What do you think is actually happening here?

Engineering Winter: The Untold Story Of Hurricane Nicole



BOM forecasters to be replaced by community information officers on radio programs

The Real Reason for Floods ….not the Hot Air from Climate Crazies – Mick Raven

Effects of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation in Australia – Wikipedia

La Niña – Wikipedia

Sky is starting to clear, early October 2022 (perpetual rain since June 2022) and woe and be tide along comes the spraying right on cue – Mick Raven


Northern Beaches 230622


Northern Beaches 050622


Hurricane Ian strikes South Carolina as Florida counts cost of destruction

Weather or Not?

Is It Game Over… New NASA Report

Spray it again Sam?…

somewhere on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in April, 2022 – Mick Raven

Weather expert says cooler temperatures help create vapour trail phenomenon in NSW

 – Really?…BAHAHAHAHA!! – Mick Raven


A Day at the Beach? 141221



Apparently the ‘Supposed Military Helicopter’ I mentioned on the recent  ConspiracyOz podcast is part of the Toll NSW Ambulance Aeromedical Service  honest mistake ppl

but what was the call from the Military to local government about?…..stay tuned – Mick Raven

A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun.

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )


Food for thought – Mick Raven

Chem spraying over Northern Beaches Sydney March to October 2020 – Mick Raven

In 1950, the U.S. Released a Bioweapon in San Francisco

Operation Sea-Spray – Wikipedia

C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’ onto populace, lab tests confirm metals » Intellihub

Found this in the comments …needs to be looked at again I think, interesting as most people are looking at large aircraft whereas experiments in Bio-Warfare could be just above us now – Mick Raven

What’s in a cloud A guide to what cloud formations can tell us about the weather 

– Are they cirrious? – Mick Raven

This is worth a look Ppl, note that the Darth Vader of CONtrails (soon to become Chemtrails) Mick West is present – Mick Raven

This comment is gold Ppl!

Mick West & Jim Lee Debate Chemtrails, Geoengineering, & Semantics

Mick West & Jim Lee Debate Chemtrails, Geoengineering, & Semantics · ClimateViewer News

Chem spraying over Northern Beaches Sydney March 2020


Amazon Alexa Tells Users Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory Is Real Observer

This Image from DJM from South Canterbury Sky Watch in NZ 160619

NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering

Chemtrails Exposed: The Deep State And The New Manhattan Project


YouTube Forcibly Tagging Our Videos as “Contrails”

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet? | HealthFreedoms

Chemtrails over Northern Beaches Sydney Jan – May 2018


Chemtrails – Conspiracy Theory?Interesting Article but flawed – Mick Raven


Thx to Ozi@ozTruthseeker for this link above – Mick Raven

Hi Pps, Here’s some pix of Chemtrails over UK and Europe June to August 2017 on my Tour there recently.

CHEMTRAILS presented at UN Session on Global Warming in 2007

UN Chemtrails 2007

Climate Scientist Warns Against Geoengineering At TED Conference Vancouver

Harvard Engineers Plan New “Real World” Geoengineering Experiment

Tim Flannery failed predictions | An Honest Climate Debatelink from ConspiracyOzPodcast 090417 – Mick Raven

Sydney 12.44pm  4th Feb 2017

A long shot of a chemtrail that went across the horizon…headaches followed – Mick Raven

Sydney, Monday, ‎January ‎23, ‎2017, ‏‎7:33am


Sydney, Friday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2017, ‏‎11:30am

chemtrail-syd-130117 chemtrail-syd-130117b


Sydney 11am 28th December 2016

The other half took these pics over Dee Why Beach this morning…Spraying the ‘Useless Eaters’ has well and truly started here on the Nth Beaches of Sydney. Note the rainbow effect from the sun bringing out the chemical colours, (aluminum).

img_2412 img_2413 img_2414 img_2415 img_2416 img_2417 img_2418 img_2419

Sydney 9th Nov 2016

Spraying the ‘Useless Eaters’ has started again here on the Nth Beaches of Sydney.
Here in Sydney we had a huge spray across the coast a few days ago when it was bright and sunny , not a cloud in the sky.

Yes the weather seems to change after a good spray because yesterday the rain came down in buckets
mmm coincidence? …..and yes the headaches followed- Mick Raven

Labor labels management’s RTI response absurd after Hydro wields the white-out on report

Too much Chem-spraying sending them broke? and this Article ‘Hydro Tasmania’s incentive payments scheme‘ as well – Mick Raven

Xplosive Skies

Xplosive Skies

Published on Jun 18, 2016

What has happened to the sky?? The glare is becoming repulsively bad, nearly as bright as a welding flash, is it an ionized sky we are seeing??Of course the sky can get glarey, especially when the sun goes down, but people have mentioned, they don’t remember the sky being so incredibly bright, blinding glare, especially whilst driving and its not the skies they use to know.
But is it any wonder?? With constant bombardment, of aerosol trails, or chemtrails… you know the ones that Main Stream media call contrails…. With a lot of rain samples showing ingredients, like Aluminum and Barium, that is why we see such a repulsive glare. Metallic oxides, ingredient in these chemtrails is magnifying the brightness or is it the amount of shit that has been sprayed, has or is destroying the protective ozone layer??  Read More…

100x Reporting Limit Aluminum, 3x Barium in Sacramento Rain Tests

Minister to probe mysterious chemtrails – Cyprus

Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School

Timaru’s Air Monitoring Stations Picking Up More Than Smoke From Wood Burners

Timaru Chemtrails

Even Ed can’t see the Trails? – Mick Raven

Ed Sheeran Chemtrails 2011


South Canterbury Sky Watch

Published on Apr 24, 2016

With so many around the world, who have had a gutsful of seeing these aerosol lines above their heads, their towns and all over the once blue sky, i have put together like a collage of images and videos, some shown with time lapse. Not only are people having a gutsache with the MAINSTREAMS DENIAL or the governmental departments pissing in their pockets, in the same breathe we are ALL and that includes these “clowns” in certain departments, ALL getting a lung full too.
If you breath, you are inhaling it, if you inhale it, (nano particulate) it reaches your lungs and goes through your body.
With the accumulation of foreign matter in your body, do you think you will stay healthy?

Read More…

ChemDJM 250416

Chemtrail over Brisbane city

Jay Bee,

Hi team
Great site.
Snapped these pics this morning over Brisbane CBD about 20 minutes apart (7:30am-7:50am).
The plane looked to be on a downward trajectory and heading in the direction of Brisbane airport.
Could this could be how the arrival of flu season is predicted so accurately…?
Keep up the great work

JB Chem1JB Chem2


Great shots, shows how they turn into clouds that blend in.
One FLU over the cuckoos nest eh!

Mick Raven

More Pics from friends of DJM  South Canterbury Sky Watch

Brisbane, Bracken Ridge March 2016

Look Above Your Brow, Eyes To The Sky.


