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The China Dream 2022

NWO Agenda approved

Zone 1

China War Ready April 2022

(Pacific Islands Allies – Solomon Islands)

Target Number 1 – Senkaku Islands (Annex by Soft Force) August 2022

Target Number 2 Taiwan (Annex by Soft Force) 2022 ?

Target Number 3 Japan (Hostile) 2022 ?

Target Number 4 Australia (Annex by Soft Force) 2022 ?

Zone 1

North Korea

Target Number 1 – South Korea (Hostile) 2022 ?

This is just possibilities ppl…stay tuned for Zone 2 and Zone 3 – Mick Raven

Senkaku Islands dispute – Wikipedia

World Map A clickable map of world countries

Unifying Taiwan Begins with the Senkakus, under the Banner of Fighting Japanese Neo-Militarism

Top Secret Recording War Mobilization Meeting of PLA & Guangdong Province-Full VersionBanned on YouTube

Top Secret Recording War Mobilization Meeting of PLA & Guangdong Province

China attack on Taiwan would hit global trade more than Ukraine war, says Taiwan

As China Rattles Sabers, Taiwan Asks Are We Ready for War

Are The US And China Heading To War Over Taiwan

‘Smash to smithereens’ China threatens all-out war over Taiwan

Chinese Defence Minister says nuclear arsenal ‘for self-defence’, in warning to Taiwan

Will U.S. Defend Taiwan if China Invades Experts Weigh In

Japan scrambles jets to meet Chinese and Russian warplanes

U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China

US would defend Taiwan if attacked by China, says Joe Biden Taiwan

Biden’s Taiwan defense pledge inflames U.S.-China relations

Biden Pledges to Defend Taiwan if It Faces a Chinese Attack

Japan Needs to Prepare for a Possible Senkaku Islands Crisis

How difficult would it be for China to invade Taiwan Features

China unlikely to invade Taiwan this fall intelligence chief

After Being Silent For Decades, Japan Now Speaks Up About Taiwan — And Angers China

China Builds Mock-Ups of U.S. Warships in Desert as Tensions Grow

Japan to deploy missiles 300 km off coast of Taiwan in 2022 to deter China

World War III How the Senkaku Islands Could Spark a U.S.-China War

Why a Taiwan conflict could go nuclear — Defense Priorities

Can China invade Taiwan Here’s what could happen if it really does

Taiwan doesn’t want to antagonise Japan, it wants to use Senkaku Islands for recognition

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