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Facial Recognition, AI and Robots rule our Nightmares – Mick Raven

What do TikTok, Bunnings, eBay and Netflix have in common They’re all hyper-collectors using mass surveillance

TikTok (owned by Chinese company ByteDance) has largely replaced YouTube as a way of creating and sharing online videos. The app is powered by an algorithm has already drawn criticism for routinely collecting data about users, as well as the ByteDance’s secretive approach to content moderation and censorship.

Bunnings and Kmart under investigation over information handling linked to facial recognition technology

Australian retail giants Bunnings and Kmart are being investigated over their use of facial recognition technology in stores, amid privacy concerns. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner [OAIC] has confirmed it has launched an investigation after it was revealed the stores were using the technology without the knowledge of customers.

Chinese tech giants roll out more courier robots as COVID-19 pandemic creates demand for contactless services

More than a thousand robots are set to join the delivery services of Chinese tech giants Alibaba, Meituan and over the next year as the continuing COVID-19 pandemic fuels demand for contactless services. The companies expect to operate more than 2,000 robots between them by 2022, up about four-fold from now, their executives said.

It Should Be Illegal, Use of Facial Recognition at Airports Draws Anger

JetBlue is relying on help from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as Sean Farrell, the portfolio director for government solutions at SITA, the company running the technology, explained in 2017. “We’re basically capturing that picture at the boarding gate, providing it to U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” said Farrell. “They’re identifying the traveler.”

“It’s actually the U.S. government that’s implementing the biometric matching system that does all the hard analysis and crunching of the data,” Farrell added.

Biometric data functioning as a boarding pass is a technology being rolled out around the world as well—at airports in Europe, Asia, and expanding in America.

Giant Robot Catches Unmasked Travelers At Dallas Airport

While not quite RoboCop, the machines, nicknamed SCOT, were installed a month ago to “determine if they are capable of efficiently supplementing current airport operations,” said Love Field spokesperson Lauren Rounds.

The robots look like many other kiosks at the airport with a touch screen, including way-finding information, maps of parking garages and directions to ride-hailing and shuttle pickup. But SCOT is much smarter, capable of detecting what people are wearing and even whether they’ve got on a face mask.

Snowy Hydro trials robot dog to gather data and perform maintenance work at power station

A robotic dog has been tasked with maintenance work at Snowy Hydro in southern New South Wales. The robot, named Spot, is equipped with a 360-degree camera, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) scanning hardware, and a robotic arm.

Pandemic pushes Chinese tech giants to roll out more courier robots

Alibaba’s Driverless Robots Make 10 Million Deliveries

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