Published on Mar 5, 2016

A while ago i was asked to try get a chemtrail on a time lapse, well here we go. ( I finally got one Mick… Mick Raven, ConspiracyOz website 😉 From where i am positioned on the coast line on the beaut South Island of New Zealand, its quite the task to actually keep the time lapse in one place to follow a chemtrail but here you will see,   Read More…

Look Above Your Brow, Eyes To The Sky

NASA Admits To Spraying Lithium Into The Atmosphere

Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails

Australia Determined To Forcibly Vaccinate By Intentional and Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Why is lithium being used in chemical geoengineering program

BURNING SKIES  South Canterbury Sky Watch

SC Skywatch NZ

Published on Feb 5, 2016

Fire, Fire and more bloody fires. Yes fires can be a natural occurrence but when there is an ingredient or an accelerant delivered from above, i think thats when the “natural”occurrences end and it kind of becomes deliberate.
One has to really wonder what the hell is going on above our heads with all these white lines of crap that are being seen here there and everywhere. Lines that start and stop, lines that cross over each other, from North to South or East to West, these straight looking clouds are NOT natural, they are coming from certain aircraft.
The ingredient in the video is Aluminum Oxide (AO). With so many rain results, not only here in New Zealand,
https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.c… , but around the world, showing Aluminum in rain water, is it any wonder why these fires take hold and become huge infernos? When you see fires traveling so fast across the ground, is this crap, not only the AO but other ingredients also being found, are they acting as a desiccant, absorbing the moisture from the ground, so when fire does appear, it runs rampant, out of control or dam hard to take control back?

Read More…

More Pix  from DJM @ South Canterbury Sky Watch

Shots from Southport, Queensland Jan 2016

Another Brilliant Video shot by South Canterbury Sky Watch

Rain Sample, New Zealand.JPG


Geoengineering Is Causing Drought And Fueling Fires

Iphone Weather Apps, 19th and 20th December 2015 – Mick Raven

Saturday, Sunday nice days although massive spraying in the skies over the Northern Beaches.

Then a Huge change in the weather days later.

mmm…. I wonder – Mick Raven

IMG_6999  IMG_7001  IMG_7002

More recent shots of Chem Spraying on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, late December 2015 – Mick Raven

IMG_6957 IMG_6958


Recent Chem Spraying over the Northern Beaches Sydney Dec 2015

Massive Chem Spraying over Northern Sydney in the Last Two Days – ConspiracyOz

Shocking Chemtrails Documentary Anon Warns “out of time”

A pilot confessed: We sprayed poisons

Shots of  before and after Chem Spray, Afternoon (9th Nov 2015) – Mick Raven

Before 2.30pm 9th Nov 2015

 IMG_6859  IMG_6860

After 3.30pm 9th Nov 2015


These pix sent in by Clint – Keep up the great work, Clint – Mick Raven


Plus Clint has some brilliant ideas about the type of aircraft possibly being used on the Public. – Mick Raven

7th Nov 2015

(Via Email)

Gday Mick,

Well I think I’ve just had a significant breakthrough in my geo-engineering research this week, as I said the other day there is massive, massive  spraying going on up here in south east queensland every day at the moment, when ever I see fresh Chemtrails I get out my flight tracker and have a look who is flying , as you know recently I saw the military C-130 deploying and tracked and identified it successfully but I have always been a bit mystified as to why I haven’t been able to track and identify more culprits , I assumed they must have been able to block my tracker and that was what I thought the reason was as to why I couldn’t see them…well they were always there and I didn’t put the dots together but yesterday and today it all fell into place !

Like i said in my previous email its not the type of plane that’s specific to geo-engineering its just which ones are fitted out to do it, well what I finally came to realise is when I try to find the planes responsible all I kept finding were small aircraft that come up as ” private ” when trying to identify them with the tracker, domestic / civilian aircraft come up with a picture and the exact type of aircraft, what airline it is , the flight path ,all the info, I was a little suspect of the small aircraft but had been dismissing them as too small to do the job and they must be some bloke flying his personal aircraft…not so…the same type of small aircraft were always flying in the area of the Chemtrails…so finally I thought  I had better educate myself about these small aircraft (Beechcraft super king air , Beechcraft baron, Cessna310) , well guess what came up…PRIMARY users of the small air craft ….the Australian Royal Air Force and the American Air Force !

Now it makes sense why they come up as private when identifying them , they are quite small, even as small as Cessna’s , I couldn’t believe when I read about them that not only are they used by the military they are again utility aircraft that can be fitted out with things like long range tanks its up to the operator what goes in and out of those tanks ( chemicals ) they also have enlarged cabin space for holding whatever is needed like large chemical reservoirs ,also check out the pics I supplied of the flight path these aircraft are flying …multiple zig zags and circles consistent where the geoengineering is concentrating on a massive scale, domestic aircraft may circle once or twice before landing but this is quite different, please post this info and pics and help get this out, I cant beleive I didn’t figure this out sooner !

We can avoid the GMO and choose different food, and resist having a needle in our arm with forced vaccinations and for now work our way around other NWO programs and oppression and agendas but we cannot avoid the contaminated air we breath each day, we still don’t know the exact reason for these programs whether is for depopulation/sterilization, mind control, vaccines ( remember on record USA using aerial spraying to vaccinate wildlife against rabies ) , I hardly believe its for our good and to help us by making it rain…did you know we are supposed to be in a “el nino ” weather pattern which is we are supposed to be in a severe drought and I’m quite sure if this geo-engineering wasn’t going on we would most likely be experiencing drought conditions which isn’t good either.

If what they were doing was beneficial to mankind they wouldn’t need to hide and deny the program so it cant be good for us , not to mention the proven health problems with the toxic chemicals that have been proven to be consistent with geo-engineering, I am still  concerned what is in these chemical cocktails that hasnt been exposed yet, maybe something far far worse than aluminum, barium and strontium.
Ironically as I’m writing this in the library I can hear people commenting and talking about the weather and storms brewing outside and that is because we live in Qld ! People need to wake up !!!!!!!

Again I have discovered a new endless river  of evidence I had not seen before, its just too much to write/take screen shots  it all in an email but anyone can look into in deeper and see it for themselves.

Clint X

(Thx Clint your analysis is spot on, Bravo! – Mick Raven)


You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium

Possible Plane for Chemtrails?

found Article in a local Sydney Paper, The Standard St Marys East 7th Oct 2015 – Mick Raven

ChemPlane 071015a

ChemPlane 071015b

Perfect Day for a Chemtrail – Mick Raven

Canberra Hottest lol

Public hearing EPA Patrick Roddie

Chemtrails P Roddie

When The Sky Is Fooling.

South Canterbury Sky Watch

August 5th 2015
Published on Jul 25, 2015

Once again another video on some odd weather or odd things around us.
This is just some observations i have seen over a long period of time.
Seeing that the skies above don`t seem to be like the skies i or most of us, knew from years ago, i will continue to pump out videos to show some unusual sightings and from watching, reading and listening to others around the globe, you soon start to see, things are far from natural in that now odd blue sky.
Some of the info in the video, can be found here:…

The Video below was sent in by ‘Moose’ on the comment section of the Raven Report page, great sound track! – Mick Raven

Published on Oct 21, 2014

2014 Mildura

Another Brilliant Doco from South Canterbury Sky Watch – Mick Raven

Jul 2, 2015  Clint X

Gday Mick,
Thought you might like to look this one up.

