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Yes the famous words from Klaus Schwab ‘You Will Own Nothing…And You Will Be Happy’

TERRIBLE Klaus Schwab predicts: We will all have brain implants by 2027 ?!

During the meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2017, Bilderberg’s board member Klaus Schwab asked Google co-founder Sergej Brin if he could imagine a future in which everyone has a built-in brain chip.

“Digital tools of large amounts of data are in the service of medical and biological progress and are advancing very fast,” said the architect of the Great Reset, Schwab, and the striker of globalists.

WEF’s Young Global Leader and Google owner Sergey Brin with Klaus Schwab at Davos

Can you imagine that in 10 years (2027), when we sit here at the World Economic Forum, we have an implant in our brain and I can automatically have an insight into many things, because you will all have implants (turns and speaks to the audience)?

I can imagine it – and we measure all your brain waves – and I can tell you right away how people react, or I can feel how people react to your answers. Is that conceivable? ” he asked.

“I think it’s conceivable,” confirmed the young leader from Davos, co-owner of Google, continuing to describe this idea as a transhumanist future in which consciousness could be transplanted into machines.

“I think you can imagine that… You could imagine that you would be transplanted to the internet in some way and that way you would live forever in the digital realm. You can imagine that you will live a very long life only in your biological incarnation. ”

Brin further claimed that it is impossible to predict where technology could take us.

This bizarre discussion from Davos reveals the plans of globalists and how they imagine to conquer humanity, because in a digital prison, it is very easy to control all people with a chip in the brain, because they know in advance what they feel, think and plan.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed a few days ago that his Neuralink brain chip project is on track for human testing by the end of this year.

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