Dr. Pill for your Ills or should I Say Dr Pfizer – ConspiracyOz

Ivermectin? hydroxychloroquine? VitiminD? Sunlight?….nope Pfizers own ‘Paxlovid‘ here we go again…the never ending story – Mick Raven

Quotes from Dr. Pfizer…woops I mean from Bruce Willett Royal Australian College of General Practitioners vice-president.

High-risk COVID-19 patients can now get two antiviral prescription drugs

10 May 2022

“We’re still seeing lots of people dying from COVID-19,” he said.

“They don’t cure COVID-19 completely, but they do decrease the severity of it, so they have a really important role to play in keeping people safe,” he said.

“Before, we were sending our patients with a significant risk of developing severe disease into emergency departments to have intravenous medications,” Dr Willett said.

“We are being requested to restrict these medications for people who qualify to make sure those people who are at risk of developing severe disease are able to get them,” Dr Willett.


Yep support your local Pfizer Doc – Mick Raven

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