Also in other news….I was driving with someone the other day( sth e qld )  and they pointed out this chemtrail and i commented how fresh it was, then saw a tiny plane far in the sky that was deploying, so i got out my flight tracker…no surprises its a c-130.. Military.. Then googled c-130 to learn more , interesting, then googled c-130 chemtrails and im sure u can out the pieces of the puzzle together

image(1) Clintimage(2) Clint

Even in online video games the Chemtrail lurks – Mick Raven



Aluminum, Barium and Strontium: the New Manhattan Project chemtrail sprays

CENSORED! Geoengineer keeps forgetting he discussed poisoning our skies

Hacking the Climate

Patrick Roddie

Published on May 9, 2015

CENSORSHIP UPDATE: YouTube censored this video to stop it going viral, freezing its view counter as it spread like wildfire across the web. (Thousands of shares on Facebook, front page of, and dozens of other outlets.) To stop it from trending, YouTube froze the counter at 6,101 from 0700 Pacific, 5-13-15 until 1900 Pacific 5-14-15, then held it at 6,401 for another nine hours until 0400 Pacific 5-15-15. Sort the comments by “Newest first” and you’ll see plenty of commenters calling YouTube out on their shameless truth suppression. But what do you expect from a company with a killer robot division?


CONtrail definition, note that they tie artificial clouds in with effects of Contrails/Chemtrails etc. – Mick Raven


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Vapor trail” redirects here. For other uses, see Vapor Trail (disambiguation).
For other uses, see Contrail (disambiguation).
Engine exhaust contrails
Engine exhaust contrails

Contrails (/ˈkɒntrlz/; short for “condensation trails”) or vapor trails are long, thin artificial clouds that sometimes form behind aircraft. Their formation is most often triggered by the water vapor in the exhaust of aircraft engines, but can also be triggered by changes in air pressure in wingtip vortices or in the air over the entire wing surface. Contrails are made of water in the form of a suspension of billions of liquid droplets or ice crystals.

Depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude the contrails form, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide. The resulting cloud forms may resemble cirrus, cirrocumulus, or cirrostratus, and are sometimes called cirrus aviaticus.

Persistent spreading contrails are thought by some, without overwhelming scientific proof, to have a significant effect on global climate. According to the FAA, in conjunction with scientific experts at the EPA, NASA and NOAA,

“Contrail cloudiness might contribute to human-induced climate change. Climate change may have important impacts on public health and environmental protection …. Changes in cloudiness resulting from human activities are important because they might contribute to long-term changes in the Earth’s climate. Contrails’ possible climate effects are one component of aviation’s expected overall climate effect.”

Unbelievable – Mick Raven

Even in Kakadu, NT  Chemtrails argh…Mick Raven 010615

NT Chemtrails 2

NT Chemtrails 1

NT Chemtrails 4

NT Chemtrails 3

Death from Above: the New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet

Recent Chemtrail shots from David /Victoria- Oz(Listener) 15th April 2015

David (Listener)1

David (Listener)3

David (Listener)2

Thx David, keep up the good work – Mick Raven

More Letters In ‘The Tribune’ Raising Awareness of The Chemtrail Issue

Media Spin Portrays Chemtrails as Natural Phenomena

Skies Behaving Strangely

The End Of Protesting And Human Life? Geoengineering & The TPPA, Dane Wigington, Sylvain Henry –  The Vinny Eastwood Show

Chemtrails Townsville


Nov 27, 2014


Love ya work, starting to wade through your podcast archive.
Here are some photos over townsville. For the last two we have had regular trails usually about 630 in the morning but today we counted all 12 different trail.

Chemtrail Shaun1

Chemtrail Shaun2

Chemtrail Shaun3

Chemtrail Shaun4

Keep the faith.

Chemtrails over Outback SA

Email from Nigel re: Chemtrails

Nov 28, 2014

Hello Mick,

A heavy day of chemtrail spraying directly over northern flinders SA. The standard response from the EPA SA.

Chemtrail Nigel2

Chemtrail Nigel3

This is so obviously discharge from aeroplanes and the trails by the late afternoon had created a complete coverage of haze heading east and I wonder if connected to the super storm in Brisbane that afternoon.

I have searched unsuccessfully to find published test results on soil contamination as these have been going on here for the last five or six years.

I posted the letter and photos on Facebook amidst folks reports of when they farted and what they were doing for dinner (like like like) and in 24 hours not a single look at the letter or photos despite the fact the discharge shown on satellite clearly was heading to the east.

What the %$^!! is wrong with people that they can’t collectively respond to what appears obviously to be a program of contamination?



Chemtrail Nigel1

One of the sat images: (mass of trail above the tag Whyalla)
Begin forwarded message:
From: sponprod <>
Subject: Fwd: Chemtrails over Outback SA
Date: 28 November 2014 8:24:08 AM ACDT
Bcc: John McGovern <>

Air Service Australia,

Can you please provide advice on the heavy discharges from aircraft as reported to the EPA and referred to your agency. As you will note from the photos these are not condensation trails…these are discharges that start at a point in the air and then stop and then combine to create a complete haze over the sky in the case of yesterday which almost completely obliterated any blue sky.

Thank you


Begin forwarded message:
From: “EPA:EPA Contact” <>
Subject: Chemtrails over Outback SA
Date: 28 November 2014 8:03:23 AM ACDT
To: “” <>

Air Services Australia are the correct Authority to contact regarding aircraft and flight patterns over Australia.

They are a commonwealth government agency who control all flight paths in Australian air space.

Their number is 1800 026 147.


Steve Potter
Team Leader Compliance
Community Support Unit
Tel. 08 8204 2004
Environment Protection Authority
GPO Box 2607
Adelaide SA 5001
This email message may contain confidential information, which also may be legally privileged. Only the intended recipient(s) may access, use, distribute or copy this email. If this email is received in error, please inform the sender by return email and delete the original. If there are doubts about the validity of this message, please contact the sender by telephone. It is the recipient’s responsibility to check the email and any attached files for viruses.

From: sponprod []
Sent: Thursday, 27 November, 2014 3:19 PM
To: EPA:EPA Contact
Subject: Chemtrails over Outback SA

EPA South Australia,

I wish to have urgent feedback over an increasing level of particulate pollution distributed in the air over Outback SA.

The incidence of this has been increasing over the past few years and has been intense over the past few days to the extent that the sky is almost completely covered in an artificial haze.

The science of this has well been covered and was recently represented to the United Nations as you can now view in this link.

Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH”

This reference is just one of many substantiated pieces of evidence indicating Australia is currently being contaminated to the detriment of the air, soil, and human health.

Your agency is the responsible agency to act upon this and inform the public of what it knows concerning this assault on the clean air over at least this part of South Australia.

I was unable to count the number of chemtrails that occurred today but these photos show the first trail I photographed and the haze created almost completely obliterating the blue sky within a few hours.

Your urgent response to this is requested.

Kind Regards,


Conspiracy Oz <>
3:50 AM (1 minute ago)

to sponprod

Good Job Nigel,
You can see this is a mandate to follow orders blindly with no question, unfortunately trying to tell the Authorities what they already know is probably pointless. Paul Mac (Australian and New Zealand against chemtrails & Geo- Engineering) is the leading voice against the criminal gov agencies who allow this ‘experimenting of Geo- Engineering on the Public.
Mick Raven

Hey Ppl let Google’s Street View Provide the Evidence of Chemtrails for all to see, Happy Hunting – Mick Raven

Chem Trail Google Street View 2013 Dee Why

Melb Spraying nov 2014


Melb Spraying nov 2014b


Australian Geo-engineering Protest Melbourne – 6th Sept 2014 – Chemtrail Awareness

Video: Undeniable Footage of Jet Aircraft Spraying


Recent Shots I (Mick Raven) took of ChemTrails on the Northern Beaches in Sydney on the 1st Sept 2014



Then the Sky went hazy and the next day the temp dropped and we had freezing cold with heavy rain – Mick Raven

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND GEOENGINEERING PROTESTS 6th SEPTEMBER 2014 – please LIKE and SHARE our page and Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest

THE CAMPAIGN  Sept 7th 2014 For those interested in making the Australian government disclose any information about geo-engineering in Australia.

