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Benign Weather Modification

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*During the 1950s and early 1960s, military interest in weather modification was limited. With the onset of the Vietnam War, operational interest in modifying weather to support combat operations increased, ultimately leading to a multiservice effort called Project Popeye. Its goal was to flood supply routes used by the North Vietnamese into South Vietnam by seeding clouds in the area.

*Many countries throughout the world practice weather modification. The Russians have long been interested in using weather modification as a way to control hail. The Chinese recognize the value of weather modification and believe, incorrectly, that the US military continues to use weather as a weapon.

*Weather modification is a scientific field with its own language and terms. The American Meteorological Society, the leading professional society of meteorologists, defines the term weather modification as “the intentional or inadvertent alteration of weather by human agency.” A similar term, weather control, is defined as “weather modification, with the implication that modification effort is purposefully applied and its consequences predictable.”

*The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have a definition of environmental modification. Although not explicitly defined, weather modification can be viewed as a specialized category under the more general environmental modification definition: “Environmental Modification . . . refers to changing (through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes) the dynamics, composition, or structure of the earth, including . . . [the] atmosphere.”

*The most well-known type of Benign weather modification is cloud seeding. It refers to any process of injecting a substance into a cloud for the purpose of influencing the cloud’s subsequent development. A cloud seeding agent is any variety of substances dispensed for the purposes of cloud seeding. These substances include silver iodide, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), calcium chloride, salt, or carbon black to name a few.

*Using a tracer allows better prediction of the results of cloud seeding. Commonly used tracers include aluminized glass chaff fibers and sulfur hexafluoride, which are detectable either by radar or by instruments carried through the seeded clouds.

(Sulfur Hexafluoride  Bill Gates should try this…At Home – Mick Raven)

*Modification of weather can occur in a number of ways:
• altering the available solar energy by introducing materials to absorb or reflect sunshine;
• adding heat to the atmosphere by artificial means from the surface;
• altering air motion by artificial means;
• influencing the humidity by increasing or retarding evaporation; and
• changing the processes by which clouds form and causing precipitation by using chemicals or inserting additional water into the clouds.

*Another type of weather modification is the suppression of lightning. The US Forest Service conducted several experiments in this area of BWM during the 1960s and 1970s hoping to reduce the number of forest fires caused by lightning. Scientists thought seeding clouds over forests would reduce the electrical potential of clouds with respect to the ground. The introduction of a cloud seeding agent would cause the formation of more ice crystals, resulting in less electrification of the cloud. However, causing a massive increase in ice crystals reduced the amount of precipitation from the cloud (overseeding). The reduced rainfall worked against the overall objective of reducing forest fires.

*The scientific concern regarding chaos theory is that any input into the atmospheric “system” via weather modification will result in some unknown and unforeseen output somewhere else. The more chaotic a system is, the more sensitive the system is to small perturbations. Why make a system more chaotic and unpredictable by introducing man-made perturbations? On the other hand, if the system is so chaotic, why worry about disturbing it?

*Not everyone wants it to rain at the same time. For instance, while farmers may want rain to help their crops, a resort owner may want sunny skies for the tourists. These competing interests may lead to the involvement of the legal profession.
Weather modification offers a unique problem when it comes to property rights.

Who owns the clouds and the rain in the clouds? When the first cloud seeding experiments in the late 1940s and early 1950s were advertised to the general public, litigation began between the modifiers and those supposedly affected by the weather modification results. Early state court interpretations held that the clouds and the rain in them belonged to those underneath them, as if people on the ground had “mineral rights” to the air above them.

This was quickly overturned in favor of the idea that there are no vested property rights in clouds or the moisture in them. In other words, rain belongs to everyone. Interestingly enough, this idea is not as accepted in the western United States as in the East, because the West has had a long history of fighting for private water and mineral rights. However, the idea still stands that the sky above belongs to everyone.

*There are also international legal concerns with respect to weather modification. The United States is a signatory to the 1978 United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Military of any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques or the ENMOD Treaty. This is the only international document dealing with weather modification that specifically outlaws military use of weather modification as a weapon.

*In summary, few court cases have been successfully argued against weather modification efforts due to the lack of laws, difficulty in obtaining evidence, and “fuzziness” of the results of BWM. The United States has signed a UN treaty banning weather modification given the previously mentioned limitations, and the military supports that treaty by limiting its use of weather modification as a weapon.

*RPVs (remotely piloted vehicles) are quickly becoming an indispensable part of any task force. Mainly used for reconnaissance, RPVs are now becoming larger and carrying heavier payloads. While experiments have not explored this idea, it may be possible to use RPVs to apply seeding agents either to clouds or fog to achieve BWM

*Another possible method of modifying the environment to hinder PGM (precision guided munitions) lock on would be to decrease the temperature contrast between potential targets and the surrounding terrain via heating the local environment. This would involve warming the ambient air around possible friendly targets. The air could be warmed via direct energy inputs by mechanical means or by clearing away clouds, allowing the sunshine to raise the temperature of the surrounding air. Creating clouds to block sunshine would reduce heating of potential friendly targets. The less the temperature contrast between the target and the surrounding environment, the harder it is for an IR PGM to achieve lock on.

*In addition, BWM development may lead to counter-BWM technique development. Many countries use BWM primarily to enhance or protect agricultural output. There is no evidence that other countries are pursuing military applications for weather modification. As this chapter has shown, though, there are civilian BWM techniques that could easily be transitioned to military applications. Military pursuit of BWM could reveal possible countermeasures to enemy BWM.

*BWM offers yet another tool for the war planner to use at a critical point in a conflict. BWM can alter the weather to assist friendly operations or deny the enemy protection from the elements. For instance, generating or dissipating clouds can hide friendly forces or expose the enemy. Enhancing precipitation increases available water supplies, potentially assisting both friendly forces and civilians in the affected area. Generating or dissipating fog can mask friendly troops and movements while revealing enemy forces. Weather modification may be the key to success or failure

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