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5G towers at Sydney Northern Beaches
Nov 2022

Data retrieved from Radio Frequency National Site Archive on 1 Oct 2020 and updated for some towers on 4 June 2021. 5G towers shown only. Most of them were commissioned in 2018 or before. You can find more details in the Electro-Magnetic Emissions report for your location at the RFNSA website. On the map here, darker colours correspond to higher power levels.

Levels are in percentages to the maximum legal limit in Australia (10000 mW/m2) and rounded to the first decimal digit. Certified levels are not physically measured but calculated theoretically according to the tower equipment. In real conditions power fluctuates dramatically depending on terrain and tower design.

Typically, it reaches a maximum in an around 50-100 metres radius of the tower, not necessarily near the tower. Although coverage maps available from different ISPs, tower locations map let you estimate the availability of the 5G. Point your mobile phone or the 4G-5G modem in the right direction for the best wireless internet speed. Currently, a 5G internet speed reaches 300Mbs near the tower.

5G tower locations at Sydney Northern Beaches Map

The most powerful towers on Sydney Northern Beaches

Optus tower at 176-178 Mona Vale Rd Ingleside level is 21% out of the limit measured at 80 metres.

13 Dympna St Cromer NSW 2099. The power level is 17.6% out of 100% of the public exposure limit measured at 41 metres from the tower.

29-35 Gibbes Street, Chatswood NSW. The power level is 16.7% out of the public exposure limit measured at 67 metres from the tower.

Tower 2113007 at Lane Cove Road near Riverside Dr Macquarie ParkNSW. The power level is 16.6% out of the limit measured at 25 metres from the tower as per the latest EME report in 2017

Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay West The Rocks gives 16% at 123 metres away. As per the report in June 2020 proposed changes are up to 25% of the limit. Interesting, as per proposed report that antenna emits a few times less power within 50 metres.

Note that EME power is measured at different distances. For one tower, it is 40 metres; for the other, it is 170 metres away. But because power reduces by the distance, reported levels can be deceptive. The signal reduction also depends on antenna configuration, terrain, and architecture. So there is no accurate formula to calculate exact 5G power levels at your location.

5G tower update

May 2021 tower on Avalon Beach RSL proposed to increase 4G EMR levels 1.6 times and add 5G bands. Currently, the site has only Optus 4G and Vodafone. You will have Telstra and Optus 5G after the upgrade. The maximum level should be up to 14%, a distance of 72 metres. Levels are slightly lower at closer distances.

Aug 2021 The mobile tower on the top of The Steyne in Manly getting 5G and power increase. Currently, Steyne tower is limited by 3.96% of the acceptable limit within 26 metres, and the proposal was up to 5.12%. The new proposal is the 7.16% plus 5G band frequency. However, the proposed level is given at 21 metres.

26 March 2021 tower at Mona Vale Rd Ingleside NSW increased level from 2 to 5% and planned to increase up to 5.7%. Some of my customers experienced slow wireless internet and intermittent dropouts at Terrey Hills. I troubleshoot and report the problem with 4G internet there to Optus in 2019. Vast coverage area and complex terrain justify the increase.

4 June 2021 new EME (electromagnetic energy) report on the tower at 22 Central Ave, Manly. Existing levels measured are 2.83% at 178m from the location and proposed 3.25% out of 100% of the public exposure limit at 158m from the location.

What is 5G ?

In very simple terms it is a combination of wireless communication protocols similar to the previous 3G and 4G generations. It is the result of gradual improvement of existing technology allowing us to use the available range more efficiently. 5G uses higher frequencies than 4G or a combination of frequency ranges.

A typical 5G frequency in Australia is 2.3Ghz, and 3.5Ghz. 2.4Ghz and 5GHz WiFi are different technologies used by your home WiFi routers and 2.45GHz is emitted by a microwave oven, although 5G may exceed the power of your WiFi and oven emissions. 5G will eventually use frequencies up to 50GHz.

Higher spectrum density may have unwanted health consequences. Legal maximum power level of 5G frequencies in Australia is 10 times higher (!) than any other country in the world. Fortunately, 5G towers are certified individually for up to 1-20% of the legal limit which brings them to the international limit.

What is the safe distance from the 5G towers ?

If we take maximum allowed power in Australia as a reference all 5G towers are safe. But if we take international limits, it depends on the tower’s power, frequency and your sensitivity. Take an example tower 2093009 at Balgowlah Heights. The strongest level according to certification is at 50-100 metres at houses facing park and the preschool at Bareena dr.

They are exposed to 10 times more electromagnetic power than international safety levels like China. The majority of Balgowlah residents, though, are beyond 500 metres radius. The power for them is less than 0.1% of the allowed maximum = 10000/1000 = 10 mW/m2. Comparing that to a WiFi, 10mW/m2 is in the power range of regular WiFi within acceptable world limits, as if you had a second WiFi router.

You will not see 5G on the WiFi network list on your computer though because it is on a different frequency and communication protocol.

Summarising health concerns, ‘safe as a WiFi’ radius from any mobile tower is 500 metres . It may be less than 100 metres if the tower’s maximum power is less than a 1% of the maximum allowed in Australia.

What can you do to protect yourself from 5G and 4G ?

First verify that your health is affected by mobile networks. Ideally that should be done with a double-blind study. At least try to sleep and work in a room with less mobile and WiFi coverage and note the difference.

Turn off data in mobile phones.

That way mobile towers won’t focus power on you. That is called beamforming.

Switch to cheaper mobile providers without 5G, such as Aldi.

Replace wireless routers

Replace ISP routers with third parties. Most Optus and Telstra NBN routers have built-in 4G SIM cards for backup and troubleshooting. Hence 4G towers focus power on your location at all times. Disconnecting 4G in modem would reduce wireless power. Note that would make troubleshooting of internet dropouts more difficult. Although with a good setup there should not be internet dropouts to start with. From my experience third party routers work faster and more reliably.


Sleep and work in a room with less mobile coverage.

Paint out

Use EMF absorbing paint on doors and walls.


EMF absorbing paint

Acoustimeter – EMR



Cancer Cluster Closure

ABC cancer cluster: 10 years since Toowong studio shut down

May 6, 2016


ABC Cancer Cluster 1

Picture: David Kelly. QLD News

ABC cancer cluster: 10 years since Toowong studio shut down

On a hot afternoon before Christmas, a group of workers were asked to clear their desks – immediately – and leave the building many of them had worked in for their entire careers. Everyone was given a cardboard box and told to take everything they needed, because there would be no going back inside the building. Ever.

There was an audible gasp at the news. Some women started crying. As if trapped in a story in which an iron door clangs loudly as it closes, the workers left the building. There were Christmas decorations still hanging over doorways, strung across desks, and a shocked sense of disbelief.

Many of the workers, specifically the women, felt scared, others were just angry. It had taken years – precisely 12 since the first of a dozen women was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 – for management to recognise that the building on the banks of the Brisbane River at Toowong, in Brisbane’s western suburbs, was unsafe.

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Historic Toowong ABC antenna tower demolished


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