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Why are my lymph nodes swollen and sore after a Pfizer or Moderna COVID booster vaccine

19 Jan 2022

According to the first Therapeutic Goods Administration’s COVID vaccine safety report of 2022, swollen lymph nodes (also called lymphadenopathy) was the most commonly reported “adverse event” or unintended effect following a booster or third dose. Clinical trials show up to one in 20 (Pfizer) and one in 10 people (Moderna) will get swollen or sore lymph nodes following a booster.

Therapeutic Goods Administration’s COVID vaccine safety report :

Swollen lymph nodes were observed in the clinical trials. For Comirnaty (Pfizer), this occurred more frequently after a third or booster dose (5% of people) than after the first or second doses (less than 1% of people) in the clinical trials. For Spikevax (Moderna), this occurred in up to 10% of people.

And your normally baked-bean-sized lymph nodes begin to hurt.

So why does a COVID booster generate more lymph node swelling than either of the first two doses?

Why do I get sore lymph nodes after a booster?

The TGA safety report states swollen or sore lymph nodes is a normal and known side effect of vaccines, and that it’s a sign your immune system is being stimulated.

So why does a COVID booster generate more lymph node swelling than either of the first two doses?

It likely comes down to residual effector cells that were produced from previous doses and are still hanging around, Dr Groom said.

“The delay between COVID vaccinations has been much shorter than what we normally experience with, say, the annual flu vaccine, so potentially that means we still have those effector cells from the last vaccine.”

When those effector cells encounter the booster-induced spike proteins, they spring into action, doing what they would do if confronted with the real virus: making more of themselves, churning out antibodies and clearing away the spike protein.

A fifth to a quarter of people who received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine reported an adverse event of some kind

But my armpit’s huge. Should I see a doctor?

people have reported lumps appearing in their armpit — some as big as an orange.

“If you’re really worried, you can seek treatment,” Dr Price said.

If you’ve had your booster, and you’re one of the 5 or 10 per cent to get swollen lymph nodes, there’s not much you can do except take over-the-counter painkillers and wait.

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