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Woman Hit By Electric Scooter Hospitalised

10 News First

14th July 2022

An electric scooter crash has sent a woman, 65,

to hospital with two broken collarbones and neck injuries.


Join the club? – Mick Raven

Shared e-scooter trials ready to roll NSW Government

Sydney e-scooter trial to be given green light in west

E-scooter trial – City of Port Phillip

Electric Scooters Australia eScooters at Scooter Hut

Electric Scooters – Unagi, Segway + More – JB Hi-Fi


They’re coming Ppl! As more ppl get booted out of internal combustion engines, not just kids on the footpaths of the future but everyone – Mick Raven

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    E-scooter use on the rise in Victoria as petrol prices continue to impact cost of living – ABC News

    Electric bikes lead the charge to short circuit big cities’ congestion cycle – ABC News


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