Lockdowns Work? The Dystopian Future is Now- ConspiracyOz

Yes Ppl Lockdowns apparently work, for example….

Covid Western Sydney girl, 12, pepper sprayed as police arrest family for failing to wear a mask

Seven Hills shopping centre becomes scene of ugly fracas between police and anti-maskers

Victorian police officer who ‘choked’ woman in viral face mask arrest cleared

NBA star Andrew Bogut slams police for firing rubber bullets at Melbourne rally in lockdown

Kiwi freedom fighters Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood arrested in Auckland

COVID border protests as QR code check-in introduced for taxis and rideshare

Mungindi cut in half by Queensland’s hard border and locals aren’t happy

School chaos expected as ‘non-essential’ Queensland teachers trapped behind NSW border

Sydney anti-lockdown protest organiser Anthony Khallouf sentenced to jail

NSW 940 infringement notices handed out

NSW Police issue 529 infringement notices for breaches of COVID public health orders

Scott Morrison tells states to stick with COVID-19 lockdown, concedes return to zero cases ‘unlikely’

Melbourne takeaway ‘pub crawl’, house party with 1,000 invitees investigated by police

Eight arrested as 1,000 gather on NSW-Queensland border to protest COVID restrictions

NT Police fine alleged criminals for not wearing masks, urge compliance – The Police aren’t laughing but we are! – Mick Raven

Police catch and release tactics!

Infuriating Footage Aussie Police “Target” & Harass Citizen, Force Oral Drug Test

Sydney curfew brought in after four men fined for ‘exercising’ at 2am

Police overwhelm modest Sydney anti-lockdown protest

Push to reinstate Victoria’s COVID-19 eviction freeze as Victoria lockdown survey reveals rental pain

Truck drivers push for strike over Toll’s threat to jobs, conditions – Remember Ppl without Trucks Australia Stops! – Mick Raven

Papers Please!!

COVID-19 vaccine passports officially launch in Australia

Angry French Shoppers Being Blocked From Entering Supermarket Because They Don’t Have COVID Passports

Unreal scenes in France as people not allowed into supermarkets without covid passports

Qantas makes COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all of its workers

ATAGI decision on opening COVID vaccine rollout to 12- to 15-year-old children expected soon

Israel shows COVID-19 cases can explode once life returns to ‘normal’ at 80 per cent vaccination – Yep Mandatory Vax and Lockdowns for the win? – Mick Raven

RoboCop sooner than you think! With Orders to Shoot to Kill!

Boston Dynamics Drops New Video Of 5-Foot Atlas Humanoid Robot Effortlessly Doing Parkour

Elon Musk says Tesla likely to launch humanoid robot prototype next year

Boston Dynamics robot Atlas can do parkour and gymnastics

Not Happy with your Dystopian Future? There is a way out….

Voluntary assisted dying legislation recommended to be passed in Queensland Parliament

Embracing death End-of-life doulas growing in popularity

WA’s voluntary assisted dying laws come into effect

Voluntary assisted dying law passes South Australia’s Parliament on way to becoming law

Tasmania’s voluntary assisted dying laws as ‘among safest in the world’

NT leaders hope Kevin Andrews’ pre selection loss will reignite euthanasia debate

NZ referendum legalises euthanasia and assisted suicide

Netherlands approves euthanasia for under 12s

Or….(They’re eating Ppl – Soylent Green)

Synthetic meat investor Bill Gates calls for rich countries to shift entirely to synthetic meat

Reject Bill Gates’ Impossible Burger

Bill Gates On Plant-Based Burgers – Watch Gates as he eats the ‘Burger’ and abruptly folds his arms great ‘body language’ Billy Boy – Mick Raven

The Future is Now!

The Origins of Totalitarianism – Wikipedia

AstraZeneca manufacturer CSL has banked a 13 per cent profit rise during the pandemic

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates profited the most during the pandemic

Moderna Turns First Profit, Boosted by Its Covid-19 Vaccine

Pfizer Reaps Hundreds of Millions in Profits From Covid Vaccine

J&J sold $100 million worth of Covid-19 vaccine shots

Wait til they start using Real Bullets – Mick Raven

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