US Air Force closing ionosphere research program, a favourite of conspiracy theorists

Does the Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?

Northern Beaches 110514 (600x800)

This Shot was taken in May 2014 while visiting Friends near Manly, NSW, Australia – Mick Raven

Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated: HAARP Confirmed Weather-manipulation Tool

Fantastic Film by DJMSKINART  ‘Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining’

NASA Expert Warns of Rogue Geoengineers and Chemtrail Consequences

Request for an Investigation of Documented Weather Modification

Former Air Force bio-environmental specialist blows whistle on byproducts of militarized chemtrail operations

Engineering The Rollout Of Geoengineering

Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest

ChemTrail Adel Jan 2014
This photo taken in Adelaide 23 Jan 2014.

Friday FARcast: The Chemtrail Crisis With Dane Wiginton

Censored: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube

US military spraying chemtrails stephen colbert david keith

27th November seems to have been a bad day for the majority of Australia.
Sydney’s skys were absolutely covered (first 2 pics) with obvious EMF manipulation while SA (last 3 pics)
had some heavy spraying in the morning with a large amount of EMF manipulation during the afternoon.
It appears the spraying has continued into the night in SA – perhaps altering the cool change we’re expecting tonight?
Thanks to KK for the Sydney pics. Good day to stay indoors!

Chemtrail in Progress over Melbourne, Australia 26th November 2013

Chemtrail Melb 261113

Wodonga Oct 31st 2013

Wodonga, Australia Oct 31st 2013

Dummies Guide To Chemtrails

Chemtrail Activism is a growing community, Paul Mac networks internationally!

Chemtrails – Origins and Implication

Corpus Delicti | Metabunk Scam or is it?

*** BREAKING – Must Read!!!*** Corpus Delicti | Geo-engineering Whistleblower Speaks Out

Incredible & Crazy Sky in Upper Michigan! HD

LIVE Updated Presentation – The Most Important Topic of Our Time – GeoEngineering & chemtrails

Playing God With the Planet: The Ethics & Politics of Geoengineering

Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease – ABC’s Nightline.

Alien Hair Fiber Alive Under Microscope, Morgellons etc

Morgellons Syndrome ChemTrail Illness Protocol

Geoengineering: The real climate threat

Killer Chemtrails – The Shocking Truth

Who’s Being Conned?

Weather Warfare Documentary (History Channel)

Ignoring geoengineering at our peril

World’s biggest geoengineering experiment ‘violates’ UN rules

Geoengineering projects around the world – map

“Why in the World are They Spraying?” Official Trailer

Swedish Politician’s Promise to Stop Chemtrails Gets Global Support

Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection

Strange Days Strange Skies

Toxic Skies Trailer

Conference to Discuss if Geo-Engineers Are Playing God with Our Weather

Bill Gates’ cloud-whitening trials ‘a dangerous experiment’

Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter

Australia’s role in Agent Orange crime

Worst Chemtrails I have ever seen in Australia..!

Chemtrail spraying as seen from Air India cockpit

5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring” causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel

Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails and their Purpose

Breaking News Chemtrail Geoengineering Lawsuit PSA

Spraying San Francisco, exposing the geo-engineers.

Chemtrails over London – We Are Change SF

NWO poisoning rain water

Why Is Aluminium In The Rainwater? Geo-engineering & Chemtrails

Chem Trails  Sydney Australia

Manly Chemtrail Oct 2013

Chemtrail over Manly Oct 2013


North Sydney, Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012

Chem Trails Sydney Australia 2012


  1. Shots We took in Sydney Australia. Yes Folks even pristine Sydney gets its dose of Fly Spray!!
    Plus Arkansas Birds fall from sky…Chem Spraying in the Sky maybe hmmmmm!


  2. Perth too….


  3. Suzannah Crossley

    I’ve seen these things over Bunbury Wa we had over 45 students out of 250 absent from school due to illness. Flu, glandular fever, pneumonia, mysterious virus that caused nose bleeds and extremely high body temperatures. One 10 year old has not been able to eat and has had severe gastric problems for over a week losing over 3 kg.


  4. Here in St George Area Sydney skies too. Very frequently now


  5. I’ve noticed this in Sydney. What can we do about it? It’s being done by small aircraft, and we should be able together to find out who is responsible and confront them.


  6. Now ‘They’ are trying to convince us that Contrails (Chemtrails) are harmless ….whos being conned? (see story from Brisbane couriermail 6th December 2012)



      Mate and of course mates of Conspiracy Oz, stay tuned, am working on a video clip at the moment, that has this CHEM-CON, which was in the local papers and on Chl 7, Chl 9 and of course Chl 10 News (thats only the 3 i seen, could be more but same bullshit story with them all)….. :How good of them ALL to get the same story lol.
      Will be in contact as soon as i have it done and loaded.
      MERRY XMAS ALL, hope no one needs a respirator 😉


  7. Have only just tonight stumbled on this website. Will be sure to keep a check on here, especially with the chemtrail topic. For anyone not to notice our new skies, bout time you looked up and realized, the days of natural skies, have GONE. Until they stop spraying this crap, natural is turning to artificial.
    Find me on You Tube too.



    Hi to all, hope you all had a very fine, nano-particle free sky to enjoy your xmas day, but sadly, i doubt it for most of us. fellows, here is a clip i have put together. Was not suppose to be stretched out so long but my head is loaded with all this info so just trying to empty the brain a bit lol.
    Through this clip you will see that contrail that appeared in the papers, on tv with all the typical jibberish bullshit. I had similar footage, which i have put together. The one most of you seen in the paper, was in the east, this other one is to the west. There is quite a bit of info scattere3d through out the clip, be sure to watch to the end, even if you do need a bucket of pop corn and a large drink, i think a lot of people will be a bit gob smacked when they see the unusual deathes, on water, on land….. Simply put, this white shit they continue to spray is bad news all round. Awaken the blind Freddys out there.
    YOU TUBE –


  9. I just arrived in melbourne from a long holiday in the Kimberley’s.. I arrived on Thursday 7th feb 2013.. I have seen airplanes spraying chemtrails everyday for for a whole week.. I have been living in melbourne for 4 years and have not seen them at all until this year.. Whatever is going on is being amped up/fast tracked now. I’m worried


  10. What we can do?? Obviously nothing, except some “human” politician to stand for us humans. Don’t vote for government, empty ballot paper will be the best, they can fight between each other and corporations for which they work.


  11. Perth ramped up also. We need an information pack to easily distribute…


  12. Australian & New Zealand Geoengineering Protest – we’re fed up and taking action. Our protests are being co-ordinated internationally by a dedicated team. Will you join us on August 25th in global protest?


  13. Outraged and Angry

    Mildura and surrounding areas, a major food growth area of Australia is continually being sprayed. Also large wheat growing area further south in Victoria has planes going up and down spraying over hundreds of kilometres. We have watched them off major highways coming up and circling back round to do continuous legs. They appear 16 km outside of Mildura over sultana vine and orange growing areas. It goes in the soil and into the food you eat. Bread, dry sultanas, fresh fruit and wine. Murray river water and Darling river provide water for all the crops. Spray these rivers and they infect everyone, including organic crops.


