Bogus Health Updates for 2023 –

Nothing to see here Ppl…Really? – Mick Raven

WHO declares COVID-19 is no longer a global emergency

Is Covid really over WHO’s announcement sounds more like surrender


Nice Try…FAIL – Mick Raven

Monkeypox WHO declares global emergency over – BBC News

The WHO says monkeypox is still a global health emergency of concern

Mpox vaccination encouraged ahead of global LGBTQI+ WorldPride festival

South Australia records first case of monkeypox

Fifth Australian Monkeypox case confirmed in Victoria


And now this…ugh! (We are the Rats to them) – Mick Raven

RATs can now detect COVID and flu viruses.

Unused Covid tests worth millions of dollars set to expire ‘Ordered too much’

COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country 2017

COVID RAT strategy criticised by WA auditor-general after cost soared to almost $600 million

WA $580m Covid RAT test spend slammed by state Auditor General

Thousands of RAT price complaints spark consumer watchdog probe

NSW COVID At-home rapid antigen tests in short supply as price gouging increases

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