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Australian farmers use Starlink satellite internet kits to access agtech for grain sowing program

Economic conditions put strain on Australia as food delivery service Providoor shuts up shop

Urea fertiliser price dive is a win for farmers and shoppers

High costs, shortages and a push for free-range eggs show cracks in industry

Farmers still grappling with impact of 2022 NSW flood crisis

Ngambri people consider claiming native title over land in Canberra following ACT government apology

Albanese government makes Australian citizenship easier for New Zealanders to obtain

Australian borrowers headed for a series of interest rate hikes, as inflation rises again

Defence flags interest in using Darwin’s Howard Springs quarantine facility international military


RBA Governor Philip Lowe apologises to Australians struggling with mortgages

Japan and Australia are poised to sign an expanded security declaration as China’s military might increases

WA government pushes ahead with nine-month fishing ban despite ‘draconian’ label

Fears McGowan government’s new police powers will be discretionary and lack checks

WA Police charge Perth teen over violent robbery of mum with pram

Sydney news NSW Opposition policy would restrict mobile phone use in public high schools

Woolworths stores lock up aerosol deodorants amid chroming concerns in Queensland

Dudden? A Nuclear Dud?

Farmers say rule changes to pick-your-own businesses and roadside stalls could send them broke

Occult club registration rejected after complaint it may summon Satan to University of Adelaide – ABC News

Gold Coast Mayor concedes more thought should have gone into prayer room after interest from Satanists

 – Vote for Freedom, it what our Wars were fought for! – Mick Raven

 – Oh Dear Roll up ya Sleeves….again! – Mick Raven

What is WA’s Emergency Management Act and why have the pandemic powers been extended again

Nationals Deputy Leader David Littleproud warns Nicholls voters against voting for independent

Cost of living pressures unbearable for pensioners, people on lower incomes

NT Opposition leader scrutinises timing of Michael Gunner’s exit

NT ICAC won’t say he is probing claims the NT Chief Minister’s office misused public money

SA government moves to shift COVID powers from Grant Stevens to Public Health Act

Qantas loses appeal on ‘illegally’ outsourcing jobs, with compensation and penalties awaiting

Michael Gunner has resigned as Northern Territory Chief Minister

Resigning NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner, deficit and debt levels stay high

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner has resigned after delivering 2022 budget

Elderly woman waits outside Lyell McEwin Hospital in cold for hours

Noosa Temple of Satan education challenge dismissed by judge

Anzac Day marked across Australia as crowds return to public ceremonies and parades

China makes land grab in Western Australia

Palmer, Hanson, Katter, Newman go head-to-head from the Gold Coast in Paul Murray’s Live Pub Test

Former PM Julia Gillard is Chairwoman of Wellcome pharmaceutical company

Senator Antic calls out the communist WEF for subverting western values

LNP’s digital surveillance to be implemented after federal election

Rising cost of living sees more West Australians rely on donations and spiral into debt

Easter tourism down as industry struggles against cancellations amid flood recovery

Sydney Airport chaos continues as travellers, staff face busiest day in two years

Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk posted this disinformation on Twitter

Christensen sinks boot into Liberals and Nationals



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