    • Brisbane Chemtrails - djmskinart

      You have the right name there… OUTRAGED & ANGRY. Myself and many, many others not only here in Australia, but globally are absolutely outraged to this ludicrous crap that continues around the globe.
      Agricultural areas are prime target. I have done many videos on this topic, as frustrating as it is, slowly people are beginning to take notice and beginning to grow some balls and air their concerns.
      Huge impact is happening, not only soils, food and crops plus it has to be contaminating water from your tap, along with that other shitful poison, but every living, breathing species is copping a lung full of this shit, everyday. Even if no flights of these plumes of crap are visible, the air we ALL breathe is loaded in next to invisible particulates.
      Watching a video earlier, couldnt help but notice the “trendies” just walking on past a few people who had gathered to spread the word on this atmospheric poisoning, do they think the air they breath is different from these people, who are eyes wide opened, aware of what goes on above their head, do they think they breath special air????
      Its time for ALL to awaken to this ATMOSPHERIC ANNIHILATION. Every breath we all take, depends on it.
      Until mainstream media gets up with reality, its up to ALL to start searching and looking at alternative news, start looking and googling words like geoengineering, aerosol spraying, chemtrails, persistent contrails, haarp just to name a few.
      When ever you hear or read of articles relating to global warming, climate change, how often have you heard the words chemtrails, geoengineering, solar radiation management….. mentioned???
      Most of us, who are wide awake to this crap, would like to think that this was just candy floss being sprayed, but myself and many others live in reality and no one can deny this is not happening, if they do, its about time they opened their eyes and LOOKED UP.
      Great to see you mention Mildura, that region has been in my scone for a long time. Just have to look at Wikipedia, and you see:
      “Mildura is a major agricultural centre notable for its grape production, supplying 80% of Victoria’s grapes.[3] Many wineries also source grapes from Mildura…”
      Which is similar to Lockyer Valley, just flash back a couple years and see what happened around Lockyer Valley… they got annihilated with UN NATURAL floods. Wikipedia Lockyer Valley and we find:
      “The intensively cultivated area grows the most diverse range of commercial fruit and vegetables of any area in Australia and is often referred to as “South East Queensland’s Salad Bowl”.
      think of the Kissinger quote..
      “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”


    • A New video i did. As i mention in the description, it may be a lot of my local footage (NZ) on it, but it may also be mirrored in other locations.


  14. Awesome Film Djmskinart, Hopefully this will help to explain ChemTrails to the Uninitiated – Mick Raven


  15. Time to get active people. Put your local photos together with relevant concise links then post them on notice boards, contact health groups such as for Asthma, Alzheimer’s Assoc etc, your local council environmental health officer, friends, family, neighbours….these manufactured droughts, storms etc will not stop and time is running short. Good luck.


  16. it’s what you don’t see,if the persons responsible for these are that bold enough to let us see them in the first place,we can only assume it is what we are unable to see is where the real story lie’s.


  17. Well Put Blue! – Mick Raven


  18. djmskinart. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Mick great job you are doing with your website.
    I am now back in New Zealand and continuing to film, edit whilst over here. And yes, the skies here are hammered, flight after flight, odd weather etc etc…. and of course people coughing, people with respiratory probs and the list goes on.
    My NEW You Tube Channel, you can find me at “South Canterbury Sky Watch”


  19. Help Save Western Australia


  20. Hi there, I have recently had my garden soil, foliage and rain water tested for aluminium, barium, strontium and titanium following a week of spraying in Sydney’s Inner West. I have the results but I am having a lot of trouble finding the normal/safe measures of these heavy metals with which I can compare the results. Can somebody please direct me to where I can find them? Thanks! Reina


    • Can you let me know where you got it tested and how much did it cost. I also have some samples I need to get tested. I put videos on Youtube about it. Youtube Bryan Witten. Have you had any Last Will and Testament papers delivered yet? Or maybe a friend abducted under strange circumstances?


  21. Its happening in townsville. How do i send photos.


  22. Hello Everyone How are you going? I am ecstatic that I found this page. Firstly I am from Melbourne and I am seeing a dramtic rise in chemtrails over our skies. The last few weeks towards the afternoon the skies have been filled with chemtrais, the following few days being significantly colder.


  23. How do I get involved with bigger groups against chemtrails, protests etc.


  24. lastly. see my response from Corporate affairs

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your enquiry, we understand that you have concerns.

    The photos you sent through are of condensation trails, when the water vapour and sulphur particles from jet engines turn to ice at high altitude where the temperature is far below freezing. Condensation trails can last in the atmosphere for hours under the right conditions. The length of time a contrail remains in the atmosphere depends on the level of humidity in the air, when the humidity drops, the ice particles evaporate and do not reach the ground.

    Close to Melbourne Airport, Melton is located under a number of different arrival and departure flight paths but there are also a number of flights that fly over Melbourne Airport (Melton) at a high altitude, for example, to and from New Zealand. This high level of high altitude air traffic would explain the regular occurence of condensation trails over the suburb. During the warmer months (spring and summer) on the east coast of Australia, humidity levels are higher so you will see more condensation trails formed than at other times of the year.
    If you would like to know more specific information on a particular flight, please contact our Noise Complaints and Information Service ( who can provide more specific information on aircraft movements and flight paths. We hope this answers your inquiry


  25. Hi All,
    I live on the North West slopes and planes in NSW and have been observing chem trails for many years. We have been in what most would call a Green Drought for probably 30 years and each year the weather is producing less rain and becoming more humid and the desert is getting closer.
    It is so ironic that we are now being informed that this is quite normal weather????
    The weather trough that is over our area as I write this was posted by the weather guru’s as the best front in years and has produced next to nothing, in normal times we would have received substantial rain.
    Every time a weather trough looks like producing any chance of rain we are bombarded with aerosols and within a day or so the cloud pattern starts breaking and at most maybe a light shower or storm if you are lucky and a super cell if your unlucky.

    There are many theory’s including the UN Agenda 21, UN population reduction from 7 billion to 500 Million through starvation and so on, you can’t help to imagine no rain no water no food. The scary part is throughout the food bowls of the world this scenario appears to becoming reality,control the weather control all water and control the food or control the weather control what seeds will grow in contaminated soil and then dictate who receives the food???
    It seems to appear that if enough lies are preached to the gullible and change happens over some decades the sheeple don’t see what is going on until it’s to late, the younger generations know no different as they have seen no different and told no different.

    Another question that comes to mind is how Governments get so dark on people / companies polluting the atmosphere and water ways yet they themselves dump hundreds of thousands of tonnes of toxic chemicals and heavy metals into our atmosphere and onto our soils and into our water ways. So what are the “Greens ” doing about this?? The answer appears to be the same Labor, National and the Lib’s are doing, NOTHING???

    Sadly main stream media in Australia seem to avoid this topic, obviously doesn’t suit someones agenda.

    One thing that is for sure and definite weather manipulation is for REAL.

    For anyone interested………….. if you wish to filter your drinking water especially tank water I have been led to believe that a 0.5 micron filter device would seriously help, maybe hook up 2 in series, check it out.


  26. Hi , I live in Wagga Wagga and there are chemtrails over our sky’s daily. (We have the biggest raff base here in wagga ) anyways if you have an email I can send daily pictures as proof to for your information I am happy to do this.


