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The Logical Question: W.H.O.s side are You on? – Mick Raven

Fact Check: Were 496,000 Children In India Paralyzed Between 2000 & 2017 From “Bill Gates Polio Vaccine”?


24 May 2020

The Logical Indian Fact check team investigates the claim that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

had tested polio vaccine in India between 2000 & 2017 and had paralysed 496,000 children.

Now the evidence….which side are they on? – Mick Raven

The Logical Indian

Started in late 2013, The Logical Indian is founded by Abhishek Mazumdar(28) and Anurag Mazumdar(24)

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Creatiwox Internet Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “The Logical Indian” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”)

is deeply committed to transparency in all its affairs. Through this Ownership and Funding Disclosure,

We would like to inform you about Our ownership structure and funding sources.

CREATIWOX INTERNET LLP – Company, directors and contact details Zauba Corp

The ‘Gates’ connection – Mick Raven
Amrita Agarwal, Health System Design, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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