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Billy the Mozz? – Mick Raven

Flying Syringes – Bill Gates Wants To Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Inject You With Vaccines

The March of the Mozzies just received a ‘Boost’ this excerpt from a Article posted here on March 7th 2022

‘Not quite Florida and not a new variant either (my March 2022 prediction of a new Covid Variant in Florida) but maybe a propaganda rollout to get us ready ie Mozzies, Floods new Vaccine against Mozzies = Emergency orders etc, lets hope my prediction is wrong’ – Mick Raven

March of the Mozzies New Fear Rising – ConspiracyOz

Could it be…….

EPA OKs plan to release 2.4 million more genetically modified mosquitoes       Mar 12, 2022

Biden Admin authorizes release of 2 billion genetically modified mosquitos in Florida and California      Mar 10, 2022

Why millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released across US      March 9, 2022

Genetically modified mosquitoes could be tested in California soon      March 9, 2022

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes What to Know     May 25, 2021

W.H.O. issues new guidance for research on genetically modified mosquitoes       19 May 2021

First genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States      3 May 2021

Florida mosquitoes 750 million genetically modified insects to be released     20 August 2020

Florida says ‘this is fine’ to release of genetically modified mosquitoes       18 June, 2020

Gene-Hacking Mosquitoes to Be Infertile Backfired Spectacularly      17 Sept 2019

Plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes may have backfired     20 Sept 2019

Study on DNA spread by genetically modified mosquitoes prompts backlash     17 Sept 2019



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