Sweden Outsmarts the Globalists, Again – ConspiracyOz

Well well well it looks like Sweden have done it again. The stats from Worldometer.info show that all the surrounding countries of Sweden (as of 171221) are experiencing rising Covid deaths and cases but not Sweden..odd eh.

I’ve put together comparisons to show you this. Sweden lets the population decide (not Gov) what they should do to minimise the risk of infection. Its called common sense approach. Looks like Christmas in Sweden will be bright and Free – Mick Raven

Sweden COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

Denmark COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

Finland COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

Norway COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer


Sweden’s Covid-19 death toll lower than European neighbours despite anti-lockdown policy

Daily COVID Deaths in Sweden Hit Zero, as Other Nations Brace for More Lockdowns –

Elon Musk on Lockdowns ‘Sweden Was Right’!

Why Sweden Succeeded in “Flattening the Curve” and New York Failed

5 Charts That Show Sweden’s Strategy Worked. The Lockdowns Failed

Sweden Now Has a Lower COVID-19 Death Rate Than the US. Here’s Why It Matters

No lockdowns, no mask mandate Sweden as a case study in what to do (and not do)

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