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Waiting for the Fizzer – Mick Raven

Entire state’s power system on the brink as Indian loan to Aussie miner Griffin Coal turns toxic

The upshot is a critical shortage of coal in WA, where South32 is having to import coal from abroad.

Similarly, state-owned power provider Synergy is also looking to buy coal from the eastern states,

while mothballing a big generator to preserve fuel stocks.


What can Australians do to prepare for power price rises Is an air fryer the answer

With the Australian government forecasting electricity prices could rise by 56 per cent over the next 18 months

and gas prices set to increase by 44 per cent, many households here are also looking at ways to save on energy costs.

“I think the rush [on air fryers] is already on,” said sustainability expert and senior industry fellow at RMIT, Alan Pears.


A key part of Australia’s electricity market is in meltdown and it’s bad news for your power bill

Energy insiders say it is becoming alarmingly difficult for power retailers and generators

to access a type of insurance through what is known as the hedging market, which is in virtual meltdown.


Hundreds of Tasmanian businesses desperate for solutions to avoid devastating power price hikes

“Depending on the business, this could be a make-or-break as to whether they survive at all,

let alone having to whittle down some staff or change the ways they do business,” Mr Mallett said.


NT’s Blacktip gas field production drops, forcing shutdown of Northern Gas Pipeline

No Northern Territory gas has been sent to east coast markets since early September,

after the Northern Gas Pipeline’s owner, Jemena shut it down, citing safety concerns with such low supply.

That means PWC hasn’t been able to sell gas to its customer, Incitec Pivot’s Phosphate Hill fertiliser plant near of Mount Isa.

Also missing out on cashing in on lucrative east coast gas markets is Central Petroleum,

which produces gas in the Mereenie Basin near Alice Springs.


Australia’s biggest electricity system ‘on life support’ as states take control of the energy transition

A leading Australian energy expert says the country’s biggest electricity market is on life support

as state and federal governments increasingly take control of the transition to renewable power.


Northern Territory government investigating options to rehabilitate remote ‘toxic’ Redbank mine

The Northern Territory government is investigating ways to clean up an old copper mine,

described as “one of Australia’s most polluting sites” — a job which could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.


Coking coal production set to increase in Queensland despite clean energy plan

Queensland will remain a “dominant” exporter of metallurgical coal for years to come

despite the state government’s clean energy push, a Bowen Basin coal producer says.


Why could power bills rise by 35 per cent next year It’s part of a bigger problem

Earlier this week, the boss of Alinta Energy said retail electricity prices could jump by more than 35 per cent next year.

He said the rising cost of wholesale energy would be to blame,

but other factors were going to contribute to growing price pressures in future years too.

“The market is really in trouble,” warned Alinta’s Jeff Dimery.


Energy giant warns electricity prices could increase by 35 per cent next year

Mr Dimery also highlighted the cost of transitioning away from fossil fuels in Australia.

Alinta is planning to close its Loy Yang B coal-fired power station in Victoria,

which produces 1,000-megawatts of power, replacing it with offshore wind and pumped hydro.

Those concerns were shared by Energy Australia‘s chief executive, Mark Collette.


Notice Alinta, Jemena and Energy Australia’s foreign owners…we are screwed! – Mick Raven


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