  27. its fascinating this website. This week in sydney on tuesday I was watching a plane creating a chem trail. All the way up the Parra River over the harbour bridge. Interestingly since then on wednesday, thursday and friday night we have had some massive storms.


  28. Thx Again Djmskinart, Awesome Video will pass on and recommend I put it up on the Chemtrail page. Maybe a Time Lapse of a Chemtrail turning into a ‘Cloud’ might convince some sheeple to start thinking, just a thought, good job keep it up – Mick Raven

    Skies Behaving Strangely. South Canterbury Sky Watch


  29. Yeah Mick, a time lapse camera is on the cards. Just got to find the coinage lol. Maybe Santa will flick one out of the Santa sack as he flies thru the oxidized skies 🙂
    There is a bit of niggling going on between a couple geoengineering groups, which is a bit sad as all who have their eyes open, are looking for answers, and when you see a bit of “in-house” fighting so to speak, it aint a good thing. Can only hope one see,s what the other is seeing and showing.
    Keep up the great site Mike.


  30. We need to get at the control of money as the guy said about Kissinger he who controls the money can control the world. The Reserve Bank of Australia has to be taken over by the government and we need to print our own money instead of borrowing it from private banksters but Lincoln and Kennedy were assasinated for this among other things so you need someone with the guts and the backing of the people and that is not Labor or the Liberals or to put another way the Laborals. If you don’t do this you are wasting your breath.Parliament is just an act put on for the sheeple, both parties have the same globalist agenda.We the sheeple control nothing.


  31. which town was this in the flinders? This is my home!! I am now in adelaide and am seeing them everywhere here, was thinking of moving back to where the air is cleaner, I come from peterborough, how far up into the flinders are they doing this? That place is too precious.


  32. NEXRAD weather control

    weatherwar101 channel


  33. Great to see WW101 appear here Mick and of course, al other Conspiracy Oz people. If you have never watched his videos, take some time as he does an incredible job of showing, just takes a bit of time to see the pattern.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a video by him, very soon, on the storm that has swept USA, freezing the balls of them.
    In my video which you will find above, “Skies Behaving Strangely”, i have just touched on this subject a little but more to come.


  34. Thx DJ This Chemtrails Page gets lots of Visits Ppl are starting to ask questions…only time (and common sense) will tell – Mick Raven


  35. Try reading the replies from people who actually understand these things, like scientists and meteorologists. they spelled it out clearly enough. What you are seeing is water condensing and freezing into ice crystals, triggered by the passage of aircraft and the extra water vapour in their exhaust pushing the local humidity above saturation point. This often happens before weather fronts, so you will see more contrails appearing shortly before a change in the weather (eg clouding over and rain falling). The contrails are an effect of the humidity change, not a cause.


    • Thx for your comment Colin,

      I understand that there will be ppl that take sides for and against Chemtrails/CONtrails The government admits they practise Geo-Engineering and here

      This is food for thought,ie weather manipulation,

      Republicans To Investigate Climate Data Tampering By NASA

      and this…

      John Coleman is an American TV weatherman and co-founder of The Weather Channel (The Weather Channel is owned by NBCUniversal and investment firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital
      Coleman was a member of the American Meteorological Society.
      He says he left the organization after he disagreed with its stance on global warming and climate change.

      Views on global warming

      Coleman says he became an outspoken skeptic of global warming in 2007 after watching NBC’s ‘Green is Universal’ week, where the studio lights were cut for portions of Sunday Night Football’s pre-game and half-time shows.

      He went on to call global warming, “the greatest scam in history”.

      In 2008, Coleman gave a speech to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce blaming the “global warming scam” and environmentalist lobby, for rising gas and food prices. He also declared the scam “a threat to our economy and our civilization.

      Coleman has also made appearances on CNN, Fox News Channel and on the Showtime program, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, to share his global warming views. In 2009, Coleman published an article entitled “The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam” in which he promotes the idea that many scientists and politicians have been embroiled in fraudulent activity based on incomplete science and a political motive for a world government.

      In January 2010, Coleman produced a special report for KUSI-TV, entitled Global Warming: The Other Side, in which he forwards his view on global warming as a scam, and lays out what he believes to be evidence of a deliberate manipulation of world temperature data by NASA and others.

      Things are not always what they seem – Mick Raven


  36. Hi
    They are chemtrailing the Noosa biosphere and blanketed the stars in the sky never seen it this bad .wish I could post my pictures here .


  37. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    I have heard they are chemming the shit out of the skies over Brisbane and of course other parts), in the last couple weeks. As im not now in Brisbane, be great to see a “Brisbanite” load up some videos, photos.
    Grreat to see good ol Con Oz still in action Mick 😉


  38. djmskinartSouth Canterbury Sky Watch

    Hey Mick, great to see people still checking these sky activities out.
    Here is a new video i have done. It may be a little long for some out there but there is some different stuff i look at in this one. Check it out.
    Took a while to put this together as a couple people/groups i have watched for a long period of time, seem to have had a bit of a feud going on. But without taking sides, as i see it from both sides, i have kind of combined the 2 together.
    I would like to think i am wrong but hmmmm, just makes one think as we look around at our surrounds, in the sky and of course, on the ground.


  39. Hi djmskinart,
    tried to open the video but is set to private. I logged into YouTube but same problem, keen to see – Mick Raven


  40. Yow Mike and of course, Chemtrail Sky Watchers, here is my new video. Some thought went into this. Check it out…


  41. Another Brilliant Doco from South Canterbury Sky Watch!
    Excellent work djmskinart – Mick Raven


  42. Noticeable more every day in Pakenham Melbourne, especially on a sunny morning when you look up and the blue sky is covered in fake clouds. You can tell the difference when you look at the clouds directly underneath the sun – these clouds are Grey in appearance and the don’t hold any water, they look to be full of chemical. I also wonder if the smoke stacks in the Traralgon areas have any part to play – they look just like cloud makers.


  43. Approx Wed 23rd Dec in Wide Bay Queensland over Maryborough late afternoon there was 5 dead straight/parallel to each other chemtrails.wish I took a pic.
    the Gov is saying that 5 planes just happened to fly side by sideat the VERY SAME TIME?


  44. It’s Melbourne 30th Dec2015 and time is 12.46pm.
    If you look at the sky now you can see what looks like to me a chemtrail.

    The sun has a round gray cloud around it and there is a rainbow on the outside of the circle of the grey cloud.

    The sky has a lot of strait line could formations THAT DO NOT LOOK NATURAL.

    If they are really chem trails – its pure evil !!!
    Class action law is in order !!!!


  45. It would also be good to have screen captures (on a daily basis) showing these military evil arse holes spraying over each capital city). The daily proof is required so we can avoid the out doors.

    It’s also defiantly military as the media has a gag order on this topic. I heard a man call a radio station to raise his concerns and he was berated and the listening audience was told that anyone who believed in chem trails was a nutter.

    Why is it always a secret re this topic and people who complain are called nutters ? BECAUSE it’s IT’S A MILITARY OPERATION !

    If one sits down to eat a meal, and some areshole comes along with a can of fly spray and sprays even one spray on the food you are about to eat, would you eat it ??



  46. An, today 1st Jan 2016 in Melbourne, you should see the sky – all covered in ugly grey cloud – not a patch of blue sky to be seen. What are we breathing now ?? This is truly pure evil what is going on with the spraying of the sky as what are those chemicals?

    Its not condensation! The last 3 days have all been hot days and the air is ….. hot (surprise duh!).

