‘Stop asking why’ Shanghai! – ConspiracyOz

This is the NWO in full swing….soon their rules will be our rules, get ready ppl – Mick Raven

Australians stuck in Shanghai’s COVID lockdown beg consular officials to help them flee

World Health Organization chief says China’s zero-COVID policy not sustainable

Global tests dip, WHO doubts China policy – Nice Try Teddy Boy – Mick Raven

Shanghai tightens lockdown, despite falling COVID-19 cases while targeted lockdowns continue in Beijing

‘Stop asking why’ Shanghai tightens Covid-19 lockdown, Beijing keeps testing

All Hell Breaks Out At Apple China Factory As Workers Clash With Guards Over Lockdowns

Hundreds of MacBook Pro workers break through barriers

Watch Autonomous Chinese Drone Swarm Flies Through Forest While Hunting For Humans

Autonomous drones fly through Chinese bamboo forest

Xi Jinping moves to silence Covid Zero critics in sign of brewing tumult

Outcry in China after Shanghai aged care resident was wrongly declared dead and sent to morgue in body bag

Shanghai’s covid lockdown food shortages, drones, starving animals

Social media videos show ‘riots’ over food as Chinese city Shanghai enters third week of strict lockdown

China Makes a New Big Push to Digitize Everything

China Coronavirus Pandemic Country Profile – Our World in Data

China COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

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