Are Friends Still Electric? – ConspiracyOz

As we transition to an Electric Future, will Lithium/Cobalt pollute and cost more than the Internal Combustion Engine/Petrol? – Mick Raven

The EV/Lithium Takeover vrs The Demonized Combustion Engine/Petrol War

Lithium is highly prized by battery manufacturers for its light weight.(ABC News: Rachel Pupazzoni)

Australia’s lithium miners powering the global electric vehicle charge

Zero Emission Buses Transport for NSW

Queensland launches Australia’s first all-electric bus depot and 30 new e-buses

NSW puts in order for another 79 electric buses from Sydney factory

Nexport looking at expansion of Australia’s largest electric bus maker

New Report Autonomous Public Transit Buses and Vans Will Likely “require the presence of a qualified human operator”

Goodbye to Your Car, Say Hello to Public Transport – June 2019

‘Here in My (Car) SUV’, or ‘Are (Friends) Cars Electric’ – Nov 2018


The Lithium Debate

NT farmers worried about the race to renewables and lithium exploration in the Top End

Lithium in U.S. Groundwater U.S. Geological Survey

The toxicity of lithium to human cardiomyocytes

Cardiomyocytes structure, function and associated pathologies

Lithium Geoscience Australia

Drinking Water Contamination Lithium Saline Water

The association between lithium in drinking water and neuropsychiatric outcomes

The 15 states with the highest groundwater lithium concentrations

Let’s not put lithium in the drinking water just yet

Scientists Say Lithium Should Be Added to Drinking Water to Prevent Suicides

The history of lithium, and its remarkable impact on mood disorders

Lithium in Drinking Water and Incidence of Suicide A Nationwide Individual

…and not forgetting ‘Blood Cobalt’

Cobalt Mining Where Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg Are Spending Their Money

The Places they may add Lithium to the Water, you know like the Industrial Fluoride from China they add here in Oz – Mick Raven

Australian Drinking Water Map


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