as Government (Part II): Which “Government” Can We Trust?

THE PEOPLE v THE BANKS: Conviction beats Eviction

Travel writer Mathew Klint kicked off United flight ‘for taking a photo’

‘Bestiality’ ad slammed by mums

Drum wrap: The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

UK cardinal quits amid inappropriate behaviour claims

U.N. Launches Drone Investigation Into Legality Of U.S. Program

TSA Apologizes For Harassing ANOTHER Wheelchair Bound Toddler

Japan a threat to Australian manufacturing

Rothschild Libor Scandal Unmasked

Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?

The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles’ Connections to Pedophilia Networks

Nuclear blast just the start, warns North Korea

Drone attacks ‘save lives’, says Brennan

Third North Korea nuke test imminent

Obama to hand over secret drone war guidelines

Rowan Atkinson: we must be allowed to insult each other

britam defence hacked, confidential documents leaked, site offline

Are Gun Control Pleas By Movie Stars Undermined By Onscreen Violence?

Sheriff Urges Citizen Firearm Defense: “We’re Partners Now”

CDC: Flu vaccine 62% effective; 47 states report widespread illness

Child abuse cops seize VIP list: Politicians, MI5 agent, Royal aide and pop stars all named

Jailed for at least 23 years: Passer-by stabbed to death man who was molesting teenage girl in street

CNN Caught Red Handed! Why Was CNN Using Fake Sandy Hook Footage?

US airports finally scrap ‘nude’ body scanners

EU urges quick decision on carbon credits

Sandy Hook AR-15 hoax? Still no school surveillance footage released:

David Icke : Wembley Arena London – Agenda 21 Monsanto – 2012

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light

Florida Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Permit Holder in the Back During Traffic Stop

New York Senate Passes Strict Gun Ban

U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report

18 Facts That Prove Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control

60 Facts That Prove The American Middle Class is Being Wiped Out

Asteroid Apophis, which may hit Earth in 2036, will pass close by this week

Chinese Government pledge to reform its labour camps vanishes

Woolcott leads new UN attempt at treaty

There’s Another Sandy Hook Coming…

Gun-Free UK More Violent than USA

Full Disclosure: CO, WI, CT shootings.. Are These The Work of “Lone Wolf” Gunmen?

Rumors of plot to sterilize Muslims with polio vaccine spark killings in Pakistan

Council on Foreign Relations Reveals How World Government Can Be Achieved in 2013



What Does It Mean to ‘Prepare for the Economic Collapse’?

If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and sniper rounds?

WikiLeaks founder eyes window of opportunity in Australian Senate bid

So Now Prepping is Evil?

Abused cattle in Israel may be Australian

Doha’s climate justice: will China now pay the rest of the world?

Internet freedom tops Dubai summit agenda

Agents of the state will ‘regulate’ the press if Leveson has his way

Software developer JohnMcAfee has not been captured, say Belize police

New paper finds Siberian temperatures 5,000 years ago were up to 1.5C higher than today

Italian Supreme Court President Calls for New 9/11 Investigation at ICC

Israeli bombardment takes out TV centre: witnesses

Violent clashes spread across Europe

Eurozone recession to deepen: bank survey

Egypt condemns Israel attacks on Gaza, demands halt

The twin, the generals and the pineapple: more bizarre details in Petraeus scandal

Europe in protest: anti-austerity marches spread

Hamas killing has ‘opened gates of hell’

Blogger ‘tortured to death’ for Facebook comments

58 percent of eligible US voters boycott presidential election

Obama Re-Elected in Landslide: Projected Results

British families want out as more seek relaxed life abroad

Cop Tasers Little Boy

Alert as Sandy drenches US nuclear plant

Engineered Storm? HAARP Monitoring Project Records Strongest Readings Ever Directed In Path of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy strengthens off US coast

Arctic sea ice recovery contradicts “global warming”

BBC insiders knew that Jimmy Savile was a serial abuser of young boys, says lawyer

Italian scientists resign over L’Aquila quake verdicts

FBI yet again foils their own fake terrorist plot, this time targeting the NY Federal Reserve

Greece faces anti-austerity shutdown as EU meets

US warns of ‘cyber Pearl Harbour’

Police say there are investigating 340 lines of inquiry into the late TV presenter Jimmy Savile’s abuse of children

Europe edges closer to banking union

Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering

Turkey authorises military strikes in Syria as border tension spikes

Turkey Returns Fire After Syrian Shelling of Border Town

Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria

‘Stop hitting the weakest’: Italian workers kickoff anti-austerity general strike

Crazy Facts On Income Inequality, Bank Bonuses

Iran may launch pre-emptive strike on Israel, conflict could grow into WWIII – senior commander

West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

84 Statistics That Prove That The Decline Of The Middle Class Is Real And That It Is Getting Worse

A World On The Verge Of War?

