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Here’s the U.S. – C.D.C. / Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Data 1990 to 2021. Good idea to read through the excel file (or whatever program you use) and highlight the deaths reported and read symptoms as well. This starts (Dec 2020) when the U.S. started its Covid19 Vaccinations. You will be amazed at the amount of deaths (108,002) and that was from January 1st to 23rd April 2021! – Mick Raven

CDC/Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

CDC/Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Data Sets

First coronavirus vaccine shots given in U.S., starting in New York – The Washington Post – Note; December 14th 2020 as date when first shots for Covid19 were administered – Mick Raven

Covid-19 First vaccine given in US as roll-out begins – BBC News

COVID-19 vaccine – Wikipedia

Excerpts from above link – Mick Raven

‘In December 2020, the UK government granted Pfizer legal indemnity for its COVID-19 vaccine.’

‘Pfizer has been criticised for demanding far-reaching liability waivers and other guarantees’

‘While vaccines substantially reduce the probability of infection, is possible for fully vaccinated people to contract and spread COVID-19. Public health agencies have recommended that vaccinated people continue using preventive measures (wear face masks, social distance, wash hands)’

And now the coercion…

US Centers for Disease Control says people no longer have to wear masks if fully vaccinated – ABC News


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