A War on People? – ConspiracyOz

We are the Globalists Lab Rats now…Prepare for the Hazmat Swat Teams – Mick Raven

People suspected of carrying COVID-19 could be detained under Australia’s biosecurity laws

Australians could be detained or forced into treatment to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update (Live)

The 1918-19 Spanish Influenza Pandemic and Vaccine Development | History of Vaccines

Vaccines Caused 1918 “Spanish Flu” Which Killed Millions

US Vaccines Caused ‘Spanish Flu’ – More Information

100 years after ‘Spanish Flu’ Is the world ready for the next pandemic – VaccinesToday

Wanted: Coronavirus vaccines – VaccinesToday

Coronavirus fears prompt shoppers to stock up on essential items, stripping supermarket shelves

Compulsory isolation will help contain coronavirus, but it poses questions about our human rights

Coronavirus COVID-19 has begun spreading in Australia. So, what happens now

Coronavirus latest Woman returning to Sydney from Iran becomes sixth case in NSW

Coronavirus death Australia Final moments of Perth man revealed


NSW Human Influenza Pandemic Plan.pdf

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