Ex-envoy to Israel: US will go to war with Iran in 2013

The Owners of the Country

No DNA link to Assange in condom central to sex assault case

TSA liquid testing inside terminal at Columbus OH Airport

Innocence of Muslims – Muhammad Movie – FULL HD

Anti-Islam filmmaker questioned

Is Social Media Leading Us to a Hyper Revolution?

New details emerge of anti-Islam film’s mystery producer

Actress in anti-Muslim film wants to clear name

Netanyahu: U.S. has no ‘moral right’ to stop Israel from attacking Iran

GHEI: ATF’s latest gun grab

Honduras Approves Private Cities Project

Is Israel Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

U.S. Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

Israel did 9-11 by Alan Sabrosky Marine Vet US Army War College.

World War II veteran Earl Jones aged 92 shoots dead intruder in Kentucky’s Boone County

Harris suggests World P’ment replace UN Council

Cambodia arrests Pirate Bay co-founder

New Skittles ad accused of bestiality

Sixty Quakes Strike Southern California in 16 hours

Russia’s “End the Fed” Movement Gains Traction

1st Amendment Violated as Facebook Assists Police in Pre-Crime Investigations

Ecuador warns Britain storming London embassy for Julian Assange would be ‘suicide’ mission

Parents concerned that cafeteria palm scanners will implant ‘Mark of the Beast’ on children’s hands

Julian Assange expected to make statement

South African miners killed in clash with police at Lonmin

UK govt threatens to storm Ecuador embassy

Vicious cycle in the eurozone is dragging world economies down

U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse

Divide and Conquer by Domestic Terrorism: Progressives Take the Bait

NASA’s Hansen Exploits Hot Summers to Push Carbon Fascism

Climate Change: Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?

Don’t mention the Peer Review! New Zealand’s NIWA bury the Australian review

Porn site viruses threaten security, Pentagon staff warned

Julian Assange in state of limbo over US court secrecy, lawyer says

US warns China over moves to dominate South China Sea

Lt. John Pike no longer with UC Davis police force

The Assault on 2nd Amendment Precursor to Martial Law in America

Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail — for Collecting Rainwater on His Property

DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Destruction of 2nd Amendment Looms

Oregon criminalizes permaculture; claims state ownership over all rainwater – ponds and swales restricted – jail time for violators

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria

Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: “The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny”

Pressure builds over China’s one-child policy

Experts dissect Dark Knight Rises shooting suspect James Holmes and his Joker appearance

Evidence shows months of plotting ahead of Colorado shooting: police

Gunman kills 12, wounds 59 at ‘Batman’ premiere in Colorado

IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk

Family suing after dog shot during bungled raid

US sees risk of war over South China Sea

36 Percent Of Fukushima Children Have Abnormal Growths From Radiation Exposure

Dozens hurt as police, anti-austerity protesters clash in Spain

London tower block residents lose bid to challenge Olympic missiles

BA in privacy row as passengers face being profiled by staff with iPads and snooping Google software

Amazing map shows a century of earthquakes mapped at a glance

The Collapsing US Economy and the End of the World

Jordanian MP Pulls Gun on Political Critic

Outrage at Kate’s ‘rotting teeth’

Ecuador finds Assange charges ‘hilarious’

Barclays CEO Diamond quits over rate rigging

ZOMBASIA: Face eating attacks spread to China

Bee stings killed as many in UK as terrorists, says watchdog

How the World Feared the Establishment of World Government in 1946

‘It’s Europe again’ as stocks fall

The Green Gods: New Religion and Eco-Faith

Exclusive: Secret EU summit document shows first step to banking union

Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels

WWII Veteran Being Forced Out of Home and Forced to Exhume Wife’s Body

Will Russian And Chinese Military Forces On Syrian Soil Prevent Obama From Bombing Syria?

Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis

Pam Anderson Jets into London From Malibu Mansion With New Message: “Be Less consuming and More Protective of the Earth”.

Household energy bills will be ‘unaffordable’ by 2015

19 Reasons to Start Preparing for a Global Economic Collapse

Russia prepares to send warships to Syria

Debt crisis: Greek government will be forced to seek third bail-out

World braces for Greek election fallout

Rockefellers and Rothschilds Merge Ahead of the Game Change

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Fission, Central Banking, War

U.S. military completes initial planning for Syria

U.N. Climate Organization Wants Immunities Against Charges of Conflict of Interest

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group’s Connection To Everything In The World

Top economist says Greece should leave eurozone

Return To the Dark Ages of Child incarceration

One billion slum dwellers

Millenium Project Goals? last update 2007?

U.S. urges Syria’s Assad to transfer power

Leaked UN Documents Reveal Plan For “Green World Order” By 2012

China Voice: “Scientific Outlook on Development” heralds China way

Luka Magnotta, a gay ‘cannibal’ porn star suspected of killing and eating parts of a former lover spotted in bars

Bilderberg Puts Finishing Touches To Carbon Tax Agenda

Heightened Security and Intimidation Tactics Surround Bilderberg 2012

President Ahmadinejad of Iran Seeks New World Order

Anger over Christine Lagarde’s tax-free salary

House to examine plan for United Nations to regulate the Internet

Julian Assange loses appeal, now he faces extradition to Sweden

Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot naked, mindless man literally eating the face off another man

Christine Lagarde says that it is payback time for Greece

An Inconvenient Bilderberg Truth

China slowdown threatens Australia: World Bank

Russian MPs debate heavy sanctions on protesters

The world holds its breath as Europe struggles in the quicksand

Green Police: 1st Global ‘Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Summit’ Held in France.

Who Are The Anti-Globalists

NATO turns blind eye to Libyan collateral damage – Human Rights Watch

Eurozone leaders strike tough tone on Greece

Globalist Conspiracy Theory Definitions

DHS Whistleblower: Obama Will Commit Reichstag Event To Trigger Martial Law

100,000 march in Spain over austerity

Police arrest 6-year-old who threatens, kicks principal

Lords of the Rings: Olympic paranoia targets protests

Search and Surveillance Bill passes

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

Himalayan glacial lakes’ size growing: study

Richard Stallman: CISPA nearly abolishes people’s right not to be unreasonably searched

UK succumbs to first double-dip recession since 1970s

Chinese tabloid urges war with Philippines

 Germany to reprint Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ for first time in nearly 70 years

UN Seeks New Powers to Remake World at Rio Sustainability Summit

Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes

NATO’s Slow Genocide in Libya: Syria is Next

Assange lawyer says she is on watch list

India launches long-range test missile

Japan needs urgent assistance at Fukushima reactor

Welcome to our new lizard overlords: Study suggests alien worlds could be full of super-intelligent dinosaurs

US pick tipped to head World Bank

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un makes first speech

North Korea shows off new missile

N. Korea launches missile into space

Defiant North Korea begins injecting fuel into rocket

Renegade North Korean rocket is ready to go

N.Korea to conduct underground nuclear test – security reports

Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are “Prepared” For Post-Trayvon Martin Violence UPDATED

Indonesian punks detained and shaved by police

British child finds hand grenade on Easter egg hunt

Duty calls as flyers count cost

Rights groups attack Britain’s snooping plans

Up in smoke: ecological catastrophe in the Sumatran swamps

ATK Secures .40 Caliber Ammunition Contract with Department of Homeland Security

Passengers tackle screaming JetBlue captain

Attack dogs used against High Schoolers for planned protest and thought crimes


US, Australia plan expansion of military ties amid pivot to SE Asia

Watchful US warns North Korea

Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, Japan discuss N. Korea’s planned rocket launch

India becomes world largest weapons buyer

Kony filmmaker’s meltdown ‘not a result of drugs or alcohol’

How to handle a China slowdown

Wheelchair-bound boy’s humiliating pat-down by airport security

Japanese Leader Warns on China’s Military Buildup

KONY island: Inside the weird world of Jason Russell

2011 – Year of the Dupe 

Navy Will Not Allow Enemies to Invade Iran Territories: Deputy Commander

Ikea ‘spied on customers, staff’

Maralinga veterans shocked by ‘cruel’ ruling

Beset by online surveillance and content filtering, netizens fight on

Right-to-die case can proceed in UK

Breitbart and the CIA’s Heart Attack Gun

Biggest solar storm in years races toward Earth

Anonymous insider spills beans to FBI

UN to propose planetary regulation of food and water

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

Who Will Win Russia’s One-Man Election?

