WOOhan! Nothing to See Here! – ConspiracyOz

Yes Ppl this is the reality in China…’The Land of Make Believe!’

China COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer


One day its parties, the next day its Communist Parties! – Mick Raven

Wuhan Hosts Massive Pool Party as City Seeks Return to Normalcy – The New York Times

Wuhan pool party shows a city back in full swing after coronavirus – ABC News

Wuhan pool party shows China’s ‘strategic victory’ over Covid-19, Beijing says

China parties like it’s 2019 as country moves on from coronavirus Financial Times


Reality….Party CCP Style! – Mick Raven

Shanghaied – ConspiracyOz

My life in Shanghai’s never-ending zero-Covid lockdown

China’s Covid lockdown nightmare Hunger and anger in Shanghai

Chinese censors, police go after list of Shanghai dead, zero-COVID critics

People protest, scramble for food in locked-down Shanghai amid reports of suicides, killing of pets Videos

Chinese Citizens Are Starving, Jumping From Balconies To Their Deaths After Weeks Of ‘COVID Zero’ Lockdown

Australians under lockdown in Shanghai fear family separation as city reports first COVID deaths

Deaths of elderly patients at Shanghai hospital call China’s zero-COVID approach into question

Inside Shanghai’s Zero Covid Camp

Shanghai residents are being ASSAULTED by authorities for not complying with COVID-19 lockdown orders

CCP Drones Tell Shanghai Residents ‘Control Your Soul’s Desire For Freedom,’ ‘Comply With Covid Restrictions’

Absolute Madness in Shanghai

Shanghai residents face food shortages as lockdown extended due to rising COVID-19 cases

Shanghai extends COVID lockdowns, adds nearly 6,000 new cases

Shanghai to lock down millions of people as part of China’s ‘zero-COVID’ strategy as cases spike

How China brutalizes its people to try to achieve ‘COVID Zero’


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