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The answer to Regrettable Greta… our own Jasmine – Mick Raven

12 year old girl expose the dystopian reality of 15-minute cities – Twitter

Listen to this 12 year old girl expose the dystopian reality of 15-minute cities!  “How dare you steal my childhood and my future, and the future of our children, by enslaving us in your crazy digital prison.

Oxford girl destroys 15-minute cities in 15 minutes
Feb 19, 2023

The speech of a young Oxford girl against 15-minute cities has gone viral and challenged Greta Thunberg for the most memorable address by a young activist.

Grade 7 student Jasmin was one of six main speakers to address hundreds at the Stop Oxford: No 15 Minute Cities community day of action on Saturday February 18. Local city and county councils have announced the English city will be split into nine districts in 2024, which residents can only drive to 100 times per year. Inter-neighbourhood traffic will give way to trips around a perimeter road by which one would be allowed to enter a different district.

Jasmin hates the plan and started her 15-minute speech against it 30 minutes into the three-hour event. An abridged version of her talk has been viewed almost 500,000 times on Twitter.

“These 15 minute neighbourhoods [are] soon to become digital ID facial recognition zones” Jasmin said, before explaining how they would be worse for carbon emissions, too.

“If, for example, I went to my friend’s house in Zone 3, my parents normally come and pick me up in their car. It only takes ten minutes. So does that mean they would have to go round the ring road and back into town again? …It would take 30 minutes, causing much more pollution and leaving a much bigger carbon footprint.”

Jasmin said the alternative of an evening walk home, would not be safe for a young girl, despite what 15-minute city planners might claim.

“Then they will say, ‘Oh don’t worry about that. We’ve already thought of that. You’ll be safe. We’ll have a thousand cameras on the streets following you and tracking you all the way home. Oh, uh, just remember, it’s for your safety,” she quipped, to applause.

“What? Are you serious?…No amount of cameras is going to stop someone who wants to attack me. I want to be safe, but not to the extent that I am prepared to give up my freedom and my privacy to have it.”

Jasmin’s bio on the event promotion did not include her last name. It only said her age and grade and that she “likes to socialise with her friends and enjoys maths; flying racing drones, playing piano and doing research.” But in her short speech, she warned of a much less carefree time ahead.

“As a 12-year-old, I’m really concerned about my future. And to Klaus Schwab, I say this: How dare you!” Jasmin said, laughing at her impersonation of Greta Thunberg.

“How dare you steal my childhood and my future, and the future of all children by enslaving us in your crazy digital surveillance prison! We all know where this is leading. These are the first steps of a dystopian reality from 15-minute neighbourhoods. From a small seed, a huge tree can grow.”

Instead of worrying what effect humans had on climate change, Jasmin was concerned about how climate change was made to affect humans.

“Climate change is being used to control us, to nudge us in the direction the greedy people want us to go. The truth is that the greedy people want total control over everything we do, everything we think, and everything we say,” she explained.

“Our government has been hijacked by greedy and selfish imposters posing as politicians. They believe they are better than us and masters over us. And until this problem is effectively dealt with, the tyranny will continue.”


Watch Jasmines speech below – Mick Raven

12 year old girl expose the dystopian reality of 15-minute cities – Twitter

12 Year old girl destroys 15 minute city – YouTube


STOP OXFORD – No 15 Minute Cities Childrens Health Defense


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