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A fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose is on the horizon

ATAGI is expected to release advice soon on whether Australians should get a fourth dose of the vaccine.


ATAGI to recommend fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose for Australians over 65 ahead of winter

For those eligible, it will be the fourth COVID vaccine dose they will have received since the vaccine rollout began.

In some cases it will be potentially the fifth COVID vaccine dose Australians with severe underlying medical conditions will have received.

Australia changed its definition of “fully vaccinated” against COVID to require three doses of a vaccine in February.

They will also stress the importance of receiving a flu vaccine this year, as concerns mount that the country could be in for a bad season.


Tasmania’s child vaccination rate stalls, in the face of Omicron sub-variant BA.2

The Australian Education Union Tasmania branch president, David Genford, said the “hesitancy and complacency” were “concerning”.

“We’d be really keen for the government to do some work and find out why and try to fix this

if we really want to see our cohort of primary school students vaccinated,” he said.

Professor Bennett said similar “slow-down” in the uptake could be seen across the country.

She said there was hesitancy among some parents to vaccinate their young children.

She said while “serious illness” from COVID-19 was “very rare” in children,

with the new Omicron sub-variant BA.2 spreading across the country,

vaccinating as much as the population as possible was vital.


Fauci says COVID-19 cases will likely increase soon, though not necessarily hospitalizations

Similar to the U.K., much of the U.S. has recently relaxed mitigation efforts like mask mandates and requirements for proof of vaccination.

At the same time, people who were vaccinated over six months ago and still haven’t gotten a booster shot,

which is about half of vaccinated Americans, according to the CDC, are facing continuously waning immunity.

It’s also not yet clear how long immunity from prior infection will last, Fauci said.

Taken together, it’s why Fauci and other experts, including CDC Director Rochelle Walensky,

have increasingly predicted that elderly people will need a second booster shot soon.

The Food and Drug Administration began reviewing data from Pfizer on the safety and efficacy this week,

and its advisory panel will debate if and when the additional booster shot is necessary in the coming weeks.


Canberra children eligible for second COVID-19 vaccine dose from Monday

Canberra children aged five to 11 will be eligible for a second COVID-19 vaccine dose from next week,

as infections in the national capital continue to rise, especially among young adults.

Almost 80 per cent of young children have had a vaccine shot

The government’s latest epidemiological report says young adults

those aged 18 to 24 — made up most of the cases detected in the second half of February.

The infection rate for every other age group fell, including children of primary and high school age.

 – Why are they jabbing young children?…$ – Mick Raven


Fourth vaccine dose  – Dr John Campbell


 – this is a must watch ppl. An Australian citizen joins Dr John Campbell to expose extra Deaths in Australia not attributed to Covid19 but none the less a huge spike in Deaths – Mick Raven

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