OMICRON: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly Back into Submission

November 29, 2021

All around the world, people are getting fed up with draconian measures undertaken in the name of public safety.

Although we’re not hearing much about it in the news here in the United States, hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps even millions – are protesting across the globe, even though those protests are putting their very lives at risk.

Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Croatia, and Australia all have hundreds of thousands of people rising up for freedom.

Enter Omicron.

No, that’s not the new head of the Decepticons. It’s the new strain of Covid out of South Africa that is causing a hullabaloo. (Oh, and hat tip to my bestie for the Transformers reference.)

Some background on the pandemic

Throughout this entire pandemic, I’ve written from the heart, watched the patterns, and shared concerns when I thought warnings were in order.

We published our first article about what would soon be known as Covid on Jan. 22, 2020. Every day after that for months I researched and wrote about the virus and the terrifying power grabs and brainwashing that came with it.

As a prepper, I take pandemics seriously. This is something I’ve prepped for over the course of many years. I wrote about my experience having Covid when I lived in Mexico.

Unlike quite a few others in this industry, I have never denied that the virus exists or that it can be serious. Our family has lost two loved ones to the illness and I’ve lost two dear friends as well.

I’m not a “Covid denier.” I recommended, during early phases, that people get prepared for the potential of what I assumed might be self-imposed lockdowns as we all watched and waited to see how things played out.

This enraged some readers, caused some to quit reading the website, and left others feeling more in control of their own situations. Everything I wrote was written using the information that I personally deemed credible that I had available at the time.

Then things got crazy.

As with anything, once the government steps in to “take control” of a situation, things go downhill like a silk sled on a greasy slide. We were forced to shut down for ‘just two weeks’ that ended up turning into months.

It was a half-ass lockdown, however, which made it utterly pointless. If you are trying to stop a communicable disease, your lockdown is a lockdown – completely. Nobody in or out.

If you’re trying to impoverish a nation and gain total control, a half-ass lockdown is just what the doctor (especially one who is going to profit from it) ordered.

It allows the illness to spread widely unchecked and still overwhelms the medical facilities and other services it promises to protect, while utterly destroying the economy and the personal finances of the American people.

Then bring in the lies and division. Masks don’t work. Masks work. Everyone must wear a mask. Maybe you should wear two masks. If you don’t wear masks you hate old people. Repeat with the word “vaccine” instead of “mask.”

Now, America is firmly split and instead of being a public health issue, it’s a political issue. Anyway. That’s not the point of this article. We all know what happened and most of us have less faith in government than ever before. (Go here to get a FREE Quickstart Guide to start starving the beast and freeing yourself today.)

Viruses mutate.

In fact, there’s a new variant to the Covid virus in the news right now called Omicron.

But before we get too deeply into this variant, let’s remember another “terrifying” variant, Super Covid. Do you remember that? It was going to be the death of us all.

The word “mutation” was bandied around the news like the virus had suddenly grown into the size of a German Shepherd and rose to walk around on two legs to get us.

But viruses mutate.

Keep in mind I am not a virologist or a medical professional. And neither are the politicians taking advantage of this crisis, the folks pimping Big Pharma drugs, or the journalists writing breathless headlines. I’m just another writer out there reading stuff and trying to figure this out, the same as everyone else…

“Mutation” is a scary word. It brings to mind every sci-fi nightmare brought to life on the big screen of some lab-born creature that gets totally out of control.

It makes you think of rats so big you could saddle them and ride them. Crazy, terrifying stuff.

But viruses mutate. It’s the nature of a virus.

To survive: unlike plants, animals and other organisms, the only way a virus can reproduce is through a host cell, which it does by attaching its surface proteins to the cell’s membrane and injecting its genetic material into the cell.

This genetic material, either DNA or RNA, then carries with it the instructions to the cell’s machinery to make more viruses. These new viruses then leave the cell and spread to other parts of the host organism.

But host organisms are not passive observers to this process, and over time a human’s or pig’s immune system can learn from these encounters and develop strategies to prevent reinfection. The next time the same virus comes to a host cell, it may find that it is no longer able to attach to the cell’s surface membrane.

So to survive, viruses must adapt or evolve, changing its surface proteins enough to trick the host cell into allowing it to attach. (source)

So while the headlines are scary – and meant to be – it’s perfectly natural that this virus has changed. (source)

A mutation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A virus doesn’t want to rapidly kill its host because then the virus dies, too. The evolution of a virus can have many different results – it can change the symptoms, it can make it more contagious, it can make it more deadly, or it can make it milder in order to affect more hosts. Just the fact that the virus mutated is not a death knell.

It’s normal.

And along came Omicron.

Just as people were beginning to stand up and fight back, to file suits, to take back control of their lives, finances, and businesses, along came a mutation from South Africa called Omicron, the one destined to scare us all back into submission.