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The latest attempt to scare the ‘Little People’ – Mick Raven

AIDS, MonkeyPox….De Ja Vu? – Mick Raven

Anthony Fauci on the Aids crisis, monkeypox, trans rights and his retirement The Independent

17th June 2022

Still, the initial concentration of monkeypox among queer men has led

to homophobic commentary that eerily echos the early Aids pandemic.

In response to the  monkeypox outbreak, Fauci says he’s called on his old Aids activist contacts

– such as Peter Staley, Mark Harrington, and Gregg Gonsalves

– to ask how government agencies should communicate the danger.

“How do we alert the LGBTQ community at the same time as not generating or reigniting stigma,

which we worked so hard to put aside?” he says.

‘That we make sure they know there’s a threat out there – not only the people at risk,

but also the physicians that care for them, so that they don’t miss diagnoses and think it’s secondary syphilis or herpes’ – Fauci


Anthony Fauci on the Aids crisis, monkeypox, trans rights and his retirement – if above link has subscription try this one – Mick Raven

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WHO holds emergency meeting on monkeypox spread as Europe cases rise

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Blah Blah Blah Bill – Mick Raven

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