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New York City school officials block access to controversial artificial intelligence ChatGPT

8 Jan 2023

Ask the new artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT to write an essay about the cause of the American Civil War and you can watch it churn out a persuasive term paper in a matter of seconds.

That’s one reason why New York City school officials this week started blocking the impressive but controversial writing tool that can generate paragraphs of plausible text.

The decision by the largest US school district to restrict the ChatGPT website on school devices and networks could have ripple effects to other schools.

Teachers are scrambling to figure out how to prevent cheating using the tool.

The creators of ChatGPT say they are also looking for ways to detect misuse.

The free tool has been around for just five weeks but is already raising tough questions about the future of AI

in education, the tech industry and a host of professions.


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  1. Not just A.I. cheating for Humans but Humans cheating for Humans as well – Mick Raven

    US college admissions scandal mastermind Rick Singer sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail – ABC News

    Money buying Human Intelligence….Bah! – Mick Raven


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