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Using Politicians ‘Hot Air’ to power the country

Yep I warned you, get ready for ‘third world style’ Power outages in Australia in 2022 and beyond. We don’t have the time, money or infrastructure to meet the demand of a modern society (by design)

Australia is the test case for the Great Rest and the Fourth Industrial Revolution…oh how lucky. Wait til more Coal – Fired Power Stations go ‘Off Line’ to be replaced by hot air from politicians that have no fore site!

You will be Happy…being miserable’…Klaus Slwobb – Mick Raven (true meaning from WEF)


The Powerless Solution

What is load shedding and why is it a sign that Australia’s largest electricity market is in crisis

AEMO Fact sheet Explaining load shedding

Thousands of Homes in Sydney Plunged Into Darkness As Energy Shortage Plagues Australia

Ben Fordham claims Australian pensioners could freeze to death in power outages

Power prices across Tasmania to increase by about $200 per year

Power outages would push food prices higher from paddock to plate, farmers say

Synergy coal power stations including Muja to close as WA Government prioritises renewable energy

Five states face power uncertainty today, as AEMO warns of maximum load interruptions

A solution for the energy crisis gripping Australia’s east may lie in Western Australia

Sydney news NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean granted emergency powers to direct coal to fuel electricity generators

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean granted temporary emergency powers to force coal to electricity generators

Prime Minister says gas generators were ‘gaming’ the energy crisis and threatening supply

Q+A panellists back Labor’s grand plan on rewiring the energy grid but warn ‘it won’t be easy’

Energy economists are calling for change, so what can Queensland do to avoid future blackouts

Huge Yallourn coal-fired power plant operating at half capacity as energy crisis pressures mount

Power uncertainty hits multiple states as AEMO makes moves to cover shortfalls

Federal government optimistic east coast blackouts can be avoided today

Queensland has eight coal-fired power stations. What’s their future

What is load shedding and who decides whose power is cut when there’s not enough electricity

Ausgrid, CitiPower & Powercor Overlords of Power!

Ausgrid – Wikipedia

Treasurer Scott Morrison blocks sale of Ausgrid to foreign bidders

Police intervene in stand-off between Ausgrid and angry Penhurst residents St George & Sutherland Shire

CitiPower & Powercor Home

Powercor Australia – Wikipedia

Cheung Kong Holdings – Wikipedia

Ausgrid – Power is currently out to homes and businesses… Facebook




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