Piers Corbyn : Man-made climate change does not exist

Some comments to the above Discussion on the Climate (that’s always) changing – Mick Raven


”Finally a sensible conversation about climate change, i agree with Piers.”

”Piers Corbyn the voice of reason. He should be heard more on TV and radio.”

”Good to see a panel where the realists outnumber the alarmists”

”Piers Corbyn is the voice of reason on Climate Change, we need to hear voices like his more”

”We need more Piers Corbyn´s and less stupid labtop guys”

”Great discussion. It’s good to see Piers Corbyn given a hearing.”

”Thank you Piers Corbyn for continuing to promote fact based science.”

”Parents need to be aware what their children are being taught at school. It’s more and more radical. It’s not the same even from the early 2000s. It’s a disgrace, their field of thought is being more and more restricted. They’re not even taught proper history.”

”At last some sense about climate change..”

”we also have this lies being taught here in Australia in the schools . but finally people are waking up to this lie”

”At last someone who is rational, talking sense, has a scientific background and is sane. Thank goodness. xx”

”My god Piers Corbyn is a legend.”

”Ignoring the fact 500 scientists sent a letter to the UN saying man made climate change is lies,but no msm telling people that.”

The Man Who Predicts Weather Better Than Anyone – Piers Corbyn Says Climate Change is Junk Science







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