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Aussie Farmer Wade Northausen – Incoming Food Shortages, Population Starvation & the Fight of Our Lives

Wade Northausen is a third-generation Australian Farmer. He joins us to discuss various legislation and policies that have been implemented in our country and worldwide which spell food shortages, population starvation, and the fight of our lives as globalist corporations take over all of the world’s farmland, bodily autonomy, and more.

He takes us through what he is doing to raise awareness in an emotional appeal to the Australian people, spelling out that it really is do or die time for humanity.

Billboard Battalion

Wade Northausen & George Christensen on Jason Q Citizen & Friends – 19 August 2022 TNT Radio


The Coming Famine

The Apocalyptic Global Food Crisis That We Were Told To Prepare For Has Already Started In 2022

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

Why Your Grocery Bills Are Going Up (And Are Only Expected to Get Bigger)

Skyrocketing grain prices to worsen global food insecurity, Rabobank warns

Food Shortages In Six Months – The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next

Norco stands down 170 workers at flood-damaged ice cream factory in South Lismore

Plans to increase no-fish zones in Great Sandy Marine Park worry Queensland seafood industry

Catches halved and seasonal closures planned for popular West Australian fishery

Potato prices How much will you pay for hot chips, as potato prices set to soar in Australia

Potato Pressure Looming shortage as growers threaten to leave industry

Ukraine war pushes grain prices up, poses ‘moral conflict’ for Australian farmers

United Nations intent on shutting down Australia with a meat production tax

Skyrocketing Price Of Fertilizer Has Caused A Worldwide Nightmare

Price of eggs ‘to rise’ as input costs, reduced flocks, puts the squeeze on farmers after COVID

Fertiliser prices boom as Incitec Pivot plans closure of Gibson Island plant

Fertiliser prices soar, leaving farmers struggling with cost of production

Farmer loses $200,000 worth of strawberries after workforce tests positive to COVID-19

Grocery Prices Could Rise 10 to 14 Percent By October, Grocery Chain CEO Warns

Davos Elite to “Fundamentally Change the Way Food is Produced and Consumed”

20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core

3 Factors Which Are About To Make The Coming Food Shortages Even Worse

Now That EVERYBODY Knows It, DC Finally Admits That Food Shortages are a Problem

WA police calling for Wheatbelt witnesses after $49,000 worth of fertiliser stolen from farmer

Bega Cheese price-hike warnings

Petition update · Very Sad News for Beekeepers and Bees in NSW

Strawberry prices soar after wet weather, disease impact winter crops

High fertiliser prices leave vegetable growers struggling to make ends meet

Cattle Australia facing legal challenge from restructure committee members over ‘flawed’ constitution

NZ dairy giant Fonterra takes Australian business off the market after profit increase

Sri Lanka faces looming food crisis with stunted rice crop due to fuel, fertiliser shortages

Black Swan Event Top US Fertilizer Producer Hit With Rail Delays To Midwest

Sri Lanka Prime Minister warns of food shortages amid economic crisis and lack of fertiliser

Why Are So Many Mysterious Fires Happening At Food Processing Facilities All Across The United States

USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database


The Answer to Food Shortages?

How the WEF is getting rid of farmers and fertiliser by eating insects and removing CO2

The insect farmer representatives of the World Economic Forum addressed a meeting of 100 primary producers at Mareeba, Far North Queensland recently, feeding the crowd with bread made from 336 crickets and wheat flour.

The WEF tentacles are spreading across the nation conditioning the population to eat insects while their climate change ‘great reset’ is disassembling farms, water supplies and food chains.

“The WEF and the United Nations Agenda 21 which Australia signed in 1992, is a plan to destroy the worlds population by about 95 per cent as they have committed to in their genocidal Bio-diversity Treaty that requires food production and the plentiful, cheap supply of energy stopped.”

Indigenous producers needed for NSW bush food industry to meet rising demand

First step for Australian biologists as study begins to grow durable and sustainable plants in space

My Kitchen Rules star Matt Moncrieff calls on supermarkets to stock more native Australian products

Non-traditional protein farming offers food for thought, CSIRO report suggests

Organic Seeds & Plants Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Vegan Wagyu Steak Is Coming to Market, After Billionaires Bill Gates And Elon Musk Get First Taste

Why ‘best before’ food labelling is not best for the planet or your budget

Petition · Ban Glyphosate Keep harmful chemicals out of our foods

Petition · @Coles & @Woolworths It’s time to celebrate Native foods

6 TOP Crops to Grow at Home to Save You From STARVING

Peri-urban farming the key to Sydney’s food future

Sydney City Farm – City of Sydney

The future of food

‘Plant factories’ needed to grow more food as world population heads towards 10 billion

Is Warehouse Farming the Future of Agriculture Successful Farming

5 Repurposed Warehouses Turned Indoor Farms That Need No Land Or Sun To Grow Crops


For the Urban Dwellers

City farmers are learning to grow food without soil or sunlight

Growing cabbage in tires is easy for beginners and highly productive

Growing Potatoes In A Bucket Small Space Spuds

Five steps to potato perfection

Growing Potatoes on the Terrace is very easy

Unexpectedly, Growing potatoes at home is so easy

Growing Tomatoes with many fruits and quickly harvest SUN Garden

10 Plants That Are Fantastic for Vertical Farming

How to grow carrots in plastic bottles

Hanging Garden Growing Lettuce Without Watering, High Productivity

Shop Plant Pots, Indoor & Outdoor Pots

What Is Urban Farming

Urban agriculture – Wikipedia

Why Urban Farm Grows Food in 100% Container Garden

Urban Farming Ultimate Guide and Examples

Urban Gardening 101 Vegetables to Grow in Pots

Square Pot Charcoal

Survival Supplies Australia – Online Store for Outdoor, Adventure and Emergency Survival Gear

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