They Want Your Job! – ConspiracyOz

Nurse quits her job at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital in protest over ‘chaotic and dangerous’ conditions due to COVID-19

Staff shortages due to COVID-19 taking a toll across all industries in NSW

This Is What Happens When Millions Of Workers Disappear From The System

Nearly a quarter of workers plan to quit in 2022, report shows

Utter chaos, shortages of food and exhausted health care workers due to total inaccuracy of PCR Covid test

Supermarkets short of supply as up to half of truck drivers absent due to COVID

Two to three weeks of supermarket supply disruptions ahead, says Woolworths boss

Supermarket shelves left bare as COVID panic buying, supply chain issues wreak havoc again

And up go the Bankruptcies – Mick Raven

Australia Bankruptcies 2022 Data 2023 Forecast 1999-2021 Historical Chart FORECAST 2023

More than 5,000 Australian businesses to collapse in next three months

This doesn’t help either – Mick Raven

Police close Darwin windscreen business for allegedly breaching COVID-19 health directions – ABC News

Coronavirus Australia Omicron chaos crippling business

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