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No more profits from misery – Mick Raven

Because he cares…..Evil Dick? – Mick Raven

Aged care services minister denies sector in ‘complete crisis’, defends attending the cricket

Richard Colbeck Aged care minister forced to explain The Ashes attendance

Aged care minister Richard Colbeck went to Ashes Test on same day he declined to appear at Covid committee

Aged Care Services Minister Richard Colbeck defends going to cricket instead of a COVID committee


Aged care in the headlines….again

Feb 10, 2022

Again we are hearing of the neglect of residents in aged care, this time it’s because staff are sick with covid and have to have time off leaving residents without the basic care they need.

Prior to the pandemic many residents missed out on basic care because of insufficient staffing numbers, now chuck in a pandemic and residents are truly in serious danger.

If skilled staff ratios had been put in place residents may have been saved this further neglect.

It’s time the Morrison Government listened to its constituents and did the right thing to protect our elderly in residential aged care, not just while there’s a pandemic but for all time.

The Pain continues, remember we will all eventually end up here – Mick Raven

Jeta Gardens resident Lottie Meek died with COVID-19.

Senior managers at Jeta Gardens aged care facility stood down amid COVID-19 outbreak

Richard Colbeck defends saying aged care not in crisis as sector still deals with COVID outbreaks

Jeta Gardens aged care home accused of ‘neglect’ over resident’s fall from second floor balcony

COVID-19 restrictions on NSW hospital visits to be changed after devastated families speak out

Regional aged care home in Orange denies ‘chemically restraining’ dying resident

Mishandling of COVID-19 outbreak at Jeta Gardens exposes ‘cracks in the wall’

Australian Defence Force to be sent into aged care facilities to ease staffing pressures

Death toll from COVID-19 outbreak at Jeta Gardens aged care facility rises to 15

Scott Morrison admits crisis in aged care amid COVID outbreaks, says Defence not the solution

Aged care workers are facing a ‘crisis level of exhaustion’ as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

Labor demands Richard Colbeck’s resignation as government launches aged care deaths task force

What you need to know about the fight to raise aged care worker’s pay in the Fair Work Commission

Aged Care Services Minister Richard Colbeck defends going to cricket instead of a COVID committee

Nursing home doses out mind-altering drugs without written consent

RAMSAY HEALTH CARE LIMITED Shareholders Board Members – The usual suspects – Mick Raven


Maybe this should cease too – Mick Raven

Our troubles with midazolam a story of death, dying and a powerful drug

Midazolam Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Midazolam an essential palliative care drug

Antipsychotic – Wikipedia

Gov Covid restrictions etc


Never forget the damage this has caused the most vulnerable in our families sufferings – Mick Raven

Aged care residents can walk outside but not meet friends, family after three-month lockdown

Newmarch Home in Sydney’s west on high alert after COVID-positive doctor’s visits

COVID-19 restrictions easing for aged care residents, but  many won’t be able to use new freedoms

Whyalla aged care home residents in limbo ahead of facility’s closure, as families protest

Newcastle aged care facilities on high alert after workers found to be COVID-19 positive

Victoria’s aged-care moguls flaunted their success before residents started dying

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