    What is coming out of those planes which are not commercial planes but more private hired cargo type planes? or military planes, is NOT HOT AIR – only and idiot would believe it’s just hot air.

    Hot air released into hot air does not produce condensation FOR ANY FREAK OUT THERE READING THIS!

    And, they want us all to be idiots!

    Why is it so hard to get answers on this topic from experts or scientists? The gag order by government and the military and the mainstream media.

    1) How can we get formal public disclosure on this?
    2) How can we protect ourselves from these toxins and heavy chemicals that we are now ALL breathing (even the arseholes in society and those who are allowing our air to be sprayed).
    3)How can we know when the aresholes are about to spray and have sprayed so we can avoid the out doors?


  47. It is Friday 8th January 2016 at 4.07pm in Melbourne.

    In the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the sky is all covered (in the eastern sky that is) with an ugly grey dirty looking “cloud” – very thinly spread out and no blue sky to be found .

    Around noon today, it was very obvious that there were chem trail clouds (in thin lines and some very un-natural looking formations).

    **** Would love to see a feature on this site whereby we can load up photos from what we snap with our iphones ****

    A photo is worth a book of writing!

    I have observed that there must have been chem trail spraying during the night or early morning, as first thing we have seen for several days now is nothing but a sky covered in a dirty grey hazy cloud.

    About two nights ago, also looking towards the east, towards the Dandenong Mountains, I saw a weird “rainbow effect” (in the east and just above the mountains.

    There was no rain – just a bizarre looking vertical rainbow colored effect – it was very creepy to see this, as it is completely un-natural.

    What is happening to our sky?


  48. It is now 8.35pm Friday 8th Jan 2016 in Melbourne.

    The eastern sky looks “dirty” like heavy pollution BUT there has been no heavy traffic around as most of the public are on holidays!

    There has not been any bush fire in the vicinity!

    So why does the sky look so polluted ?

    Also the strange cloud formation has spread to cover the sky to turn it into a dirty grey like a dusty grey sky!

    It seems EVERYDAY THERE is CHEMTRAIL spraying in the sky now.


  49. No way is it condensation! Condensation does not look dirty and does not make the sky look dusty and dirty !

    CHEMTRAIL do this though – time and time again.

    Why are people just not aware of this or worse, not even concerned?

    Are these the some types who also smoke cigarettes and hence do not care about the air they breath ?


  50. Hi Anon, send pix to and I will upload them for you – Mick Raven


  51. It’s Sunday 10th January 2015 4.51pm.

    At about 12.30pm today there was a thick chem trail over the northern part of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    Also, yesterday, there was a chemtrail over the southern part of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    EVERYDAY there is chemtrail spraying now!

    We want to know why is this happening every day now!


  52. Chemtrails,vaccines.rat poison in your toothpaste, aspartame ( gmo ecoli bacteria feed toxic waste, and it deficates aspartame) there is 1600 man made water soluble non biodegradable synthetic chemicals in our water supply,from agent Orange, PCBs organoclhorides organophospates,atrazine,prozac, to many to mention,
    Our food if you can call it that is loaded with toxins chemicals staberlizers, emulsifiers pesticides herbicides.
    Plastics contain phalates and synthetic estrogens,phalates(wrong spelling). Are special, an endocrine disruptor,changes male,frogs,fish,insects into females,the synthetic estrogens give females breast cancer,and decrease male sperm count. In the last 60 years sperm counts have dropped 40%,all this is not an accident, it is a concerted effort to sterilize and eliminate the masses. Whether you believe in the illuminati or not.the ruling classes consider us as cockroachs to be iliminated cacer rates 60 years ago was 1 in 100, now it is 2 in3 for men and1 in 3 for women.and you want to know why this is happening. The devil Satan this is hell.our fuck up demonic English language tells you every time you say hello. The Rothschild’s the central banks imf world bank. Council of foreign relations (crf), the trilateral commission. The bildiberg group, the council of Rome,the Vatican city,( which is owned by the Rothschild’s, they also own the city of London,and the district of Columbia, ( Columbia records, Columbia space shuttle. I could go on ,I have extensive proof for all of this and much much more.I have been investigating, this since 911. I have recently become a Muslim, as they are the only religion that explains that the devil does exist.
    Its funny I had to meet the devil before I believd in god Allah.inshalla. God luck.


  53. Its Tuesday 12th January 2016.
    In northern sky of Melbourne, look right now up at the north sky from the eastern suburbs THERE IS LIVE RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS A MASSIVE CHEMTRAIL IN THE SKY.

    I have video and pics now too.

    This is all happening right now, as there is a plane flying in the northern sky producing a long chemtrail that extends from the west to the east of the sky.



  54. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Hey Mick, did you receive a email from me??
    I sent it to your podcast email. 😉


  55. Yep, have replied :> Mick Raven


  56. I am have not yet had a chance to email the video to you but I will soon. In the mean time, just as a pure coincidence (which I do not believe in by the way). On Radio National this week, I was so surprised to hear a program about Geo Engineering!
    I could not believe my ears. If you google Radio National and go to the abc web site, type in Geo Engineering it will bring up some audio segments but I can not find the one I heard last week.

    Listen, the aholes who give permission to spray the sky’s do not even deny it – they just re-lable it as Geo Engineering, whist the highly concerned public call it Chemtrails (and are then called by the media nutters and conspiracy theorists and forever berated) – when they are not crazy people, they are telling the truth.

    Also calling this site conspiracyoz is a trap – it’s no conspiracy.
    Aussie skies are indeed being sprayed – I have a video of 12th Jan and it’s very very very clear that there is a type of spray coming out of a plane in the sky. Have not had a chance to email it to you yet but its on the list of things to do (please forgive me for my tardiness).

    In the meantime, go to the link below and listen for your self re the Radio National lecture/presentation done on Geo Engineering

    Then, post up here and tell us you think this is a conspiracy still or not, and what you think


  57. I found it! below is the link to what I heard on Radio National
    This talk was featured on ‘Big Ideas” and titled:
    Engineering a Cooler Planet. It first went to air on 11 June 2015 and repeated on Radio National earlier this week.

    In the above audio, it mentions that China has “weather modification” programs underway.

    The presentation also mentions the very real concerns as to why it’s a controversial topic and why it may not be a good idea to make public disclosure given how humans panic and then there is the very real concern for how they abandon social conventions – how could you control public panic? Basically, they are saying aerosol spraying is the last and only hope we all have before life on this planet becomes “challenged”.

    There is more than one of these discussions on climate engineering on the RN web site by the way.


  58. Hi all, is there anywhere in Australia where you can get away from the chemtrails?


  59. guys I’m am 100% with what your trying to do here and with a potential time limit looming on my life I’ve recently found a reason to still be here weirdly enough I’ve spent the last 2 years observing your networking organising and execution of your efforts and i think you need to merge with a majority group.. but what group? this is where you have to be careful coz merging with a group that has holes in there premise will discredit your credibility i suggest Australian Fluoride action group for a start. stop itemising the problems and categorising yourself what you are looking for is total government transparency. and to hell with this joke royal commission are you serious? like really have they ever at the end of the day pleased you with a outcome or have they just prolonged it long enough to the point that when the verdict come and the criminal billionaire gets a slap on the wrist your that worn down u just shrug your shoulders? find mutual ground and wait for the opportune moment id say take a special interest in when Putin Pushes To Collapse US Dollar In 28 May 2016 ! This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies Australian people will once again be left high and dry and our weak puppets will bail out the banks again hopefully this time we grow some balls and realise we are the government and that they are just disposable puppets and we won’t be blinded by that clever little snake rudd with his hush money stimulus package trust me this all has to work together for any of these changes our government thinks we are a joke! i don’t blame them peaceful protest in cities!! they ant even in!!! lmao cmon aren’t you angry? i am i suffer constant nose bleeds metallic tastes currently being tested for testicular and lung cancer at the age of 25… I’m ready to throw down and kick it off but not for sheep that back out or won’t see it through

    revolution people we owe it to the future kids.


