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That was close ppl, too close. A freak storm sweeps through the local area where yours truly resides and as the presstitute media scrambles to get their version of events to the world, I show how these catastrophic conditions are not Global warming and ‘not’ people breathing out (carbon dioxide) but natural (and maybe other nefarious man-made disasters).

First, condolences to the woman Susan Cobham who was killed and prays to the people who were injured. The event called a microburst is a localized column of sinking air (downdraft) within a thunderstorm and is usually less than or equal to 2.5 miles in diameter. These events occur all around the world. The microburst lasted 5 minutes.

I am waiting for the presstitute media to try and link this and all weather events to the climate change (Global warming) hoax as they are harping on about the bush-fires which we knew would come. Most are deliberately lit while the rest are related to that huge globe in the sky, aptly named the sun – Mick Raven

The ‘Oh My God’ Girl (Not that far from yours truly) – Mick Raven

The Presstitute Media in action…

One dead, two people critical after severe storm hits Sydney’s northern beaches – ABC News

Sydney storm narrabeen ‘Serious incident’ in Sydney’s north –

Sydney’s Northern Beaches storm Woman killed by falling tree identified as Susan Cobham Daily Mail Online

Dee Why storm One dead, multiple injured after tree collapses on Sydney’s northern beaches –

Horror storm leaves one dead and two fighting for life as ‘mini tornado’ batters Sydney’s Narrabeen Daily Mail Online

One woman dies and two critically injured after a tree falls during Sydney storm New South Wales The Guardian

In pictures Microburst hits Northern Beaches –

Sydney woman killed in ‘mini cyclone’ on northern beaches remembered 7NEWS

Sydney storm aftermath, State COVID-19 updates | 9 News Australia

Tributes for Sydney storm victim killed in ‘freak accident’ –

Local Reporting on the Northern Beaches

Freak storm fatality – Northern Beaches Advocate

Clean-up on Sydney’s northern beaches Northern Beaches Review Manly

Dee Why, Sydney Australia Microburst Storm


And don’t forget this as well – Mick Raven

The Sky is Falling? Here We Go Again – ConspiracyOz

We await their reply – Mick Raven




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