‘Bad Friday’ if this God gets his Way – ConspiracyOz

The Gates Commandments! – Mick Raven

The 10 Commandments according to the Gatekeeper


1. A.I.

Bill Gates OpenAI GPT most important advance in technology since 1980

Bill Gates Dismisses Mounting Calls To Pause AI Chatbot Development

The Age of AI has begun Bill Gates

This is just one of many amazing projects I had a chance to see at @OpenAI


2. Energy

A rational look at energy

An energy briefing with Daniel Yergin Nuclear Energy

Interview with Bill Gates on Nuclear Energy

The state of the energy transition


3. Global Warming

Bill Gates-funded solar geoengineering could help stop global warming

We should discuss soil as much as we talk about coal

Bill Gates backs project to ‘dim the sun’

Solar Geoengineering Why Bill Gates Wants It, But These Experts Want To Stop It


4. Food

Future of food Bill Gates

Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger

Bill Gates-backed Impossible Burger CEO Patrick Brown on fighting meat

Bill Gates Rich nations should move to ‘100 percent synthetic beef’

Bill Gates says fake meat products will ‘eventually’ be ‘very good’

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States


5. Vaccines

Can we outsmart the world’s deadliest animal

No more pandemics

Bill Gates – The Final Solution is the Vaccine

Bill Gates Warns of “Even More Fatal” Variant of COVID Coming

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor Bill Gates


6. Population Control

Bill Gates Reduce World Population With New Vaccines

Innovating to zero! Bill Gates

Bill Gates Admits Covid-19 Vaccine Will Kill And Maim 700,000

Bill Gates End-of-Life Care vs. Saving Teachers’ Jobs


7. Autonomous Vehicles

The rules of the road are about to change

Putting an autonomous vehicle to the test in downtown London

Bill Gates On Driverless Cars

Should We Trust Bill Gates When It Comes To Cars


8. Digital Surveillance

Bill Gates complained to tech companies

Bill Gates Wants “conspiracy theories” About Him To Go Away

Bill Gates Funding Web of Satellites For Global Real-Time Surveillance

Bill Gates Coronavirus Means We Need ‘Digital Certificates’ To Prove Who Received Vaccine


9. Religion

Is Bill Gates an atheist or an agnostic

Is Bill Gates Religious

Bill Gates the Catholic Religion may have to be suspended forever

Bill Gates says he can remove religion forever!


10. Education

Bill Gates explains the Common Core

How Bill Gates’ Common Core fuels today’s woke school controversies

Teachers Protest, Say Bill Gates is Ruining Education

How Bill Gates Lied and Introduced the Defunct Common Core to Falsify an IT Skills Shortage

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    Constantine and Easter


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