Greece’s creditors believe third bailout is needed, report says

Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43, was about to release explosive tapes featuring Obama

Hacking suspects held after sweep

Kitchener dad arrested at school after daughter draws picture of gun

Ohio shooting plunges school into chaos

Britain at risk from ‘GoldenEye’ electromagnetic pulse attack from space, MPs warn

U.S. official to discuss Iran concerns in Israel

No jail for man with child porn

Airport security makes married mother go through body scanner THREE times… after telling her she had a ‘cute’ figure

Greece erupts amid economic talks

India annoys Washington by buying Iranian oil

Camden Council Robocop

If You See Something, Film Something II

19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For In America

The Assange Case Means That We Are All Suspects Now

‘I’m going to destroy America and dig up Marilyn Monroe’: British pair arrested in U.S. on terror charges over Twitter jokes

As British jobless toll soars, UK bosses recruit thousands in Romania 

22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

16kg of cocaine seized at UN’s New York HQ in mailbags from Mexico… after security staff spotted the dodgy logo

NZ slips out of top 10 for freedom in the media

EU signs ACTA, global internet censorship treaty

Tibetans fearful as China boosts security

Paedophile David Morrison jailed for raping 14-month-old girl

Enemy Expatriation Act Could Strip Americans of Citizenship

Manning One Step Closer To Court Martial

Ten-year-old held over boy’s fatal stabbing

Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability

Rights Group Accuses U.N. of Causing Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

UN soldiers brought deadly ‘superbug’ to Americas

Corpse abuse by US troops

Mass suicide threat at Foxconn

Ron Paul’s Iowa Finish: “Biggest Fraud Since Kennedy Stole the West Virginia Primary”

Dead birds fall from the sky in Arkansas

Obama signs new Iran sanctions into law



Japan’s response to crisis at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant after tsunami riddled with problems

China warns EU of carbon tax ‘trade war’

North Koreans, Mother Nature compete to grieve hardest for Kim Jong-il

Nuclear alert as ‘Little Kim’ to rule North Korea

Senate legalizes bestiality in the Armed Forces

Will Obama send U.S. citizens to Guantanamo? Outrage as President signs off law to detain home-grown terror suspects indefinitely

Shock Poll: Ron Paul Tied for First in Iowa

China accused of massive economic espionage

Clegg in a sulk. The Commons at its most infantile. And Europe led by pygmies. What a way to
face a crisis!

War on Iran has already begun. Act before it threatens all of us

The Plan To Collapse Iran’s Central Bank

Kennedy killer claims he was ‘programmed’

Cameron’s green guru reveals his doubts over global warming

Pakistan stops NATO supplies after deadly raid

Cairo braces for more protests

Egypt activists call for mass demonstrations

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack

Europe could be in worst hour since WW2: Merkel

‘Enough’s enough’ – Obama turns up heat on China

Nuclear report challenges Iranian regime

Israel’s Peres says attack on Iran likely

China coalmine blast kills 30- report

Radiation hot-spot near Tokyo linked to Fukushima: officials

Tepco’s ‘deal with devil’

How climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses

Agenda 21 for lower living standards

Keiser Report: Ground Zero of Financial Terrorism

Keiser Report: Ground Zero of Financial Terrorism (E195)

Honduran Deaths Trigger EU Carbon Credit Clash

Philippine students are lying down to stand up for what they believe

Geomagnetic solar storm in progress

Door to Door Vaccinations

Greece considers selling off sunshine

Japan’s Fukushima ‘worst in history’

KNIGHT: Obama tears up the Constitution

Gerald Celente: Economy is going to get much worse

Man Faces Life In Jail For Recording Police

FRONTLINE | Sneak Peek: Inside “Top Secret America” | PBS

Spaniards fight Google for the right to be forgotten

Injured student robbed by London riot looters tells of ordeal

In pictures: London riot aftermath

In pictures: Riot in Tottenham, north London

Russia: NATO close to military steps in Syria for beachhead to attack Iran

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