Mandatory Third Shot in Australia? Stop the Shots! – ConspiracyOz

Here we go again, just like the QR coding social distancing and the Mask fiasco, Mandatory 3rd shot for 1 million Australians, You were warned! 4th shot just around the corner – Mick Raven

Where and when to get a COVID-19 booster shot in WA and how it will protect you – ABC News

29th Dec 2021

All WA employees already mandated to be vaccinated for work purposes will be required to get a booster.

Those rules cover around a million people.

Group 1 industries — those deemed to have high transmission risk, like police, care services and border control — need to have two doses by December 31.

Group 2 industries — those deemed critical to the ongoing delivery of key services to the community like supermarkets, public transport and child care providers — need to have two doses by January 31.

The state government said after that second dose, people in the mandated industries need to receive their booster within a month of becoming eligible.


Remember the Vaccine is not Mandatory (Australian Government)….BAHAHAHAHA!! – Mick Raven

Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary

Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary – as are all vaccinations in Australia – and people maintain the option to choose.

This will apply to any COVID-19 vaccination that may become available.

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