Fact Checking the Fact Checkers back to Globalists – ConspiracyOz

Once again the ‘Presstitute Media’ (RMIT ABC Fact Check) governed by outside Globalist forces of influence – Mick Raven

Fact Check – ABC News

RMIT ABC Fact Check determines the accuracy of claims by politicians, public figures, advocacy groups and institutions engaged in the public debate.

It is jointly funded and a partnership between RMIT University and the ABC, combining academic excellence and the best of Australian journalism to inform the public through an independent non-partisan voice.


samples of Articles recently – Mick Raven

Anti-vaxxers say three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine results in higher infection rates. Here’s why that’s incorrect – ABC News

Anti-vaxxers are claiming an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis is really being caused by adverse reactions to Pfizer’s vaccine

Labor says the Coalition has a plan to expand the cashless debit card to age pensioners. Is there any evidence – ABC News

George Christensen says ‘elites’ have suddenly started hiding vaccinated death statistics. Here’s why that’s wrong – ABC New

Anti-vaxxers say a new study claims mRNA vaccines can alter your DNA. Here’s why experts say that’s bunkum – ABC News

‘Sonic weapons’ were used by police in Canberra’s protests, but only to broadcast messages rather than do harm – ABC News

Fact checking the most dubious COVID-19 claims from Joe Rogan’s podcast – ABC News

George Christensen claims a new study found ivermectin has anti-viral properties. But that’s not the full story – ABC News

As younger children become eligible for the vaccine, anti-vaxxers spread false information about deaths – ABC News

On and on and on…..


But The Fact Checkers are being Fact Checkmated! Down the Rabbit hole we go – Mick Raven

RMIT ABC Fact Check – The Judith Neilson Institute

Grantees and Partners – The Judith Neilson Institute

Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas (JNI)

Judith Neilson – Wikipedia

Kerr Neilson – Wikipedia

*Platinum Asset Management – Wikipedia

In 1994, Platinum Asset Management was founded by Kerr Neilson and several others with the financial backing of George Soros

George Soros – Wikipedia

Hey there, Georgy boy
There’s another Georgy deep inside
Bring out all the hate you hide and, oh, what a change there’d be
The world would see a New World Order Georgy boy

– too funny haha Remember ALWAYS follow the money ppl – Mick Raven


 – Confusing? – Mick Raven

ABC Fact Check slammed by Paul Fletcher over funding cut claims

ABC defends Fact Check report, maintains Paul Fletcher’s budget claims are ‘misleading’

Maybe this might help – Mick Raven

Home of the Media Bias Chart

The best thing to do is to look at the “About Us” on every page to determine if any news organization has the potential for bias. There are also tools that can help determine this. The information below will guide you through what to look for in an “About Us” and the online tools you can use.

Media Bias Checking Tools

Happy hunting ppl! ………..But wait….Uh oh – Mick Raven


Should you trust media bias charts – Poynter

Poynter Institute – Wikipedia

On February 12, 2018, the Tampa Bay Times, the for-profit branch of the nonprofit Poynter institute spun off the Pulitzer Prize–winning PolitiFact website to form an independent division within Poynter

PolitiFact – Wikipedia

Open Society Foundations – Wikipedia

George Soros – Wikipedia

*refer to Platinum Asset Management Article to jump down the same hole! – Mick Raven


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