March of the Mozzies? New Fear Rising – ConspiracyOz

Not quite Florida and not a new variant either (my March 2022 prediction of a new Covid Variant in Florida) but maybe a propaganda rollout to get us ready ie Mozzies, Floods new Vaccine against Mozzies = Emergency orders etc, lets hope my prediction is wrong – Mick Raven

Japanese encephalitis outbreak reaches SA as authorities race to control outbreak

NSW records its first probable human case of Japanese encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis virus detected in Victoria

Japanese encephalitis detected in Queensland

Japanese encephalitis declared a communicable disease of national significance

The rise and fall of Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in the ADF

Japanese Encephalitis Japanese Encephalitis CDC

Japanese Encephalitis Travelvax

Japanese Encephalitis and the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Public Health Alert – Confirmed human case of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Queensland Health

What is Japanese encephalitis What do we know about the first confirmed Queensland case in 24 years

Japanese encephalitis fact sheet – Fact sheets

Japanese encephalitis – Wikipedia

Health Officials Warn South East Australia Of Mosquito-Borne Virus

Mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis virus warning for Victoria, NSW, Queensland

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