Victorian MPs accused of involvement in ‘vile pornographic ring’

Foreign fighter measures approved as Senate passes Counter-Terrorism Bill

Listed Terrorist Organisations – Australian National Security

Direct Action climate policy set to pass as Coalition agrees to amendments

Petrol prices to go up as government increases fuel excise despite rise being blocked by Parliament

Ordinary citizens at risk of mass arrests during G20, says civil liberties group

This is Serious Ppl – ConspiracyOz

Brisbane G20: Stuff just got real

27th Oct 2014

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G20 counterterrorism training at the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services training centre at the Port of Brisbane. Pic: Marc Robertson

Malcolm Turnbull announces plans to shut down Community Television

Responce to Bat Plague in Avalon lol – ConspiracyOz

Heres the responce to that Fear mongering Story recentley – Mick Raven

25th Oct 2014

Bat Ebola reply Manly Daily 251014

Oh No Ebola Zombies in Brisbane! – ConspiracyOz


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