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Elon Musk Tesla Battery Farm Australia Tesla Battery

Mar 10, 2020

By storing power up to its capacity of 100 MW, this “battery” can absorb brief blips in the grid surrounding it, reducing outages for residents and easing the burden on businesses or facilities that lose money, product, and more during those outages. It could also reduce the amount of fossil fuel burned to power backup generators.


Hornsdale Power Reserve South Australia’s Big Battery

10th June, 2022

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is the world’s first big battery. It provides essential grid-support services. The first 100MW/129MWh was completed in November 2017.Following this success, a 50MW/64.5MWh expansion was completed in September 2020. As part of the expansion the full 150MW is being upgraded to include Tesla’s Virtual Machine Mode, enabling the battery to provide inertia support services to the electricity grid.


Tesla battery in South Australia expanded by 50 per cent, energy minister lauds benefits

2 Sep, 2020

A 50 per cent expansion of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia is now fully operational, increasing its potential output by 50 megawatts.After weeks of testing, the Tesla battery at Hornsdale, near Jamestown in the state’s mid-north, is now capable of delivering 150 megawatts


Remember The Giant Tesla Battery in Australia It Just Marked Its First Year

1 Dec, 2018

But not every aspect of Tesla’s big battery earns a big tick. The battery’s own credentials aren’t particularly “green”, and by making people feel good about the energy they consume over summer, it arguably sustains an unhealthy appetite for energy consumption.

The problem of lithium-ion batteries

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is made up of hundreds of Tesla Powerpacks, each containing 16 “battery pods” similar to the ones in Tesla’s Model S vehicle. Each battery pod houses thousands of small lithium-ion cells – the same ones that you might find in a hand-held device like a torch. The growing demand for lithium-ion batteries has a range of environmental impacts. Not least of these is the issue of how best to recycle them, which presents significant opportunities and challenges.


Australia sues Neoen for lack of power from its Tesla battery reserve

Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has filed a lawsuit against Neoen SA (NEOEN.PA), saying the French firm’s Tesla “Big Battery” in South Australia did not provide backup power during four months in 2019 for which it had received payment.


South Australia’s big Tesla battery sued for not helping during Queensland coal power station failure

23 Sep, 2021

South Australia’s big Tesla battery is being sued for allegedly failing to live up to its promises to help rescue the power grid in the event of catastrophe.

The 150-megawatt battery was being paid to be on standby to pump energy into the grid at short notice in order to arrest a system failure in the event of a major power plant or transmission failure.

But the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) alleges it did not deliver as promised during a major Queensland coal plant failure in 2019, “creating a risk to power system security and stability”.


Weekend read Big battery breach – pv magazine Australia

April 9, 2022

In September 2021, not long after a fire at the Victorian Big Battery made international headlines, Neoen’s original “Big Battery” – the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia – was sued by the Australian Energy Regulator for failing to provide all of the frequency control ancillary services it had agreed to offer. The case is now before Australia’s Federal Court, where the judgement could set an important precedent for network operations in Australia, as well as the transition to large-scale batteries.


Tesla battery South Australia – STOP THESE THINGS

April 20, 2022

When they’re not bursting into toxic fireballs, the contribution made by giant lithium-ion batteries remains utterly trivial. They are, after all, electricity storage devices and don’t add a lick to electricity generation capacity, anywhere. The cost of battery storage, at scale, is out of all proportion to the benefits returned and we wouldn’t be having this discussion were it not for the hopeless intermittency of wind and solar. No one talked about electricity storage when we allowed nuclear, coal-fired and gas-fired plants to deliver power, 24 x 7, whatever the weather.


And The COAL, GAS, vrs  SOLAR, WIND Question

Electricity markets and the role of coal fired power stations

List of coal-fired power stations in Australia – Wikipedia

Coal fired power stations will close, regardless of who’s in office Bowen

Australia’s largest coal plant will close 7 years early – but there’s still no national plan for coal’s inevitable demise

Queensland commits to not closing any coal power plants under net zero plan Queensland politics

Coal-fired power in Australia could be over within 10 years

Origin Energy to shut Australia’s largest coal-fired power plant, Eraring Power Station, by 2025

Uncertainty for Eraring power station workers after Origin Energy announces early closure

Loy Yang A coal plant will close early, but AGL says it will still operate until the 2040s

Cullen Valley coal mine new owners push to reopen site near Lithgow

List of natural gas power stations in Australia – Wikipedia

Gas supply and gas generation put on centre stage

Solar power in Australia – Wikipedia

Wind power in Australia – Wikipedia

Wind energy – Australian Renewable Energy Agency


And the Latest Energy Crisis

Albanese government mugged by gas crisis as it faces challenge of managing expectations

Thousands of residents, Melbourne Airport left in the dark following power outage

Power prices to surge up to 18.3 per cent as energy market turmoil flows through to households

Power price spike ‘just the start’ as smaller energy retailers struggle with surging wholesale market

Eveready Albo wants to run Australia on batteries

Zali Steggall defends donations from wealthy family with links to coal industry

‘Coal-fired conceit’ Zali Steggall playing ‘victimhood’ over donations

Struggling WA households in record power bill debt despite $600 handouts, safeguards

Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S

Grid-scale battery ‘really exciting’ option as AGL Liddell power station site winds down

Warning about maintaining solar panel batteries after Adelaide house badly damaged in fire

Western Power network overwhelmed during WA power outages, review finds

Western Power sorry for Kalgoorlie power outages after businesses left out of pocket

Concerns over plan to switch off household solar panels when grid is unstable

One-to-one solar feed-in tariff scrapped, battery subsidies announced in NT renewables changes

NT plans big battery in Darwin to cut gas costs and accelerate solar

Authorities look to control household rooftop solar power systems to stabilise the grid

When the Power Fails…a Piece of Yellow Crusty Cake is Offered

This Power Crisis was Always Coming Ppl

Might be Time to Stock up on Power too, Ppl


Just for the record: South Australia Power 2022

SA Power Networks – Wikipedia

KKR & CO. INC. Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company

Cheung Kong Holdings – Wikipedia

CK Infrastructure Holdings – Wikipedia

Spark Infrastructure – Wikipedia

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts – Wikipedia

SA storms Calls for compensation to increase as thousands go a third day without power

Black Saturday Bushfire caused by Faulty Electrical Power pole NOT Global Warming

AusNet Services – Wikipedia

Jemena – Wikipedia

CLP Group – Wikipedia


Plus an email excerpt from a ConspiracyOz listener in March 2020 about charging Mobiles with Solar – Mick Raven

Hey Great episode 409 🙂 Digging deep – really really good. Just quickly, you can buy solar charging stations for $20 at the Reject shop – you can plug in USB cables for your phone and computer. I leave mine on the window sill its always charged and ready to go for those unexpected ‘blackouts’. – Lyn B March 2020

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