Where Do We Get It? Petrol/Oil for Aussies – ConspiracyOz

So why are Australian Petrol prices so high? – Mick Raven

Australia imports almost all of its oil, and there are pitfalls all over the globe

Oil Price Charts

International Market Watch Australian Institute of Petroleum

Bulk Fuel Australia

Fuel Check Australia

Cheap Fuel Check Prices Map – Sydney NSW

Fuel facts international prices drive Australia’s fuel prices ACCC

Why so High?

Tapis crude – Wikipedia

Tapis crude is a Malaysian crude oil used as a pricing benchmark in Singapore.

It is often used as an oil marker for Asia and Australia

Malaysia’s Tapis crude oil jumps 10%

When will petrol prices actually get cheaper What’s the fuel excise

ACCC  vows to target price gougers

Perth petrol prices hit hard as families forced to choose between fuel and food

Diesel price increase impacts transport, agriculture and consumers will face higher supermarket prices

Petrol prices still way above what the Tapis oil price in $Aud would indicate they should be

Concerns petrol prices will stop rural residents travelling for health services, groceries


The Fear Campaign

As petrol prices and the cost of living rise, what ‘if you lost your job tomorrow’

How high do petrol prices need to go to make electric cars more affordable

Gas Stations Will Run Dry Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Emerging According To World’s Biggest Energy Traders

Europe looks to US ‘freedom gas’ as the continent seeks energy independence from Russia

UK looks to build eight more nuclear power plants as part of plan to cut dependence on Russian energy

Rising interest rates, fuel prices could force 4WD owners to sell up

Russia’s Ukraine invasion could push Australian petrol prices above $2 a litre and raise interest rates

Trade relationship with Russia is minimal. The direct impact on Australian producers is expected to be minimal.

Russia accounts for just 0.1 per cent of Australia’s merchandise trade, ranking 42nd on our list of trading partners.

 – quote from above Article – Mick Raven


The Petrol prices have been rising since the ‘Plandemic’ in 2020

Fuel prices vary dramatically, but it’s not price gouging say service station owners

NT Chief Minister threatens ‘extreme measures’ against fuel companies to enforce lower petrol prices

Coronavirus forces US, Russia and OPEC cartel to slash 10 per cent of world’s oil supply

Ultra-cheap petrol not guaranteed despite oil price crash

Furious drivers accuse Coles of ‘price gouging’

Petrol ‘price gouging’ accusations against fuel companies in regional NSW

Coronavirus has not reduced Canberra petrol prices ‘enough’

2020 Russia–Saudi Arabia oil price war – Wikipedia

Australian petrol prices could soon drop to $1 a litre as oil prices plunge

$1 petrol – why Saudi Arabia is entering an oil price war

Energy Wars How oil and gas are fuelling global conflicts

Petrol Prices Expected To Drop As Coronavirus Causes Price War Panic

Oil wars, petrol prices and COVID-19 Pursuit

Oil jumps after Saudi Arabia raises prices to shore up recovery

Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil (2013)

 – The real reason for the higher energy costs, below is MY experience with Petrol (E-10)

in my local area in Sydney over the past 2 years- Mick Raven


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