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EXCLUSIVE Sydney Water sell off to Chinese owned company


Chris O’Keefe has revealed confidential documents indicating the NSW government is actively considering the privatisation of key water plants in Kemps Creek.

Clayton Utz and KPMG were commissioned by the NSW government to look into ways they could privatise a key water plant in Kemps Creek.

The documents show that the government is exploring alternative funding models, including private sector investors.

And that decisions relating to the Kemps Creek plant are likely to shape long-term structure of water services in Australia.

The Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre at Kemps Creek has been contracted to Trility,

a company owned by Beijing Enterprises Water Group, which is also owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chris argued that this amount of privatisation and outsourcing management of a key piece of water infrastructure

to a company owned by the Chinese Communist Party is concerning.

“We are not talking about an apartment block or a commercial property, we are talking about our water,” Chris said.


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