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Oh Oh the Witch is Gone, The Wicked Witch is Gone!! – Mick Raven

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister to hunt down all those unvaxxed


Chris Hipkins formally elected new New Zealand Labour leader

Mr Hipkins became a household name fronting the New Zealand government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was appointed health minister in July 2020 before becoming the COVID response minister at the end of the year.


Jacinda Ardern Stepping Down Speech Analysis, The Vinny Eastwood Show


Ardern’s leadership showed it was possible to be both powerful and a beacon of hope, but it put a target on her back

New Zealand police dealt with 18 threats of violence against Ardern in 2019, 32 death threats in 2020 and 50 in 2021.

The Disinformation Project, an independent research group studying misinformation and disinformation in New Zealand, began tracking the impacts of dangerous speech, particularly misogyny, in March 2022.

Among the key words they monitored on a daily basis were “horse”, “horseface”, “F*** Ardern” and “Neve”.


Who is Chris Hipkins Meet the man set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s prime minister

In more serious headlines, Mr Hipkins faced criticism after sharing personal information about journalist Charlotte Bellis who was unable to secure an emergency spot to get to New Zealand despite being pregnant in Afghanistan.


Ardern’s resignation as New Zealand prime minister is a game changer for the 2023 election

Front runners to be leader could include Minister for Education and Leader of the House Chris Hipkins was a high-profile and hard-working MP during COVID-19, and he and Ms Allan could make a formidable team


Jacinda Ardern announces resignation as New Zealand prime minister

Ms Ardern’s resignation comes not long after she saw support for her party decreasing, with polls conducted last November showing only 33 per cent of respondents in support of Labour.

Ms Ardern’s approval rate also dropped, down to 29 per cent, which was the lowest since 2017, just before she was elected prime minister.


Ardern Out Tearful New Zealand Prime Minister Unexpectedly Announced Resignation

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, one of the best known and longest faces of the globalist menace that steamrolled all personal rights and liberties during the period of world history known as “covid fascism” while arresting countless non conformists just so she could impose universal lockdowns and to enable the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna to become stinking rich, said she would step down by Feb. 7 after more than five years as leader because she “lacks the energy” to do the job ahead of an election later this year.


BREAKING New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to resign

She emphasized that her decision to resign was not due to any secret scandal or because she believed her party couldn’t win the next election, but because she believed that “with such a privileged job comes a big responsibility.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces she is RESIGNING

Opposition at home grew as strict rules continued into 2022 and more contagious variants spread, leading to a spate of sometimes violent protests that sparked concerns for her personal safety.


Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace

In 2021, New Zealand Prime Minister and associate of the World Economic Forum, Jacinda Ardern, openly admitted to constructing a two tier society in which the vaccinated enjoy normal access to the economy, travel and social interaction while the unvaccinated would be deliberately choked with restrictions until they “chose” to comply and accept the mRNA jab.


PM Ardern on how NZ will look under the ‘traffic light’ system

PM Jacinda Ardern tells NZ Herald’s deputy political editor Derek Cheng about the freedoms the unvaccinated will miss out on and how NZ will look under the new “traffic light” system.


Jacinda Ardern’s slur about rival politician auctioned for charity

After sitting down, Ms Ardern said to her deputy: “He’s such an arrogant prick.”


Jacinda Ardern caught name-calling political rival David Seymour on hot mic during Question Time

“I’m absolutely shocked and astonished at her use of language,” Mr Seymour said.


Kiwi church leaders defy Ardern’s threats to vaccinate or face a $15k fine

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