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The Sky is Falling?

Here we go again Ppl, Arsonists on the move in Oz and the Presstitute Media leaving the door open for the public to look up and scream ‘The Sky is Falling’ reference to the Climate Change crazies and the like – Mick Raven


A recent Article on Bushfires….

‘A serious fire’ Hot conditions, strong winds hamper fire fighters as blaze rages south of Margaret River – The Age

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm said he was not aware of any missing people in the fire zone, and that there was no indication the fire had been deliberately lit.

Margaret River fire emergency threatens lives and homes in Western Australia’s South West – ABC News


The Result….Deliberately Lit! – Mick Raven

WA Police believe Margaret River fire was deliberately lit as threat level downgraded – ABC News

Police are appealing for information after confirming the fire that ripped through Western Australia’s premier tourism region was deliberately lit.


And who can forget our Prime minister ‘Scott (The Liar from the Shire) Morrison and the press blaming Climate change – Mick Raven

PM Says If He Has To Choose He’ll Take ‘Scotty From Marketing’ Over ‘The Liar From The Shire’ — The Betoota Advocate

It originated in an article on The Betoota Advocate during his widely criticised Hawaiian holiday at the height of the nation’s record-breaking climate-change-aided disaster.

pfff – Mick Raven

More from the ‘Sky is Falling Crazies’

In advice issued in November 2019, Australia’s National Environmental Science Program was unambiguous. Human-caused climate change has resulted in more dangerous weather conditions for bushfires in recent decades for many regions of Australia.


Past evidence of Arsonists and the ‘Suns’ Impact on Bushfires – Mick Raven

2019–20 Australian bushfire season – Wikipedia

Australia fires Two dozen people charged in starting deadly wildfires

Australia bushfires Number of arson charges in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and Tasmania

The ‘Real’ Reason for the Catastrophic Mega Bushfires Ppl

Sums Up All The Hysteria (Fear) About The Bushfires

A Sun-burnt Country Burning…Well I Never

And The Boys Light Up

Its Not Global Warming Ppl, Stop the Badly Planned Back Burning and Catch the Arsonists First

Bushfires caused by Arson and the Sun..NOT Global Warming

The Nero’s of a Sun Burnt Country

‘Catastrophic FireFear A.B.C. (B.A.D.) News’

Offending and reoffending patterns of arsonists and bushfire arsonists in New South Wales

Humans light 85% of bushfires, and we do virtually nothing to stop it

Arsonists why understanding their motives could stop Australia’s bushfire problem

Melbourne bushfire under police investigation amid arson suspicions

Victoria fires Arsonists may have lit Strathallan fires on Code Red day, 60,000 without power overnight

Prevent bush fire arson – NSW Rural Fire Service

Teenage volunteer firefighter charged with arson alleged to have lit seven NSW bushfires

Australia bushfires Firefighter accused of arson in ‘ultimate betrayal’ – BBC News

Dumping coal to stop bushfires caused by lightning and arson is ‘just crackers’

Lancefield bushfire Controlled burn that destroyed homes ‘poorly planned, under-staffed’

Prescribed burning debate rages as Australia finds there’s no time to burn going into peak fire season

Bushfire arson

NSW Hunter Valley winemakers worry backburning might have ruined crops

Your guide to enjoying 2020 New Year’s Eve celebrations across Australia’s capital

Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display to go ahead despite bushfire risk

Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks replaced by drones It’s not so far fetched

Where to go this New Year’s Eve in Brisbane for fireworks, festivities, and food

Omg the Sky is Falling!! – too funny Ppl – Mick Raven

Petition · Scott Morrison REALLOCATE THE FIREWORK BUDGET Your House Is Already On Fire

Get ready for Mental Health checks next – Mick Raven

Quote from…

Arsonists why understanding their motives could stop Australia’s bushfire problem

For every 1000 people you pass on the street, one of them probably wants to light a fire and see the world burn, according to Melbourne University bushfire expert Janet Stanley.

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