  60. Thanks for your replies. I just wondered if there was anywhere that they weren’t bothering to spray. I guess I wanted to take my family somewhere safe. In Canberra it is crazy. However they had a week off over Christmas and seems like a break for Easter now. Usually Saturday is main chemtrail day here, Saturday just gone there was nothing!! Been like that for last two days. It is amazing to see normal sky.


  61. South Canterbury Sky Watch


  62. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    One has to really wonder what the hell this Air New Zealand flight was doing. When you see most aeroplanes, they seem to take a relatively straight route to their destination, but looking at this plane, i cant find an explanation as to why this plane seem to do “do-nut” over Mid and South Canterbury, not only there but also close to its destination. The “do-nut” down South of Dunedin may be explainable with approaching the runway, get in right path of wind or weather but the Mid-South Canterbury one doesn’t look right.
    Makes ya wonder if the gin bottle was close by lol
    These dirty bloody trails that are left behind, seem to have filled the skies only days before the weather shits itself. From rain tests, by myself and many others, we do know that there is Aluminum, Barium, just to name 2 ingredients, coming down from the sky, more than likely from these dirty bloody trails, that MAINSTREAM continue to shut their mouth over.
    I find it quite coincidental to see these trails appear then we see weather events, such as heavy rain. Now this shit, will no doubt go into the soil and surely over time, this will decimate the good soils that we have. Even though Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant metal in the earths crust, but that is in its natural form, not engineered nano particulate as we are seeing.
    Now if its coming down with the rain, its also in the air YOU breathe.
    How is your health? How is your respiratory system? How do your eyes feel?? Or maybe the Barium is giving your heart a hard time??
    As i have mentioned in other videos, the global warming, the climae change bullshit is just that…. notice you never hear the words geoengineering, solar Radiation Management, or chemtrails. Maybe because they are the global warmers, they are the climate changers.


  63. Open Your Eyes and Wake Up Australia

    Today is Tue. 19th April 2016.
    In Melbourne, above the eastern suburbs – if you looked up from say Box Hill all the way to just before the East (the Dandenong Ranges), there was a massive chem trail!
    This was at around 9.00am this morning.

    Now, as I type this, its 11.51am and most of the sky out this way (eastern suburbs of Melbourne) is covered in an ugly while dirty grey thin cloud.

    Do not believe a thing I say on this site – GO OUT SIDE NOW AND TAKE A LOOK YOUR SEVES!

    There is plenty of evidence – you just have to open your eyes and look up at the sky!


  64. Big chem trail over Melbourne that ran from east to west this morning at 9.00am.

    Its 11.56 am now and whole of sky in the east is covered in an ugly thin grey cloud!


  65. Today it’s Sunday 22nd May and we have seen two days of ugly non natural looking clouds of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    In the morning there must have been a chem trail as for the past two days we are getting these ugly dirty grey skies.

    And, before sunset, the sky in the east looks like it’s very polluted.

    So obvious that chem trails are being sprayed over Melbourne.


  66. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Good find Peter. Hell people must be asking questions. Watching the news footage the other night, from here in NZ, i heard something along the lines of possibly no insurance cover for those homes smashed by those big seas, cos a “act of nature”. I have heard many time, LOW and HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS can be made, wouldnt this cause huge seas or contribute towards them??? Hmmmmm, here is a snippet that some might find of interest.
    ” According to aerospace expert Mark McCandlish, heating up parts of the atmosphere can create artificial high pressure and low pressures systems and thus give these entities the ability to steer storms.”
    There is far, far too many weather events taking place, look over the last 10 years, numerous so called “natural” disasters. Its bullshit, its about time any weather modification was ceased once and for all. Thats loading the skies in shit, such as aerosol spraying, heating the ionosphere with huge antennas.
    Keep chasing the rabbit, the rabbit has to be caught one day, real soon.


  67. South Canterbury Sky Watch


  68. Just now I emailed to a jpg file of an article that appeared in The Age, on Saturday June 11, 2016, Page 15 (in the NEWS section)!!!

    This is the definitive proof that “it’s no conspiracy!”

    The article it titled “Did Cloud Seeding Deepen Flood Crisis?”

    The online link is on the web site too ! – see the link below!!

    Your site should not have the word conspiracy in it!
    It’s no conspiracy!!!
    IT’S REAL !!!


  69. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Turnbull turns Weather God?? Worth having a read of his too… “…is said by some to be the worst recorded since settlement.”


  70. Hey I was sum along in my backyard about to take a selfie when a chem trail flew over head so I began filming I’m an environmental scientist would love you to feature the video over the Georges river in the connells point-Sylvania area


  71. Yesterday in Melbourne. Spraying.
    Is it possible to effect the mind? Felt
    verrry blue yesterday and extremely tired
    today. My best friend 33years old said
    she had the worst migraine of her life
    today, and the weather shifted quickly.


    • Hi Danny, yes the weather seems to change after a good spray.
      Here in Sydney we had a huge spray across the coast a few days ago and yesterday the rain came down in buckets
      mmm coincidence? and yes the headaches followed – Mick Raven


  72. Hi,

    A few days ago in Melbourne, while out exercising, I saw a big plane moving on a south-west to north-east trajectory spraying a huge amount of chemicals. I have looked endlessly online to find out something about it, but there is nothing. It was clear as day; it is no conspiracy; something weird is happening.

    More details: the plane was very high up in the sky. I can’t judge its elevation. Maybe 15,000 feet or more? The point is that its trajectory went well over where the planes usually land at Melbourne airport. I’m quite sure the plane had come from a military base or something like it; it certainly was not landing in Melbourne.

    I was surprised to see it because a few weeks before I had seen an article pop up talking about chem-trails, but I always thought it was a joke because I’d never seen something like it before.

    My main concern is that I can’t find anything about it. Nothing. Complete silence. Surely many people saw it? You could see all the chemicals being sprayed out of the wings, and these chemicals blew over Melbourne in the course of the 10-30 mins after the plane had passed.

    Anyone has any thoughts?


  73. Hi
    Have been watching the chemtrails for a long time and got some very good photos since moving to central Queensland.
    The most interesting shot I got was a couple of days ago in the town of Childers.
    I looked up and saw a fresh chemtrail but interestinly beside it was a jet with a
    contrail (or vapour trails as I call them). Took photo with my phone so have to zoom right in to see vapour trail.


  74. it’s very important to get away from all the black clothes, the “alex jones”, the hype, negativity & fear of it all, the rebellion


  75. Heaps of the Trails over northern Tasmania this afternoon, not the first time but they seem to be overactive today. Other planes passing overhead and not leaving the “permanent” streaks.

    Liked by 1 person

  76. Any information on how to heal/detox from morgellons disease and how to legally not get the vaccine and still be able to exist in society for a period of time?. Hope someone can get back to me, cheers.


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