Axon Taser Drones and Cameras …The NWO Police Force? – ConspiracyOz

Axon Taser Drones …The NWO Police Force? They failed their first attempt or did they? Disarm the masses and then Taser/stun them into submission – Mick Raven

Taser manufacturer drops proposal to put armed drones in schools after mass resignation from ethics board

Taser maker Axon Enterprise says it is halting work on a project to equip drones with stun guns to combat mass shootings, a prospect one member of its AI ethics board said was prompting a mass exodus from the panel.

Axon Enterprise – Wikipedia

AXON ENTERPRISE, INC. Shareholders Board Members

Victoria Police rejects Auditor-General’s call for closer scrutiny of body-worn camera footage

“Given that every single police officer has a body-worn camera on them now, it’s incredibly important that there is independent oversight of the way that that footage is retained and utilised by Victoria Police.”

There are now more than 10,000 body-worn cameras in operation among Victorian officers since the program began in 2018.

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