Who’s Tracking Your Life Part 2 – ConspiracyOz

EME Checker Check mobile phone tower emissions near you.

Use the EME Checker to:

  • compare the average EME from mobile phone towers with the ARPANSA safety limit
  • compare the predicted maximum EME values that telcos provide for each mobile phone tower with actual maximum levels measured by us
  • find the maximum level of 5G EME at tested sites (measured using 5G beamforming techniques) and how this compares to the ARPANSA safety limit.

OpenCelliD – Largest Open Database of Cell Towers & Geolocation

The world’s largest Open Database of Cell Towers

Locate devices without GPS, explore Mobile Operator coverage and more!

How the police can access your phone’s ‘unique identifiers’ at a protest

The police can access your mobile phone’s ‘unique identifiers’. Learn how to maintain your anonymity

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

474.7 Modification etc. of a telecommunications device identifier
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if the person:
(a) modifies a telecommunications device identifier; or
(b) interferes with the operation of a telecommunications device identifier.
Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

Australian Law, and mobile handsets – Mobile carriers

What the hell how does this work OCAU Forums

How to Know Who is Tracking Your Smartphone. How to Find Them

Cell Phone Tower Triangulation

Cell tower triangulation is similar to GPS tracking in many ways. Multiple towers are used to track the phone’s location by measuring the time delay that a signal takes to return back to the towers from the phone. This delay is then calculated into distance and gives a fairly accurate location of the phone.  Detecting which antenna of the tower the signal bounced off of can further refine the location. This gives a more specific location when used congruently with multiple towers calculated by multiple dishes on each tower.

Lost and stolen phones – AMTA

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) runs a world-leading program that protects mobile phone users by blocking their handsets across all Australian networks if they are reported lost or stolen.

Aus govt to ban mobile phone ID hacking ZDNET 2003

It will soon be illegal in Australia to hack into a mobile phone to change its hardware serial code, an attempt by the government to stay one step ahead of tech-savvy crooks.

The code, known as the International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number is broadcast to the network when a phone is use. Mobile operators can use it to block phones listed as stolen.

How to Prevent Cell Phones From Being Tracked

Location technology in cell phones could be helpful when looking for the nearest gas station, but it can also enable others to retrieve information about your whereabouts, legally or illegally. One method of location tracking involves the use of wireless signals to triangulate your position between cell towers. Another method uses the GPS radio on your phone to pinpoint your location. A third method uses the Wi-Fi hot spot to which you’re connected to approximate your current position.

How to make my IMEI number untraceable or how do I change it – Quora

Untraceable is not possible. Your calls/msgs go through your service providers and they have all the records of your incoming and outgoing connections. If you don’t want to leave traces of your connections then use VoIP calls, apps like Telegram as replacement to WhatsApp, you can send free SMSs to any number from sites available on the internet but the only catch is you have to register through a phone number (which can be anybody’s and not necessarily yours).

Faraday cage – Wikipedia

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials

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