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21 Dec 2022

The rare side effects of Covid vaccines in the spotlight ABC News: Keane Bourke

Dr Kerryn Phelps wants Australia to start talking more about the possible rare side effects of the Covid vaccines, after she and her wife Jackie experienced varied and long lasting health effects.

The former President of the AMA has made a submission to the Inquiry into Long Covid detailing her experience.

“It’s time that we started the conversation publicly about it, so that we can put some research and funding into finding out why this is happening to some people and working out how to help those people”, she says.

Sydney Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker emphasises that these are rare side effects, and the key message still needs to be that getting Covid is worse.

“From all the data, Covid causes ten times more the heart inflammation that you see with the RNA vaccines, and to a lesser extent with the Astra Zeneca and Novovax vaccines,” he says.

Both Dr Phelps and Dr Walker talk to Josh Szeps on Breakfast.


As well – Mick Raven


23 Dec 2022

Side effects from the COVID vaccine have been making headlines again,

after former federal MP doctor Kerryn Phelps spoke about her experience.

Experts insist that these rare cases are being investigated, and the benefits of vaccination outweigh the side effects.

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