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The answer to the nasty Combustion Engine? – Mick Raven

Man in critical condition after e-scooter and car collide in Brisbane’s south

Initial investigations indicated the e-scooter rider was not wearing a helmet.


Calls for e-scooter laws to change as people flout the rules and police turn a blind eye

Laws already being broken

Many riders are already anticipating a law change and say even police are turning a blind eye.

Michelle Mannering co-founded the e-scooter start-up Raine with two others in Melbourne last year.

The 29-year-old sold her car shortly after buying her first e-scooter because it was so much faster and easier to use.


E-scooter company threatens bans for people seen doing burnouts during Canberra car meet-up

People should also understand that when they use those sorts of devices for things like that,

you do have to scan in your credit card and all your details at the start, so it’s fair to say that it’s reasonably easy to identify the people


Queensland police to crack down on e-scooter riders ahead of new safety measures

The number of people caught riding without a helmet between March 2021 and February this year was 1,824,

while 31 people were caught using mobile phones.


Julia was knocked down by an e-scooter and her medical bill was $15,000. So who’s financially liable

Currently it’s illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter in public spaces in New South Wales,

South Australia, and the Northern Territory, while Victorian regulations prohibit most newer model e-scooters in public.

Within Australia, industry estimates say there’s over 300,000 that have been sold in Australia,

and that’s to private owners. There’s also many thousands of them being used in rental schemes in cities around Australia.


E-scooters, medics warn about long-term injuries

Dr Maw said about 50 per cent of patients presenting to emergency were not wearing a helmet,

and more than 75 per cent were under the influence of alcohol when an incident occurred.

The data showed 70 per cent of patients presenting to the hospital with e-scooter injuries were male,

with the majority in the 18–30 age group.


You could get on one of those Electric Buses (in short supply)

after you’ve been ordered to give up your ‘Smelly Combustion Engine tail pipe Jalopy’ – Mick Raven

NSW government delays delivering electric bus fleet by at least five years

A plan to ditch 8,000 diesel buses in New South Wales for an electric fleet is being delayed by at least five years.

Minister for Active Transport, Rob Stokes told the hearing he now expected “net zero across our fleet by 2035”.

One hundred electric buses were bought in the 2021-22 financial year with another 200 purchased this financial year.

In June’s budget, the NSW government committed to investing $218.9 million over the next seven years to support the move.

Mr Stokes was asked by Mr Graham whether “this is initiating the procurement process of only 1,100 buses over seven years”, 6,900 less than initially promised.

“The whole point of committing to targets is to seek to reach them and then to … ‘build castles in the sky‘ and then go about building foundations underneath them … that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Mr Stokes said.

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