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Was it the Pfizer double jab or the Ventilator or Omicron? Only time will tell – Mick Raven

Shane Warne, 51, breaks his silence on Covid-19 diagnosis in London

Shane recently told The Herald Sun he was fully vaccinated after getting the Pfizer shots

and urged others to do the same.


‘Get vaccinated and learn to live with it’ Shane Warne July 27, 2021


Was Shane Warne Vaccinated Against Covid Death Reason, Booster


Shane Warne cause of death How did cricket legend diMarch 5, 2022 


Anti-vaxxers exploit death of Shane Warne with claims vaccine was responsible March 5, 2022  Move along nothing to see here – Mick Raven


Shane Warne dies aged 52 of suspected heart attack March 6, 2022


Shane Warne takes fresh dig at Novak Djokovic; ‘Australia is entitled to throw him out’ 14th January, 2022 – Well, well – Mick Raven


The King Of Spin Shane Warne Tests Positive To COVID-19 Triple M – King of Spin?…what kind of ‘Spin’? – Mick Raven


Shane Warne Foundation – Wikipedia

Warne founded the charity in 2003, with the intention of assisting “seriously ill and underprivileged children and teenagers”

Difficulties and closure

Consumer Affairs Victoria commenced an investigation in 2015 into the Foundation after it failed to submit financial returns. Newspapers alleged that the organisation was only donating 16 cents in the dollar of its income. During one year, the Chief Executive of the Foundation, Shane Warne’s brother Jason, was paid a salary of $80,000 whilst only $54,600 was distributed to beneficiaries. The organisation spent more than $300,000 on catering, alcohol and prizes for events while posting significant annual losses.

In January 2016, in response to what it termed “unwarranted speculation”, the Foundation announced its intention to distribute its final funds on 18 March 2016 and close down


The real story of how the Shane Warne Foundation fell apart

 – Nice guy eh – Mick Raven

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