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A clip sent in by a listener recently – Mick Raven

‘what do you think this is’

WellCamp? more like ‘Arbeit macht frei‘ (Work Makes You Free)- Mick Raven

Queensland’s Wellcamp COVID quarantine facility to take first arrivals this weekend

Georgie Hewson and Lucy Robinson
4 Feb 2022

Queensland’s controversial Wellcamp quarantine facility is set to welcome its first “guests”.

A small group of unvaccinated international travellers will be taken by bus to the site, just outside Toowoomba, from Brisbane.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said the travellers were today in hotel quarantine in Brisbane after flying in from New Zealand and would be transferred to Wellcamp tomorrow.

“We will gradually expand the number of cabins in use at Wellcamp,” he said.

“You’ll recall all the debates about why it was important to phase out hotel quarantine and have a dedicated facility and I’m certainly pleased to have it now.”

Five hundred beds in the facility are ready for guests, with another 500 expected to be ready by early April.

There are no restrictions on fully vaccinated international travellers entering Queensland and they are not required to quarantine



Queensland’s COVID-19 quarantine facility at Wellcamp is costing taxpayers millions

Queensland’s Wellcamp facility opens as COVID-19 hotel quarantine program ends

Quarantine camps open to address COVID-affected rough sleepers in Port Augusta, Ceduna

Australian Covid Quarantine Camps Is THIS The Future

Are the ‘Vulnerable’ and Aboriginals in Australia to be Rounded up in COVID-19 Quarantine Camps

Fact Check-Indigenous Australians are not being forcibly vaccinated against COVID-19 Reuters

Unvaccinated Australians won’t be forced into isolation camps – Australian Associated Press

Questions but few answers as SA Health defends quarantine camp timetable

SA Health planning COVID quarantine camps in case of outbreak

SA Health plans regional quarantine camps for Indigenous close contacts

Victoria’s COVID-19 quarantine centre Is the Mickleham quarantine facility a $200 million white elephant

WA COVID Quarantine hub to open by March 2022 after deal with Canberra

Regional COVID-19 quarantine facility to be built near Wellcamp Airport in Queensland

Victoria COVID Mickleham quarantine camp construction under way, says Victorian gov

COVID quarantine villages could house returning Australians from overseas hotspots

How I survived quarantine in Australia’s Howard Springs camp. Vegemite helped.

Australia Starts Using Its Quarantine Camps Over Suspected Covid in Sewage!

Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp

Bullsbrook COVID quarantine facility likely delayed until June, with hotel quarantine to remain

Scott Morrison open to COVID-19 quarantine camps after QLD government proposal



COVID-19 Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated

U.S. Tyrants Push Covid Internment Camps



Xinjiang internment camps – Wikipedia

China’s Xinjiang abuses How global demand for hair products is linked to forced labor

How long can China’s zero-covid policy last



Arbeit macht frei – Wikipedia

Extermination camp – Wikipedia

Ravensbrück camp

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